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Peter Figment (mien)

Pete had been stolen away.

At first his task was simply to stand near the bed & provide the Master good dreams, occasionally fanning him or attending to other small matters in the room. But having a pudgy little human boy standing at his bedside staring at him at all times would sometimes disturb the Master so he had the boy dressed up as something cute & pleasing, in this case a pink bunny. After several failed attempts of escape & punishment, which the Master liked to call Sublime Chastisements, because that just sounds so much nicer, he finally had the bunny boy shackled to the bed post.

One night, the Master could not get to sleep & after a while of fussing with his pillows, he stopped and took a long look at the "fluffy" boy bunny at his bedside.

And a fluffy bunny pillow he became. He was fed fluffy foods and given only fizzy water and his body began to become more pillow than boy. The shackles were removed from the post, but remained on his ankles so that he could only shuffle about. Escape had become yet another dream. One that the Master often requested be shared with him when he slept. He loved to awaken from the bunny boys dreams of escape, refreshed and filled with hope...while the bunny boy who had granted the dream to his Master would awake to be crushed by his return to cruel reality.

The master later on cursed that the boy was growing too fast & insisted he stop immediately or he would have a wooden frame nailed to his body & just replace the bed with his girth. So the boy stopped growing taller, only wider & softer so as to provide more comfort. In time the bunny suit even stopped itching.

The boy was often punished. If ever the Master awoke and was not completely rested & happy with his dreams in every way, he would have the boy punished. Once the boy thought to rebel & gave the Master nightmares. Never again did he think to try that, for the punishments he endured afterward would haunt him for all his days.

Time lost meaning and he began to spend more & more time in a dreamy half-waking state, spending days at a time in bed, only rising when some other task was required of him in the room or by the Master. Sometimes he suspected his food & drink had been drugged to keep him in this state.

He was never permitted to leave the room. In time he had even stopped trying. Too tired, too sleepy to try. But he'd dream of it every chance he got. He would share his dreams with the objects in the room. He could speak with them and they would listen. The Master did not speak to such lowly things, so his secrets were safe with them.

One day the boy gazed upon the Master's mirror & instead of the small bright eyed boy he once knew, he saw a sad middle aged & pillowy dwarf dressed in a worn out & faded pink bunny suit and he wept. His sadness became rage and he tore at the bunny ears atop his head. Then the anger became horror when he discovered that the bunny suit could not be removed. The Master had not given him a costume to wear, he had given him a new skin in place of his own. As more time passed, it became less a suit & more a true skin covering his body in mangy pale pink fur, often missing in patches where he would try & rip it out, and the ears and pawed feet became his own.

His life was a nightmare filled with another persons pleasant dreams, often his own stolen dreams being dangled in front of him by the cruel Master. The way he saw the world began to change. Spending so much time with his mind mingled with that of the Master made his perception of time & fate queer. He was able to see the lines of chance about him and if he concentrated, he could follow them.

He was once a boy, a very good boy, very bright, good in school, a close circle of friends, a massive online social circle, loving parents, three older brothers, a younger sister & baby brother. He even had a puppy, a cat & two...bunnies. They had just moved to New York, a whole new world of opportunities, though he would miss his old buddies, but then that's what skype & webcams are for. He and his sister were terribly excited about going to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty (he'd based a game module on her rampaging through the country once). She was such an iconic figure and he was going to get to see her for real. Mom left the baby with the oldest brother and took him & his sister down to the island. And then things get fuzzy, he remembers getting off the ferry...something went wrong, someone PUSHED him - their face is obscured in his memory and he went over the railing and into the water. For a very brief moment he saw someone else in the water with him...and that other looked just like him. He struggled to swim up, but something icy coiled around his leg & pulled him down, down into darkness. And then he was at the Master's bedside & knew he was to provide pleasant dreams or else suffer the Sublime Chastisements.

Peter Figment (mask)

He was never really sure why the Master chose him. Was it because of the fantastical stories he wrote? Was it because of the role playing games he played? Or because he had always been said to be a dreamer. Or perhaps he was just unlucky.

The boy he had been had died in the Master's bed chamber...Figment, as the Master calls him, could not say exactly when. But the boy named Peter Tomas Fitzpatrick was no more... But then there was that other him in the water. Perhaps that boy had been fetched from the water & no one knew any better. And he was still there, living his old life. A life he knew he could never reclaim. He was Peter Figment now. A shadow of his old life wed to the life the Master forced upon him.

Pete is often mistaken as a Beast due to his animal features amongst other fae. But what does the mortal world see when they look at him? His mask is that of a fat dwarf, who one could only describe as "pillowy", with feet too large for his stature and pink hair...that he frequently dyes other colors.


  • Virtue: Fortitude; Vice: Pride; Concept: geeky dreamer
  • Seeming: wizened; Kith: oracle; Court: n/a
  • Attributes
    • Mental: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2
    • Physical: Strength 1, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
    • Social: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3
  • Abilities
    • Mental: Academics 2, Computer 3 (internet), Crafts 2 (jury-rigging), Investigation 1, Medicine 1, Occult 1, Science 1
    • Physical: Larceny 1, Stealth 3 (camouflage)
    • Social: Animal Ken 1, Empathy 3 (motives), Expression 1, Persuasion 1, Subterfuge 1
  • Merits
    • Mental: X
    • Physical: X
    • Social: X
    • Changeling: Hedge Gate Sense 1, Wisdom of Dreams 3
  • Wyrd: 2 (Glamour/Turn: 2); Contracts: Animation 2, Dream 2, Omen 1
  • Health [7], Willpower [5], Clarity 7 ([Derangements])
  • Size [4], Speed [8], Defense [2], Initiative [5]
  • Weapons: Weapon (Stats)
  • Armor: X (equipment/source)
  • Flaws: dwarf, narcolepsy (composure+resolve; critical success=automatically succeeds for remainder of the day, success=remains conscious, failure=passes out until something wakes him (being shaken awake, falling on face, combat, etc, effectively losing one turn of action)