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Eos, Savior of Poor Unfortunate Souls (I help them, yes I do!)

Mastigos; Silver Ladder; Cabal (Position)
Disciple 1º
Ada Lorna Fox (aka Juliette Pearce); Prudence/Pride; "Aes Sedai"/La Grande Dame

Ada Lorna Fox was born on February 9, 1939 in London, England. She was sent away by her parents when she was barely over a year of age with her older sister, Rebbecca, to Clovelly to live with an aunt in order to avoid the terrible Blitz of 1940. Unfortunately her parents did not survive the German bombardment of the city, leaving her and her sister to be raised by her strict Aunt, who was not all too fond of children, or people in general it seemed. When she was nine years old, she moved away with her Auntto America. Her sister returned to London where she married a wealthy banker named Lawrence Turner. Ada spent the remainder of her childhood and teenage years living in rural Chillicothe, Ohio with her Aunt. She went to college, married a man who vanished & was pronounced dead only a few days after their honeymoon. She completed college & became a high school guidance counselor. She completed her doctorate & became a psychiatrist. She married again and had three sons & three daughters, though one son died when he was hit by a car at a young age. Years passed & when her husband caught her with another man, he committed suicide. Her children blamed & disowned her. She later gave birth to her youngest daughter Emily, who is now the mother of twins, Björn & Alva and owns a successful tattoo parlor in LA.

In addition to her psychiatric practice, she was also a patron of the arts and part time counselor for troubled youths. She was a common volunteer at the local soup kitchen and helped coordinate a number of community musical events, including her role in starting a local annual jazz festival.

After her Awakening she seemed to vanish. She suddenly quit her jobs and moved away with very little notice or hint of why & where she was going save to her daughter Emily, who she communicates with regularly. She moved to Portland, OR and became a recluse for some time during her training & readjustment to this new life paradigm.

Ada had her legal name changed to Juliette Pearce. She began to reestablish some of her old life after two years of training under her mentor in Portland & things seemed to be moving along very nicely as she adapted her old roles to include some of her new abilities, giving her an edge she would never have imagined before. She found professional & volunteer work in the city, and it was during this time when she had been recruited by Detective Rudgar Sonderson (his partner was a patient of hers) to work as a consultant on some cases he was investigating. Beneath this new life, she continued her learning & training with her mentor for some years to come.

Four more fabulous years passed and this new life was suddenly pulled out from under her. She was packed up with some other apprentices of her mentors cabal and shipped off to Astoria with a gease preventing her from returning to Portland for two years.

  • Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3; Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2; Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
  • Abilities: Academics 2 (Psychology), Investigation 2, Occult 3; Stealth 4; Empathy 2 (Lies), Expression 2, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 2, Socialize 2, Subterfuge 2 (Lies)
  • Merits: Allies 1 (Rudgar/Police), High Speech, Ingratiating Wanderer 2, Status (Psychiatrist) 1, Status (Silver Ladder) 1, Sanctum 1, Supernal Tolerance 2
  • Advantages: Health 7, Willpower 6, Morality 7, Size 5, Speed 9, Defense 2 (Armor -), Initiative 5

  • Magic: Gnosis 3; Mind 3, Prime 1, Space 3
    • Glorious Shield: "Diplomat's Protection", Mind •••, Wits + Expression + Mind
    • Self-Hypnosis: "Memory Hole", Mind ••, Composure + Academics + Mind; Mirror or other reflective surface +1, ten minutes to use hypnosis techniques +1
    • Emotional Awareness: "Third Eye", Mind •, Wits + Subterfuge + Mind
  • Legacy: None; 1st — X, 2nd — X, 3rd — X
  • Nimbus: X

  • Possessions: knitting needles, assorted yarn, thermos (tea) & cup, Ziploc bag of sweets, iPhone, varying psychology and/or romance book, laptop, pack of Sharpie pens, "sympathy scrapbook" & general common person items (purse, wallet, keys, etc).
    • Magical Items: X
    • Magical Tools: iron sickle (Path); personal diary (Mind), crystal pendant (Prime), sextant (Space)
    • Weapons: X
  • Sympathy Scrapbook: feather from Bill (seagull), Detective Dean Newcomb's toothbrush, lock of hair (Emily, Björn & Alva Stone, Roger Simko, Rudgar Sonderson, Carl Grimsley, Catherine Marks (head librarian), Sorin Oskarsson (museum curator)), Mitchel Flavel, splinter of Astoria waterfront pier, carpet from her room in Malachite's house, carpet from Ophelia's office
  • Other Notes: X

Character Questionnaire

These questions must be answered as part of character creation.


  1. Describe your character’s physical appearance. Eos believes that one must always look presentable and thus wears only fine & well tended clothing, whether she's wearing shawls over a pale blue & brown grandmotherly dress or a bright green silk gown befitting a queen. She only wears dresses, as is only proper for a woman. She wears her grey-white hair down, but will style it tall atop her head when she seeks to make an impression. She is fond of and often wearing antique jewelry, but believes in sturdy sensible shoes hidden under her skirts. Eos is an elderly woman, with hard blue eyes & stands barely over 5' tall, though her demeanor often adds another foot of height (and her hair when worn tall several more inches to that).
  2. Describe what it looks like when your character’s Nimbus manifests to those with Mage Sight. What does it look like when it bleeds over into mortal perceptions? (The Nimbus can be quite impressive to Mage Sight, but is always subtle to mortal perceptions.) Eos is highlighted as if from behind by the harsh reddish light of dawn (or hell?) and perception of her becomes askew as she seems far closer & far taller than she is. The crimson light emanates steamy & shimmering tendrils of air that writhe about her, rippling & blowing at her hair & clothes, grabbing at her and any other things nearby as if trying to drag everything away to that other place hidden behind her. Whispers and the occasional weeping can be heard in the air as if it is a door to Pandemonium itself that she stands before. To a mortal viewer the area seems to be bathed in a soft reddish light as if from a dim red bulb, the air stirs gently and it is possible to imagine very soft whispers in the wind.
  3. Describe your character’s preferred Magical Tool, either a Path Tool or an Order Tool. If your character uses any Arcana Tools, describe those as well. Is there a background or back story to this item? Eos' path tool is a very old, yet well kept & frighteningly sharp iron sickle that she has had in her possession decades before she had Awoken. It was a strange keepsake she had been given by her Aunt when she was a teenager. Her Aunt explained that it had belonged to her mother before she had put aside foolish ideas and married that nice man in Parliament, but that she had been pressed by her sister to give it to her youngest daughter as a keepsake when she was old enough. Her Aunt admitted that she'd rather have tossed the damnable thing out, but when her sister insisted on something, it was nearly impossible to deny her wishes. Her arcana tools consist of an antique setting with a large smoky crystal in it that had been a gift from her dear friend and companion Roger Simko (the crystal has a tendency to catch & reflect her manifested nimbus in an eerie manner), an old engraved leather sleeve covered in geometric patterns with black iron bindings that her daughter Emily had purchased for her while attending Burning Man, perfect for the composition books Eos uses as journals to be slipped in & out of and a really old sextant that requires frequent oiling to keep the parts moving that her friend Carl had found in an antique shop, knowing that she was seeking one (she would buy a newer & less tedious one, but each of her tools was a gift from someone she cares about & that sentimental value each carries makes the bond with the tool feel so much more...right).
  4. When your character’s Unseen Senses trigger, what kind of sensation does your character experience? (This tends to be individual from mage to mage; some examples include a slight headache, a raising of the hairs on the back of the neck, goosebumps, a sudden change in temperature sensation, etc.) A mild sense of vertigo & sudden intensity of light & color.
  5. Describe how your character most often interacts with her Virtue. All good things require careful & cunning patience. If you jump at the first seemingly good opportunity & find that it was in fact a lure with hook & line in it, then you deserve your foolish fate.
  6. Describe how your character most often interacts with his Vice. Eos is the epitome of unquestionable truth & righteousness. Her wisdom is beyond that of ordinary mortals & she, above every other authority, knows what is best for everyone in the world whether they want or know it.
  7. Describe your character’s Mentor, from her perspective. This is the person (not necessarily of the same Path) who brought you into the Order, and taught you the Order’s magical Praxis. Insufferable woman! Eos had lived & seen nearly half as much life as this arrogant witch had seen, yet she had the gall to try & humble & belittle Eos? They never got along, although her mentor always seemed some infuriating combination of fond & amused. But when Eos was hungry to learn more, her mentor would instead decide not to teach that day, instead they would spend time sitting at a mall watching people, or shopping for pointlessly extravagant shoes. When Eos would be melancholy or struggling, her mentor would instead pile on more tasks & assignments. And then...demand tea of all things! And the woman didn't even drink tea!! It would just sit there, all tea & perfect like, and grow cold. Until she would finally remember it & then pour it out into a nearby dead plant. Probably poisoned by tannins. Eos would have wished for a focused & strict mentor, but instead she got some deranged & random woman who was addicted to nearly unwearable shoes, chain smoked cigarettes & suffered from acute ADD. A gease to stay away from her for two years would seem like a blessing. But...somewhere along the way. Eos stopped hating her & found herself, though she'd never admit it, admiring her. Just a little mind you. Probably just due to familiarity over the years. Indeed. Insufferable silly thing. ...Hope she's alright...
  8. Choose the Mage Sight your character uses most often. Describe to me how your character interprets the occult information granted by that spell; for instance, some mages perceive various Mage Sights as strains of music, strange smells, memory flashbacks from their own lives relevant to the information gained, physical sensations or other similar sensory input. Each form of Mage Sight usually has its own set of sensory symbols, often in line with aspects of the character’s personality, occult praxis or background. Eos uses Third Eye of the Mind Arcanum. She perceives intricate networks connections around people, like a spiderweb woven from rainbows with symbols and/or images where the links in the webs come together, like many strings on an investigator's cork board connecting clues together. In addition to the normal insight one gains from Mage Sight, she can also perceive emotions as subtle to aggressive vibrations upon the colorful threads of the webs around people. She can also detect mental influence, which manifests as dark streaks of silver-grey in the otherwise colorful spectrum, or discolorations in the images that have been tampered with.
  9. Choose a song that you think might serve as your character's "theme song."
  10. Does your character have any family? Eos has two living sons, and three daughters. She had a third son who had died when he was young in a car accident. She has a total of nine grandchildren and one great-granddaughter, though she has never met many of her grandchildren or great-grandchild in person. She has buried two husbands, one who was the father of all her children save the youngest daughter who was fathered by a single night fling with a young artist. It was that event that had caused her husband to kill himself & her children to become estranged to her. The only child she has contact with (that they're aware of) is the youngest daughter, Emily, a single mother of young twins who owns a successful tattoo parlor in LA. Her daughter regularly calls her to update her on life & the twins and sends a plethora of pictures via e-mail. She also has a sister who lives in London with her husband (a wealthy retired banker) Lawrence Turner. Her sister was unable to have children of her own & had later adopted two sons during one of her Peace Corps visits to Africa, Jory & Mika. Eos & her sister write back & forth regularly, preferring this very old tradition to e-mail. They call each other once a year on Christmas. They have not actually seen each other in person since she was nine years old. There is also her Aunt, who is now nearly 100 years old, refuses to die, as well as refuses to stop driving much to the terror of her neighbors. Save for her eye sight she is far healthier than a woman of that age has any right to be & carries around nearly a century of ire & determination to whatever goal she fancies at the moment, which is often to point out the foolishness & shortcomings of those within earshot. Eos sends her Aunt a Christmas card each year, but otherwise has not spoken to her in nearly 30 years.
  11. Your character has, at some point in his life, had something to do with the Hotel Regina. It has been out of business since the 1940s, so you won’t have visited it while it was in business. Your character doesn’t even have to had any kind of major interaction at the location — you simply have to have a moment in your character’s history where the Hotel Regina played some role, even if it was just as a backdrop. Perhaps an uncle was a photographer that loved buildings from the Thirties, or your mother had a framed print of the building in the living room over the hearth. Tell me what the Hotel means to your character. Before Eos' mother had married her father, she & her sister (Eos' aunt) had spent many years living and traveling America. Her Aunt had many pictures of herself, Eos' mother and a variety of other nameless individuals scattered throughout the house where Eos grew up. Her Aunt refused to ever identify any of the other people in the pictures, only ever frowning & muttering something about fools, but often she'd catch her Aunt looking at those same pictures longingly & sighing. More than one of the pictures had the Hotel Regina in the background and thus Eos has long associated the image of the nameless structure with her Mother & Aunt when they were younger.

Other Questions

The following questions can be answered as part of further development for the character once play begins. No more than two questions may be answered in between game sessions, and for every two questions answered the PC gains +1 point of Development Experience.



  1. Where did your character grow up? Briefly describe his childhood and adolescence. Eos and her older sister were sent away by her parents to stay with her Aunt in Clovelly, England to escape The Blitz. Her parents died in the Nazi attack and so she & her sister remained with their Aunt. When she was nine years old, she & her Aunt moved to America and her sister returned to London. Eos spent the remainder of her childhood and teenage years living in rural Chillicothe, Ohio with her Aunt who made a living buying and selling antiques and other strange items to an often even stranger clientele.
  2. What part(s) of the character's childhood most influenced the person he/she is today? Describe an important lesson your character learned as a child. She lost her parents when she was an infant. She was taken away from her sister & her country when she was nine. From this & her teenage years she learned that people & connections are fragile and the world filled with unhappiness, indifference & people too desensitized to seek a way to make it any better. She never had many friends. But she knew everyone, listened to them all, watched them all, cataloging each of them in her mind (and journals), their hopes, goals, connections, talents, merits & flaws. She sought a pattern in it all, a proper placement to fight the gloom in the world and make sense of it all. The first notable piece of her puzzle that clicked into place was when she was in middle school. Karla was a sad little poor girl that was picked on for her shabby clothes in school. Eos had spied her notebook one day & saw hidden talent in the doodles constrained within the margins of her pages. She made a point to point out & praise her talent frequently. Eos began to request samples & pictures for various projects & got the art teacher involved with her & urged her to take art class. She even provided Karla with art supplies that her Aunt had given her upon request. Karla's inner light finally started to shine and her talent escaped notebook margins & blossomed upon canvas and took shape in clay. Karla grew up to become a notable artist & a very successful fashion designer until her overdose & death in the early 70's. Pity. But did her light shine brightly for years & through her work she had inspired so many others & shaped creation in her wake. Eos learned that with a little guidance, a kind word of support or inspiration or a nudge in the right direction, she could make minor shifts in reality. They didn't always work. And sometimes they would work only for a duration. But any light in the gloom is welcome. And with enough little lights in tandem, they are like a dawn light preparing the way for the sun.
  3. When the character was a child, what did he/she want to be when grown up? When she was a child she wanted to be a princess or a dancer. When she got a little older, she wished to become a airplane pilot so she could travel the world. That goal shifted to teacher & then later to psychiatrist, which is what she became, though deep down inside that dancing princess is still twirling about in her soul.
  4. What was your character's first, or most memorable, love affair? It can be anything from a pre-teen crush to a memorable love affair. Be sure to describe the object of your character's affection, along with the changes that your character went through in terms of feelings and thoughts about that person. Did it start out as maddening hatred? Instant love? Who fell for whom first? Was love a surprise? Assuming it has, how did it all end? How do all involved (your character, your lover, rivals, observers, etc.) feel about it now? Her first love was a short lived one. His name was Edward, though the fool ever insisted on people calling him Ed. They were in college, she was 19 and he was 24, with long trailing honey colored hair & thick round spectacles perched upon his nose. He was a biology major and had just completed his masters degree. They had met at the library & began seeing each other regularly. They fell in love & then quickly married. Two days after their honeymoon he had stepped out to go buy cigarettes and never returned. His car was found three days later crashed into trees off the road beyond the outskirts of town. The police reported that they were unable to find his body, but that there was too much of his blood at the scene for him to be likely to have survived. They reported the vehicle having been in severe condition & that it looked as if some sort of large wild animal had been involved. The guessed that he had wrecked and an animal had found him and taken him away. Eos was numb. But she would get over it. She was young. And she would love again one day, a jaunty young jazz player in New Orleans. They would wed & have many children & be happy, though they would lose one son when he was struck & killed in a hit & run. Then she would love once more & break the heart of her husband for it, causing him to take his own life & blaming her, she would lose all of her children forever. All due to one night with a passionate artist with fiery red hair & leonine features. And then she would give birth to her youngest daughter Emily. Her past & her losses were ever a sadness, but this new life in the world was a good thing and never something she could regret.
  5. Assume your character is seeking companionship, and has the opportunity to write a detailed personal ad for an internet dating service (and was willing to do so, without fear of security risks or anything like that). Write the ad. Where would be the character's idea of a good place to take a date? "Elderly yet lively woman on a quest to better the world seeking a fiercely adventurous man who seeks a life a little less than ordinary. Enjoys jazz, classical and ska and is able to dance to any of it. Likes a mix of travel, crawling her home streets as well as quiet time at home." As for where she would take a date? A happening sushi bar followed by dancing at a club, then a walk through the park, a stop at a cafe for coffee & conversation & then back home to the couch to watch a movie & cuddle together.
  6. What is your character’s most precious pre-Awakening memory? She & her sister's "secret place" when they were very young living with their Aunt in England. Falling in love with a young & talented saxophone player in New Orleans, marrying him & the birth of each of her children.
  7. What is your character’s most traumatic or grief-inducing pre-Awakening memory? Cheating on her husband, his grief induced suicide following his discovering her & her lover & her children blaming & disowning her as their mother.

Personality & Habits

  1. Name five things your character likes to do that have absolutely nothing to do with being a mage. Eos likes to knit and often produces an obscene amount of knitted items that she frequently gives away as gifts to others or donates them. She is an avid reader of books, particularly books on psychology & trash romance novels (the latter a fact that she tries to hide). Eos had married a saxophone player when she was younger, and still likes to sit back & listen to jazz music, often while knitting or writing. She keeps a journal & has crates filled with them, having been writing in them since she was 12. She likes to collect antique jewelry & she is a frequent visitor to art shows & museums, particularly of artists that she has inspired to get off their rumps & embrace their potential. She has been known to volunteer in soup kitchens in the past as well. Eos is in love with the concept of technology, though she doesn't always fully understand it. She has an iPhone she can barely figure out how to use & a laptop that serves as little more than an expensive game of Solitaire with e-mail & facebook.
  2. Is the character sentimental about anything? If so, what? If not, why not? Eos is terribly sentimental. She keeps tabs on everyone that she has touched or who have touched her throughout her life. Facebook has made this so much easier to do. She hangs onto keepsakes & gifts for eternity & proudly displays framed photos of the people she has been close to in every phase of her life. But to hear her speak of them, it's eerily more like listening to someone speaking fondly of their pets rather than people.
  3. What's your idea of getting "dressed up?" Fine long dresses, shawls, cloaks, large pieces of antique style jewelry, big, tall hair & little to subtle cosmetics.
  4. Does the character have any catch phrases, nervous tics, or personal habits that would identify him/her? She flattens her lips & frequently hides her displeasure or irritation behind a cup of tea, in her journal or in knitting. If she lacks these usual devices, she will frequently straighten her dress or rearrange her shawl if she is wearing one. When she is in "diplomat mode" then she will sit or stand straight & still as a statue, an expressionless mask of serenity on her face with only a hint of the potential storm hidden within her eyes.
  5. Does your character believe in true love? Elaborate. True love is a very useful tool. Love makes people into fools & fools are easily manipulated. Aye love is real, but so are fools. But how much fun it can be to be a fool sometimes. If only she had the time to indulge in it.
  6. Describe three public places that your character enjoys spending time at. Eos enjoys spending time in libraries and schools, places where people go to learn, seek answers or chase their dreams. She likes writing or reading in well maintained & populated parks, where she can watch people living their lives out & amongst other people. She also likes small diners & cafe's for similar reasons, but also so that she may hear those around her, talking with each other about anything & everything.
  7. Describe your personal bedroom space. What might someone poking about find, both in terms of actual things and in terms of what the space says about you? Her room is very neat & tidy. Nearly every surface is covered with knitted doilies of varying colors & framed photographs of her life. The room is dressed in patterns of pale blue & brown. She has various pieces of art framed on the walls from students or patients of hers in the past. The four post canopy bed dominates the room like a megalith. A small writing desk sits next to an open window, a breeze shuffling papers held down with various curios used as paperweights. Two heavy chests are in the opposite corner next to her dresser with massive padlocks on them (where she keeps her journals). An old turntable with a cd-changer is near her desk atop a short shelf filled with vinyl & cd's of music. On the other side of the desk is a small tea serving table. A bin at the foot of the bed contains an absurd amount of knitting yarn. An old black cat named Rumpelstiltskin is often found sleeping on the bed or in the yarn basket when a warm lap is not available.
  8. What moves your characters to anger or violence? Eos is very quick to anger, but she reigns it in & sits on it, hiding her irritation or rage to the best of her ability. Minor slights will have her wishing ill upon those who wronged her, a dangerous temptation for those of the Mind Arcana. Greater injustices will have her seething within with potential plots for justice or vengeance. Whether or not she carries any of them out, or later dismisses them as fanciful rampages in her mind depends upon the circumstances of the situation.
  9. What moves your character to tears? Family.
  10. What makes your character very happy? Seeing someone she has inspired to reach out, grab & tap into their true potential.
  11. What makes your character depressed or hopeless? Feelings of insignificance, of being ineffective or lacking the power to change the world around her. She fears a life of quietly watching the world around her slowly slide towards indifference, chaos & collapse.
  12. What sorts of situations make the character feel awkward or ill-at-ease? When in the presence of others who can see or sense her mental weaves or those who are obviously far stronger than she is. She is also uncomfortable when around enfeebled elderly people.
  13. What's the best way to persuade the character to do something? Point out the benefits it could have for society, particularly aspects of art, culture & government. She is also a sucker for romance, and if a request is given a dramatic or romantic twist, she is more likely to set her senses aside to make a leap for adventure!
  14. Choose five adjectives to describe the character. Proper, imposing, calculating, arrogant & sometimes a bit delusional in her self justified righteousness.
  15. Give me some reasons why someone might reasonably dislike your character on first impression. Why might someone come to hate them in the long term? Eos can at times be pushy, arrogant, insensitive, patronizing, dismissive, manipulative, cold & calculating. These are often traits that do not gain her adoration, though her abilities often allow people to overlook these aspects. Those immune to her "charming" personality too frequently only see her darker side & take umbrage at her methods and fail to see her nobility and higher goals for the greater good.
  16. How would your character react if he or she was publicly humiliated by a total stranger? What if it was a private humiliation? What if it was a friend and not a stranger? If it were a stranger? No one would pity this fool, for no one would be able to recall exactly what became of him. And the stranger would probably find himself a stranger forever to himself after Eos has finished flaying every shred of memory & personality from his mind, leaving it either bare or replacing it with something more...pleasant. If it were a friend? It would be made very clear, that her "friends" do not treat her with such disrespect. If it were to happen again, then they would not be treated as a friend, but like a "stranger". This is of course what she would WANT to do. The real severity would entirely depend on the situation, but in her own head she is flaying the minds bare of half the people she passes on the street but restrains herself from making this a reality.
  17. If your character could have one object for himself or herself (and not to turn around and sell), regardless of price, what would it be? A framed Nobel Peace Prize, a string of Russia's Kremlin diamonds around her neck & Kenneth Branagh to keep her bed warm.
  18. What kind of music does your character like? Does he or she like different kinds of music in different circumstances? Jazz, Classical & oddly enough, Ska.
  19. What is the character's favorite food? Eos' favorite food by far is sushi. She also has a very strong sweet tooth and in addition to keeping a hearty supply of sweets on or near her at all times, she makes frequent stops at bakeries, donut shops & other sweet shops to fuel her habit.
  20. What's your character's favorite color? Any particular reason? Pale blue or yellow, though she is quite fond of green as well. Pale blue is such a calming color, while yellow is simple & happy. Green the the vibrant color of life itself. Her wool clothes tend towards more pale earth tone colors, though they are usually accented with her favored blue or yellow. Her silk gowns are generally brighter variations of her favored colors, especially green.
  21. What is your character's routine when he or she is not tending to Awakened business/crises? Learning, listening, guiding & helping others achieve their true potentials or at least to play their parts in helping others do so. The world is a game she must play to win, the prize is the betterment of humanity as a whole and her adversary is the ignorance, sloth & apathy of the very people she seeks to help. Thus whether she is visiting the library, working in the soup kitchen, or kitting in a coffee shop, she is always on her life quest & these are all just locations for her to move her game pieces into better locations.
  22. Assuming they could speak, what would each of your character's parents (separately) say about him/her? Eos would love to know what they would say. She always tried to imagine what her parents were like as her Aunt would not tell her much save that her Mother was a foolish adventurer who dragged her along into danger far too often and that her Father was a fine man, a member of the English Parliament and that she was glad he made her Mother settle down, though she probably had the poor man wound around ever finger on her hand. Since awakening, Eos has often wondered whether or not her Mother had also been awakened. The strange band of people in the pictures growing up, Hotel Regina itself in some, the iron sickle passed down to her through her Aunt. Comments her Aunt has made over the years. It would be...vastly unlikely. But...perhaps? As for what they would think of her? A fine upstanding woman aiming to straighten out & uplift the human race surely. Death is not her purvey, so she cannot say.
  23. Who are you important to? Why? Eos is important to her youngest daughter, because she is her mother & raised her. She is important to her sister, though they have not seen each other in near six decades. But they are sisters & they still have a bond. She is not aware of it & wouldn't suspect it, but she is important to her iron faced Aunt who refuses to die. And she may not be specifically important to them, but she is remembered fondly or stands out to a number of people who she has helped, inspired & guided throughout her many years.
  24. Assume your character is plagued with a recurring nightmare that awakens him or her in a cold sweat every time. Describe the dream. (This will not necessarily be the case, though many people do have frightening, recurring dreams.) It's a simple dream, but one that leaves her feeling nearly paralyzed with fear. It's a normal day, people going about their normal lives and she is there. But no one can see her or hear her. She is a ghost trapped in the living world, forced to be nothing more than a spectator in a world she cannot touch. Amongst people, but in truth alone, forever.
  25. What aspect of him/herself is the character most uncomfortable with? What aspect of him/herself is the character most satisfied with? She is uncomfortable with some of the things she feels she must do for the greater good & pushes these thoughts aside as necessary acts that someone must perform for the world. Every war has casualties & the world is at war with itself against itself and she must save it. Part of her knows she deludes herself to justify things simply because she wants them, she buries that little voice, because it tells her she's a villain. And that simply cannot be right! She is a hero! A radiant goddess come to raise humanity up to greatness. Isn't she?... This is also what she is most satisfied with. She is great & good & a beacon of light flaring forth in a dark world & will bring this light & awe to everyone & make the world a better place.
  26. Is the character an introvert or an extrovert? How does the character behave in group settings? How does the character behave around someone in whom he/she is interested romantically? Eos is a careful & calculated extrovert. She folds into situations in a manner that is appropriate, often taking quiet observational roles & speaking when appropriate or when she has a goal to achieve at which point she often inserts herself into advisory positions, especially to those of important status. She listens to everyone around her always & will nudge people either through mundane means or through magic as she sees fit. She is more cautious amongst other supernaturals, as it is a much more dangerous game & more likely to be quiet & observe for any advantages she can use.

Awakening & Beyond

  1. Describe your character’s Awakening. As much as she tries never to think of her Awakening and wishes she could forget it forever, it will never leave her. It had began simple enough. She had just sat down at home with a cup of tea after a typical busy day when there was a knock at her door. Irritated she sat her tea down & went to the door. She opened the door and stared in horror at the apparition that stood before her. It was a woman who seemed vaguely familiar but she was mutilated horribly. Her eyelids had been removed revealing her severely bloodshot eyeballs & her mouth sewn shut. The bridge in her nose was gone leaving a gaping hole where a minuscule imp was perched with a bucket & shovel, busily scooping a white powder & casting it into her gaping nostril cavity. Attached to her arms were large wasp-like creatures with syringes for singers injecting some unknown fluid into her veins. The girl drooped & her eyes rolled visible in her skull as she attempted to focus on any given task. She focused herself on Eos again & steadied herself. She beckoned Eos to follow.

    Eos instead fled in mindless terror from the horrible thing at her door. She ran into her home, from room to room, door to door and it was some time before she realized that she had been running for far too long & through too many rooms & doors to still be within her home. She stopped & looked around to realize she was anywhere but her cozy little condo. She found herself in a labyrinth of dark empty rooms. But they were not empty she realized. Every room she passed through will filled with unseen writhing shapes that cast shadows with her own shadow clearly defined amongst them. She could not see them, but they were there, all around her. She could sense them drawing near her anytime she stopped in one place for more than a second. So she kept moving forward, whichever way forward was. Occasionally she would glimpse the horrible girl from her door in doorways & she would turn and take a different door. Every once in a while, she would feel one of the shadow-shapes draw close enough to grab at her, to cut her. Each time she was cut, or clawed or bitten she would continue to flee, though her pace was slowing down each time, and they were able to get at her even more. The greater her injuries the more she could hear them. Terrible sounds, a cacophony of whispers, screams & sobbing that thundered around her.

    She stumbled into another room & the girl was there again. She had blood spattered all over herself now & she had written something on the wall of the room. "Help you" it read. Eos had lost so much blood & her body was in tatters. How could she still be standing in this condition? Many of these were beyond mortal wounds. She should have been long dead & consumed by these monsters. She stumbled after the girl when she vanished through a door. Door after door she followed the girl, each time she passed through a room more of her was sliced & bitten off by the creatures. She was numb to it, she only knew she had to follow the girl to wanted to help her.

    Then she came to a final room with an exit leading out of the labyrinth of dark rooms. The girl stood beyond the final door, but someone else blocked her way. Eos' body had been cut away from her entirely she realized, her body was gone & she was nothing more than her mind, soul & will standing before this...thing that wore her shape, stitched & patched together from all the pieces that had been torn from her. It stood before her, each stitched together seam of flesh oozing thick blood & was wreathed in an unwholesome red glow with white hot eyes, wielding a blackened iron sickle in one hand and possessing a crown of shimmering light above its head. The monster smiled at her, a knowing look in it's terrible eyes & stepped aside gesturing her forward. Eos knew this thing instinctively, horrible as it was, it would not harm her. It was her. It was the darkness in her heart. It was what she would become if she ever lost her humanity.

    She hurried past, the labyrinth & the monster vanished behind her. The girl was still there with her for a moment, but something happened. The girl sighed as the monsters upon her body vanished into an oily smoke & her body mended. She smiled, tears in her eyes & then as she began to slowly faded away into a hazy white mist she turned & pointed Eos towards a looming tower that seemed impossibly tall. Eos HAD known that girl. It was a girl she knew as a child named Karla. She had become a talented artist but Eos recalled reading that she had died of a drug overdose.

    She was there alone now. Just her. And the Tower. She somehow knew what she needed to do. She approached the Tower, her physical body torn away leaving her a being of pure mental will in this realm. Her will manifested the iron sickle her mother had left her. The same device the nightmare vision of herself had wielded and she began to carve her name into the base of the tower where so many other names before her had been inscribed.

    Eos was Awake. She was sitting in her recliner with Rumpelstiltskin sleeping in her lap and her cup of tea next to her still steaming from having just been made. Only moments had passed here. Only moments since she had left the whole of the world she used to know behind her & stepped into a much greater universe.
  2. How has the Awakening changed your character, other than the obvious kewl powerz? Eos took her Awakening as fate choosing her to perform a task. She had always lamented upon witnessing so many people, particularly the young squandering untapped talent & potential, choosing to indulge in apathy, indifference, sloth or being crushed by the heavy weight of the dismal world around them & losing themselves. She tried to help through guidance & psychiatric means, and did help some, but not enough. Her Awakening was fate itself pointing out to her a mighty & awesome task and giving her the tools she needed to accomplish it. She used to have hopes & aspirations, the Awakening gave her goals & destiny!
  3. Why did your character choose the Shadow Name s/he did? Eos is the Greek titan goddess of the Dawn. Dawn is associated with the element of Air, which is also associated with her Zodiac birth sign Aquarius. These links & signs have always surrounded her and when it came time to choose a shadow name, it seemed appropriate to her. For she is like a mighty titan of the dawn, heralding in the light of a new day.
  4. Name and describe three non-supernatural individuals that your character interacts with on a regular basis (such as a neighbor, best friend, co-worker, and the like). If you have any Contacts or Allies, these can be part of those Merits. Eos has many people come in & out of her life. Many are patients, some social or work associates or people involved in the community alongside her. She motivates some, inspires some, irritates some and eventually they move on and out of her life. There are a few however she had developed a true fondness for. Detective Rudgar Sonderson - an angry gay bulldog of a man with a soft spot for Eos (who he knows as Dr. Juliette Pearce) & treats her as someone would their favorite grandmother. He is driven & often obsessive over work, much to the annoyance of his frequently neglected partner, a pastry chef and one of her patients when she practiced in Portland, named Carl Grimsley (who Eos frequently purchased sweets from). At first Rudgar was a useful tool and source of additional income & contacts. But then she found herself genuinely quite fond of he and Carl. They reminded her of the sons she had lost so many years ago.

    Her daughter Emily Stone and her twins, Björn & Alva. Emily is a free spirit, quirky & has questionable romantic taste in both men & women. She owns a successful tattoo business in LA where she has lived for nearly 20 years. She gets along well with her mother, who had always allowed her much more freedom than her previous children & calls her frequently. She remains in contact with her father, though knows better than to bring him up in conversation to her mother...but does it anyway. She is short like her mother, but also inherited her father's leonine features & almost glowing red hair. Emily is the light of her life and the one thing she loves above her power & even her lofty goals for the world.

    Lastly there is Roger Simko, a retired engineer who wobbles when he walks due to an old Vietnam injury. As a result of his girth, wobble & large pronounced mustache, he has been nicknamed Mr. Walrus (or just Walrus) by his friends. Eos of course insists on calling him Roger. They had met at the first annual jazz festival she had helped facilitate many years ago when she was living in Ohio and had become fast friends. They have dated off and on through the years, sometimes serious, sometimes casual and had come to the conclusion that they were simply not compatible as a romantic couple, though they loved each other very much. Their lives were simply too different and the goals too far apart. But that spark and the love they held for each other would ever be present, even if they were not together, their friendship would continue. When Eos had vanished and moved to Portland, it took him time, but he found her & he followed. Of course he came up with some excuse about seeking fairer weather and that it had been a happy coincidence (then gave her the third degree about vanishing like that). Eos was happy he'd come, though she'd never admit it to him. He never did ask her why she had left the way she did. He knew that she would tell him if & when she was able. He agreed to keep her name a secret and use her new name when it was not just the two of them. Roger supplements his retirement income by working as a member of the Geek Squad at Best Buy and plays drums in a jazz band on weekends. Through Eos, he has come to know & befriend Rudgar & Carl who he is commonly social with.

Experience Points

Earned: 50+16a (arcane)
  • Session 1 (6.11.10): 3
    • Questionnaire: 1
  • Session 2 (6.18.10): 3
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Mage School (factors): 1a
    • Encounter Seer-thingie: 1a
  • Session 3 (6.25.10): 2
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
  • Session 4 (7.3.10): 4
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Encounter: 1a
  • Session 5 (7.9.10): 3
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Mage Battle: 2a
    • Mage School (nimbus): 1a
  • Session 6 (7.23.10): 2
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Mage School (scourging/healing): 1a
    • Encounter (zombies & "party security"): 2a
  • Session 7 (8.8.10): 4
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Encounters/Experiences: 2a
  • Session 8 (9.11.10): 4
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Encounter/Experiences: 2a
  • Session 9 (9.25.10): 3
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Encounter/Experiences: 1a
  • Session 10 (10.2.10): 3
    • Questionnaire: 1
    • NPC: 1
    • Encounter/Experiences: 2a

Spent: 35+13a; Unspent: 15+3 a

  • Purchased: Space 3 (16)
  • Purchased: Sanctum 1 (2)
  • Purchased: Supernal Tolerance merit 2 (6)
  • Purchased: Gnosis 3 (11+13a=24)