Harpers of Waterdeep

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Harper Organization Chart

Harpblades Harpshadows Harpsingers Harpsages
High Harpers (Rank 5)
High Harper The Shepherd (?)
Master Harpers (Rank 4)
Wise Owls Lord Vescaras Ammakyl (Spymaster) Lady Remallia Haventree (Cells Coordinator, Lore Keeper)
Other Agents
Senior Harpers (Rank 3)
Brightcandles Mira Zawad (Zhentarim Intelligence) Denabria Faez (Cell Handler)
Mentors Melila, Zavelinda
Other Agents Whorbi Worldthrone
Harpers (Rank 2)
Mentors Eldroth Karn
Other Agents Vaeser Osznar
Apprentice Harpers (Rank 1)

High Harpers (Rank 5)

  • The Shepherd: Obviously an operational pseudonym, the Shepherd seems to be at the top of the local Harper hierarchy in Waterdeep.

Master Harpers (Rank 4)

Wise Owls

Lord Vescaras Ammakyl
Wise Owl (Spymaster)
The Wise Owl who oversees the spies in and around Waterdeep, Vescaras is accorded the title of Spymaster of Waterdeep within the Harpers. He is very involved in caravan trades routes (thanks to his familial connections in House Ammakyl) and the doings of the nobility.
Lady Remallia Haventree
Wise Owl (Cells Coordinator & Archives Keeper)
Though she is a sun elf, Lady Remallia is also the defacto matriarch of House Ulbrinter. She is also an important figure among the local Harpers and indeed, throughout the North, acting as a liaison with the Lords' Alliance. In her role as Wise Owl, the Waterdhavian cells report to her. She also maintains the Harper arcane library and workshop in Waterdeep, so that the Harpwrights of the city also work for her in that capacity.

Senior Harpers (Rank 3)


Mira Zawad
Brightcandle (Zhentarim Intelligence)
One of the Spymaster's immediate aides, Mira is renowned among the Harpers for her inflitration of the Zhentarim years ago. Now she acts as the unofficial expert where the Zhents are concerned. She acts as the day-to-day contacts for many of Waterdeep's spies. She is an historian, and maintains a professional facade as a sage-for-hire.
Denabria Faez
Brightcandle (Dusken Glade Cell Handler)
Denabria is not what most folk think of when they think of the Harpers. Most of her career as one of Those Who Harp has been defined by taking on roles and duties that take advantage of that. She now owns the Dusken Glade Inn, which she uses as the base of operations for the Dusken Glade Cell, over which she is the Brightcandle.


A lythari elf and ranger, Melila has been a Harper for quite a number of years at this point, on the verge of being a Master Harper. She often wanders great distances, having traveled the whole of Faerûn at one time or another, though these decades she tends to remain all along western Faerûn from Calimshan to the North, including the island realms of the Sea of Swords. She has been sticking around Waterdeep and its environs a little lately, training up a pair of apprentices, although they have received their pins now, and it is clear her wanderlust is boiling up within her once more.
Denabria's ladylove is a far-wanderer and restless soul. They met while on mission together in Neverwinter ten years ago, and have been romantically involved every since. Zavelinda's missions still frequently require her to go far afield, and Denabria always waits for her to return. Zavelinda is a monk of some skill.

Solitary Agents

Whorbi Worldthrone
The dwarven noblewoman Whorbi Worldthrone is one of the first apprentices of one of the first dwarves to manifest magical talent in the aftermath of what their folk call the Thunder Blessing. It is her mistrust of those in positions of temporal power that led her to join the Harpers, and it is still her driving principle. She usually acts as magical back-up and helps Lady Remallia curate the Waterdhavian Harpers' lore library.

Harpers (Rank 2)


Eldroth Karn
Mentor (Renown 8)
A relatively young half-elven priest of Silvanus, Eldroth's years of ranging about the North are over. These days he helps to tend the shrine to Silvanus at the Shrines of Nature and to help teach younger Harpers the Code. Though he does not wield magic of any sort, Eldroth is a fine archer.

Solitary Agents

Vaeser Osznar
Spy (Renown 7)
One of the many spies employed by the Harpers.

Other Harpers (Rank Unknown)

Tam Zawad
A Calishite former priest of Selûne, Tam Zawad performed the service at Heinrich's funeral. He is a friend of Lady Remallia's, and clearly very respected by Denabria and Zavelinda. He has a kind, disarming manner to him.

The Fallen

Fendus Bern
Agent (Rank 2) • Deceased
A courier and Harpsinger, Fendus is an old hand at travel alone, and the dangers thereof. He is a swordsman of some note, and an even better harpist. Fendus was recently killed by members of the Old Church of Bane seeking the Tyrantstone he was bringing to Denabria, but he was avenged and his remains recovered by the Dusken Glade Cell.