Four Flaws of Invulnerability

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The Four Flaws of Invulnerability are derived from the deep wells of virtue that the Exalted draw upon for their greatness. When an Exalt purchases a Charm that is subject to the Four Flaws of Invulnerability, the Exalt must choose which Virtue that Charm is tied to; in order to activate that Charm, the Exalt must fulfill the requirement associated with that Flaw of Invulnerability.

If the Exalt does not fulfill that requirement, the Charm may still be invoked through the expenditure of a point of Willpower. If an Exalt is in a Limit Break of the Virtue type tied to one of his Perfect Defenses, he may use this Perfect Defense at any time, whether or not he is technically fulfilling the requirements below.

An Exalt may also purchase the ability to use other Virtues with a Perfect Defense by paying half the XP cost of the Charm. Thus, a Solar with Seven Shadow Evasion tied to Conviction may also purchase the Valor version by spending 5 XP (or 4 XP if Dodge is favored).

Solar Flaws

  • Compassion: In order to invoke a Compassion-tied Charm, the Exalt must be taking actions to defend or otherwise benefit the target of one of his positive Intimacies. Only when the things and people he loves are at stake can he summon such power.
  • Conviction: In order to invoke a Conviction-tied Charm, the Exalt must be taking actions in support of his Motivation. Only when his goals are in sight and he is working to achieve them can he summon such power.
  • Temperance: In order to invoke a Temperance-tied Charm, the Exalt must not be interacting with the target of an Intimacy (positive or negative), and must not be under the effects of an Emotion-keyword effect of any kind. Only when he is unstirred by emotion and his mind is collected and orderly can he summon such power.
  • Valor: In order to invoke a Valor-tied Charm, the Exalt must be fighting or otherwise opposing the most powerful or dangerous individual on the field. Only when he is demonstrating his bravery against the worthiest foe on the field can he summon such power.