Getting Out of Redmond

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Getting out of Redmond is a fairly simple task - for those who have SINs.


Checkpoints are manned by 4 Lone Star officers, plus a single Force 4 spirit under the command of a duty mage in a central location.

  • Note that they only stop and scan those who are leaving Redmond.
  • Those entering are glanced at by the officers on duty, and waved through.
  • SINs are scanned at the Touristville checkpoints, using a Scanner 2 (roll 4 dice, must exceed rating of SIN to detect as false, equal to rating flags as "strange").

Smuggling Out

Cairo can get someone to smuggle them out in relatively quick order, if they need it.

  • For 300¥, a Chinese delivery driver named Hsia will secret up to three of them among the goods she is transporting.
  • She'll charge another 100¥ per extra body she moves, to a maximum of six bodies.

Scaling the Wall

It is also possible to find spots where the wall can be scaled. The wall is an average of 15 meters in height. Climbing the wall is a Gymnastics + Strength test [Physical], with a -2 penalty due to the surface of the wall.

  • Studying any given area of the Wall shows that there is a drone patrol that buzzes both sides of it every five minutes or so.
    • Since the drones have long distance scanning, the minute on either side of this window means the drone has a chance of seeing those climbing.
    • An appropriate Street Knowledge test (3) reveals the whereabouts of some stretches with longer buzz-times, at +1 minute per net hit.


  • Assisted Climbing uses climbing gear (200¥), and gains a dice pool bonus of +2. Climbing up gains 1 meter of movement per hit (15 total hits), and climbing down is 20 meters + 1 meter per hit (1 hit is sufficient to get down).
  • Grapple Gun Climbing uses a grapple gun (500¥, 8R) with either Microwire (50¥ per 100m, 4) or Standard Rope (50¥ per 100m). This requires only a single hit to climb up or down.
  • Unassisted Climbing is free-hand. Climbing up gains 1 meter per 2 hits (30 total hits), and down is 1 meter per hit (15 total hits).