Gangs of Waterdeep Target Gangs

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This page keeps track of the information the Twice-Born have managed to gather on their various targets. (See: Investigation of Gangs mechanics)

The Blackcoats

  • Territory: The Blackcoats claim the Old Temple neighborhood in the Castle Ward, bleeding over into the western Dock Ward a little.
  • Badges: True to their name, the Blackcoats all wear long black coats, and some of them wear black headwear of some kind as well.
  • Signs: The Blackcoats use coal to "chalk" a black smudge line above the door of a shop under their protection. • The Blackcoats use a charcoaled black fist on a back door to threaten the occupants of a building to leave them alone or to pay up.
  • Activities (Main): Their main jobs are protection rackets and muggings. They send a pair of thugs around businesses once a tenday to collect protection fees.
  • Activities (Sideline): -
  • Groupings: -
  • Enemies: The Fire Kings, the Six Hands
    • Six Hands: Their conflict with the Six Hands is because they're trying to spread into the docks further. They want to set up protection rackets for the docks - charging ship captains a "protection fee" to make sure nothing happens to the ships while they're tied up. The Six Hands oppose them.
  • Allies: -
  • Treaties: -
  • Hierarchy: -
  • Assets: -
  • Hangouts: -