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"..." - Harask the Silent

Public Knowledge

A relatively new gladiator, not much is known of Harask

  • He is a massive, thick mul, with two sets of tattos: one that marks him as a laborer, and a newer set that mark him as a gladiator.
  • He also bears extensive scarring from a life of extreme hard work, cruel punishment by his masters and poor medical care.
  • He is called "the Silent" for one simple reason: he is a mute, incapable of speaking.
  • He fights with a pair of tortoise blades (massive tortoise shells used as shields, with short sword blades projecting forward over the wielder's fists).
  • His fighting style is so ferocious and energetic that his foes often find themselves filled with fear and unable to keep up with his energy in battle.

Skill-Based Knowledges


  • DC 10: Those who have watched him fight with some knowledge of such things say that Harask wields psychic power in his battles.
  • DC 15: His psychic abilities seems to instill in others emotions that are most useful for Harask: fear and exhaustion in his foes, courage and renewal in his allies. He is an ardent psychic, capable of wielding emotions as weapons and healing their allies. Where he got this training is mostly unknown.


  • DC 10: His old tattoos mark him as a former household slave for a notable family in Tyr.
  • DC 15: It is said that Harask led his fellow slaves on an uprising against his owners. They nearly made it to the city gates before they were found by templars and city guard. In the aftermath, his tongue was ripped from his mouth so that he could never again foment rebellion, and he was sentenced to die in the Arena.
  • DC 20: Part of what motivated Harask to rise up was the sudden eruption of his psychic power. He has never studied the Way formally, so he is a wilder.

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