Fiery Witch

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Identity: xxx • Affiliation: xxx • Base of Operations: Salem, MA
Ethnicity: xxx • Nationality: xxx
Age: xxx • Gender: xxx • Height: xxx • Weight: xxx lb
Eyes: xxx • Hair: xxx • Other Features: xxx
Origin: x • Power Level: 8 (120 Points: Abilities 56, Defenses 12, Skills 5, Advantages 5, Powers 42)
Strength 1/6 Stamina 3
Agility 4 Dexterity 3/5
Fighting 3 Intellect 6
Awareness 4 Presence 4
Points: 56 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 2 4 x 6
Fortitude 3 3 x 6
Parry 3 3 x 6
Toughness - 3 5 8/3
Will 4 4 x 8
Points: 12 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 4 + 0 = +{{{InitiativeTotal}}}

Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
Athletics 0 STR (1/5) x +1/5
Close Combat 2 FGT (3) x +5
Deception 0 PRE (4) x +4
Expertise: Magic 1 INT (6) x +7
Insight 0 AWE (4) x +4
Intimidation 0 PRE (4) x +4
Investigation 1 INT (6) x +7
Perception 0 AWE (4) x +4
Persuasion 2 PRE (4) x +6
Ranged Combat 2 DEX (3/5) x +5/7
Stealth 0 AGL (4) x +4
Technology 1 INT (6) x +7
Treatment 1 INT (6) x +7
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Points: 5 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: Chokehold (hair only), Fast Grab (hair only), Improved Grab (hair only), Improved hold (hair only)
Fortune: xxx
General: Eidetic Memory, Membership: Dvaravat
Skill: Fascinate (Persuasion), Ritualist, Well-informed

Points: 5 (1pt per rank)


Points: 42
Other Traits
Equipment: xxx
Complications: Awakened City Dependence, Enemy: Order of the Hammer


Invested Abilities (7 PP)

  • Each Invested embodies the power of a single modern city, called an "Awakened City." Sedona's powers reflect Sedona, Arizona's earthy spirit and themes.
  • Invested have a variety of small, useful abilities granted to them while they are in any Awakened City. Invested heal faster and never need to eat or drink while within an Awakened City. They can also move rapidly through cities and even retreat within a cyst of asphalt and concrete, which is absorbed by the city only to reappear in another city, transporting them to a new location. All Invested eventually develop all of these abilities, but Sedona currently has the following abilities:
    • Asphalt Cyst: Teleport 1 (3 PP) Extended, Reaching; Awakened Cities only) • Reaching allows the Invested to spend extra time in transit to places their teleportation can't quite reach; increase the Time of 0 by +1 per rank of additional Distance needed to reach target Awakened City.
    • City Creature (4 PP): Immunity 2 (starvation & thirst), Regeneration 6 (Source: urban)

Flying Besom (5 PP)

You sit or stand atop a magically enchanted broom, providing you with a flying platform. If you use your flying besom for a slam attack (Hero’s Handbook, page 198) you lose the use of it and have to reactivate your power.

  • Flight 5: Speed: 60 mph, 90 ft/round; Platform; Device: Removable, Indestructible

Ancestral Guardians (5 PP)

Your hair comes ablaze and the fiery forms of the witches lost to the Burning Times flicker and swirl around you deflecting damage and keeping your from harm.

  • Protection 5: Necromantic, Fire, +5 Toughness; Sustained

Witch of Salem (Array) (20 PP)

  • Fiery Breath: Cone Area Damage 8 (1 PP): You breathe a cone-shaped gout of fire, like a dragon’s breath. Fire, DC 23; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 18
  • The Witch's Ladder: Affliction 8 (1 PP): With a gesture you cause cords of knotted rope and hair to appear around the target and attempt to bind them. 1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, Range: 200/400/800 ft, DC 18; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree
  • Bedazzle (Memory Edit): Cumulative Affliction 8 (1 PP): Taking hold of a target's mind you attempt to cause them to lose their memory. 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree stunned, 3rd degree: Transformed - subject forgets, Resisted by: Will, DC 18; Cumulative
  • Clean Sweep: Nullify - Magic Effects 8 (1 PP): With a gesture or a sweep of your broom you attempt to counter magical effects. You can counter one effect per use. Counters: All Magic Effects, Range: 200/400/800 ft, DC 18
  • Animal Form: Morph 1 - Cat Form (1 PP): You are able to transform into a cat that has it's own set of statistics and powers.
  • Prehensile Hair (20 PP): Your hair snakes out in flaming tendrils that you can control for various effects.
    • Elongation 2: 30 feet, +2 to grab; Limited to hair
    • Extra Limbs 4: 4 extra limbs, Innate, Projection, Sustained, Advantages: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold
    • Enhanced Abilities: +2 Dexterity (Limited to hair), +5 Strength (Limited to hair)


  • Eidetic Memory:You have perfect recall of everything you’ve experienced. You have a +5 circumstance bonus on checks to remember things, including resistance checks against effects that alter or erase memories. You can also make Expertise skill checks to answer questions and provide information as if you were trained, meaning you can answer questions involving difficult or obscure knowledge even without ranks in the skill, due to the sheer amount of trivia you have picked up.
  • Fascinate (Persuasion): Your Persuasion skill is so effective you can capture and hold other’s attention with it. You can also use Fascinate with an appropriate Expertise skill, like musician or singer, at the GM’s discretion. You are subject to the normal guidelines for interaction skills, and combat or other immediate danger makes this advantage ineffective. Take a standard action and make an interaction skill check against your target’s opposing check (Insight or Will defense). If you succeed, the target is entranced. You can maintain the effect with a standard action each round, giving the target a new resistance check. The effect ends when you stop performing, the target successfully resists, or any immediate danger presents itself. Like all interaction skills, you can use Fascinate on a group, but you must affect everyone in the group in the same way.
  • Membership: Dvaravat:
  • Ritualist:You can use the Expertise: Magic skill to create and cast magical rituals. This advantage is often a back-up or secondary magical power for superhuman sorcerers, and may be the only form of magic available to some “dabbler” types.
  • Well-informed:You are exceptionally well-informed. When encountering an individual, group, or organization for the first time, you can make an immediate Investigation or Persuasion skill check to see if your character has heard something about the subject. Use the guidelines for gathering information in the Investigation Skill description to determine the level of information you gain. You receive only one check per subject upon first encountering them, although the GM may allow another upon encountering the subject again once significant time has passed.

With Prehensile Hair:

  • Chokehold:If you successfully grab and restrain an opponent, you can apply a chokehold, causing your opponent to begin suffocating for as long as you continue to restrain your target.
  • Fast Grab:When you hit with an unarmed attack you can immediately make a grab check against that opponent as a free action. Your unarmed attack inflicts its normal damage and counts as the initial attack check required to grab your opponent.
  • Improved Grab:You can make grab attacks with only one limb, leaving the others free. You can also maintain the grab while using your other limbs to perform actions. You are not vulnerable while grabbing.
  • Improved Hold:Your grab attacks are particularly difficult to escape. Opponents you grab suffer a –5 circumstance penalty on checks to escape.


  • Awakened City Dependence: When you are outside of an Awakened City, you lose access to your Invested-specific abilities, gaining a Hero Point if you are in a situation where you need them. This counts as a Power Loss Complication.
  • Enemy - Order of the Hammer:


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