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Legal Name: Finch Breen
Metatype: Elven, Ethnicity: Euromutt
Age: 24, Sex: Female, Height: 5' 9", Weight: 72kg
Street Cred: x, Notoriety: x, Public Awareness: x
Karma: x, Total Karma: x
Primary Lifestyle: School
Nuyen: ¥x
Licenses: None
Other Identities: x
Combat Info
Armor: x
Ranged: x
Melee: x
Condition Monitors Physical: x Stun: x Overflow: x
Body: 3, Agility: 4, Reaction: 5, Strength: 3
Willpower: 3, Logic: 5, Intuition: 3, Charisma: 4
Edge: 0, Essence: 6, Magic: 0, Resonance: 0
Initiative: 8, Matrix Initiative: x, Astral Initiative: x
Composure: x, Judge Intentions: x, Memory: x, Lift/Carry: x/x kg (x/x lbs), Movement: Walk x, Run x, Sprint x
Physical Limit: x, MentalLimit: x, SocialLimit: x
Active Skills:

Electronics Group 2 (Computer, Hardware, Software), Pilot Ground Craft 5, Pilot Aerocraft 3, Pistols 2, Aero mechanic 3, Auto Mechanic 4, Industrial Mechanic 2, Etiquette 2, Perception 3
Knowledge Skills:
Corporate Politics 2, Street Clinics 2, Gang Politics 2, Gang Identification 2
English (N) Sperethiel (N) Japanese 3

Positive: Bilingual, Starting Resources (10), Gearhead.
Negative Qualities: Insomniac (10)
Commlink or Cyberdeck


Born: July 14th, 2039

Only her foster parents know her as anything but the School's quirky bartender and everyone's little sister. Cheerful and coy behind the bar, usually dressed as a schoolgirl out of those old films from Before, deftly making drinks with a side of sass, Finn is a mainstay of the neighborhood. Any idiot mistaking her cheerful flirtation as an invitation will quickly find out the bouncers (and a fair few of the patrons) don't call her their little sister for no reason. Those unfortunate enough to mention any actual familiarity with technology are quickly overwhelmed with her bubbling, energetic babble about her very favorite pursuit. She will go on for hours, if allowed, excitedly detailing her latest plans and projects, and she will happily (and proudly) show off the drone affectionately called Drunkbot 6000 that she's rigged up at the bar to deliver the School's drinks. Robotics are clearly her passion, and even a passing knowledge is a guaranteed way to get her to give you the time of day when off the clock.

Only her foster parents know her to be the Inconvenient Secret of some corporate so-and-so; not even Finesse knows who her father is, though every birthday he sends her a very generous gift. Her SIN says she is called "Finch", but even she doubts that was her real name. She only knows that she was turned over to her foster parents for a very generous allowance, under conditions of absolute secrecy and an insistence that she be brought up a very properly Elven, which has only hardened her to it. Only her foster parents know her to be fluent in Sperethiel, she'd sooner be caught dead than admitting she speaks it. She takes his anonymous gifts gladly, and loves her foster parents very much, but fantasizes about meeting her birth father one day and punching him in his stupid face.

But not even her foster parents know her as the drag strip terror that she is when she isn't working the bar or elbows deep in drone guts. She disguises herself as a clueless tourist, her bike looking much less capable than it is, and races the boys on the strip for fun. She loves beating them all at their game and taking their money, the danger of the drag better than any drug, the rush of the win sweeter than the company of any pretty face. Some day they'll probably find out who she is and that will be the end of her racing fun; but until then, she'll happily drive down the narrowest roads and laugh herself sick when she hears them wreck behind her. She might even keep a straight face when they bring their car to her the next day for repairs, unaware that she knows exactly how their fender got cracked. Some day, city security will catch up and find her. Some day, she'll probably pay dearly for grifting stupid kids with pretty cars and no sense out of their nuyen.

Until then, she will make the drinks and build her bots and quietly, secretly, upgrade her bike.

Combat Gear


Armor clothing
Armor Jacket


  • Colt America L36

Lifestyle & Identity


  • Carried: Control Rig, Metalink commlink, cybereyes r1, imagelink
  • Stored: White noise generator, L4; micro tranceiver x2, handful of RFIDs, sensor tags x1, Horizon Flying Eye drone, MCT Rotodrone


  • x


  • Insert Name Here:
    • Licenses: -
    • Credit: 0

Family, Friends, Allies & Contacts

Elbio Quiñónez Guajardo
Monahan Wageslave (2/3)
Practically the iconic "local boy does good" story, Elbio works for Monahan Vehicles outfit, a subcontractor building military and police vehicles for Ares Arms. He grew up in the same neighborhood as you did, and you were childhood friends. You've maintained some connection since then, though you've never again been as close as the "telling each other all your secrets" time you had together as kids.
Drone Dealer (2/1)
A black marketer who deals almost exclusively in drones, Minnie makes a home among the gomi-nezumi of the Rat's Nest junkyard neighborhood. She maintains a cover as just another trash-rat, but her hidden lair is set up to handle the repair and even construction of drones aplenty. Her contacts ensure that she can usually get her hands on most standard drone systems, though military and high-sec models are often a bit of work.
Dr. Crispin Skybear
Street Doc (2/2)
A troll street doc originally from the Cascade Ork tribes, Crispin operates out of an old truck stop in the Verge that he and his assistants have converted into a quite functional surgery and clinic. The big troll has hired you to do repairs on some of his AutoDoc systems before, and regards you as something of a little sister (no matter how aggravating you may find this...).