Factions of Alarch and Tova-Ky

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  • Galactic Coalition of Alarch

The galactic government that encompasses the majority of the civilized worlds, including Syi-Adar, Halsius, Daarul, The Rakentajat Seclusion and Or as well as many other worlds that fall beneath the jurisdiction of the Coalition home worlds. The Coalition is ruled by a council that consists primarily of the greater races, with advisory positions from the lesser races. Due to the penjaga's general disdain for official government, the rakentajat's preference for seclusion on their home world and the law barring varhovnik from council positions, this means that the council is vastly dominated by the cyn.

  • New Earth

New Earth is considered a joke to most, a novelty to many and the one greatest hope to humanity for the survival of the ideal that was Earth and humans as a distinct people and myriad of fading cultures. New Earth is dominated by humans, though they welcome other races. They seek to collect or recreate Earth architecture, cuisine, language, music, art, literature and other human artifacts so as to be able to preserve their racial heritage. New Earth seeks to live free of Coalition rule, but lacks the strength to protect themselves from threats such as the Varhovnik Empire or the naufragi. They have established an agreement with the Covenant, which provides them with the protection and security they require in exchange for resources and production. Due to this agreement and the presence of fae and Covenant agents on New Earth, it is generally assumed that it is in truth, just another Covenant controlled world now, though New Earthlings will fiercely argue otherwise.

  • The Covenant

The Covenant is seen by the Coalition is little more than a network of crime lords and pirates, comprised largely of the fae, though there is a healthy smattering of every species amongst their number. The Covenant view themselves as an alliance of those who seek to live outside the oppressive shadow of the cyn or varhovnik.

  • Varhovnik Empire

The Varhovnik Empire controls colonized solar systems, each ruled by a Lord that answers to their Immortal Emperor, who is said to be a psionic lich that has ruled the Empire for over seven millennium. They control many worlds that they populated with cyn and fae and a variety of other races that have not escaped their grasp to be counted amongst Coalition rosters. The Emperor and his Lords do not tolerate any subversion to their rule and are constantly vigilant for and quickly destroy any religion or rebellion that may crop up within their territories. They make it no secret that they desire to conquer the Coalition and Covenant, but have refrained from further aggression since the Nox War. Many believe that the Empire suffered much greater losses than they admit to and are simply re-amassing their strength before resuming their conquest. While a vocal minority seek to spur the Coalition into acting upon this suspicion and striking at the Empire in their assumed weakened state, the Coalition stands firm that the boundaries between the Coalition and Empire be respected and avoided.

  • Atea

They possess all of the doorways to the galaxy and they control they keys, which they are happy to rent out to anyone for a negotiable fee that should leave you with enough nick to feed you or your children. Just not both. The Atea are a faction of varhovnik that seceded from the Empire during a civil war and claimed the majority of the Solar Conduit Gateways. While the Empire still maintains control of the Gates within Tova-Ky, the Atea control all of the Gates within Alarch and maintain control of the few located within the "neutral territory" of the border between Coalition and Imperial space.

  • The Gloom

The Gloom is a rogue cult of powerful varhovnik psionicists that believe themselves to be reborn avatars of the old gods. They and they followers seek out fragments, capture and bind them so as to siphon and consume their essence, making themselves more powerful.

  • Naufragi Pirates