Harper Lore

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At a certain point, all Harpers share in a body of knowledge offered by the Harpers to their agents. While it is certainly of benefit to the agents themselves, this lore is intended to help make Harper missions more successful.

Harper Magic

  • Harper Spells: Harpers who gain access to this may consider these spells to be part of their normal spell lists. Wizards may take a specialized Research downtime action that involves them getting access to these spells and adding them to their spellbooks for the normal time and gold piece cost, without having to make any checks to secure access.
  • Harper Schema: Harpers who gain access to Harper Lore are assumed to have access to the following schema for the purpose of crafting magic items.

Harper Refuges

In addition to knowing what Harper Refuges do, Harpers with access to this Lore also know the rough locations of Refuges in their local area of operation.