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297 AL

First Month

  • Story One: The Bride & the Bandit: In which news of the wedding of Lord Gulian Swann to his second wife arrives, and preparations must be made and gifts acquired. The bridal party is waylaid by bandits in the Boneway, and House Graben rescues them.
  • Story Two: The Stonehelm Tourney: In which House Graben and their guests finally get underway after the rescue, and the tourney begins.
  • Story Three: The Stricken Bride: In which the wedding tourney continues, and the bride is revealed to be poisoned as the culmination of a decades-long revenge.

Second Month

  • Story Four: The Bladeraven: In which Ser Garth Hightower visits Marrowmont on his way to accompany the treacherous Maester called Bladeraven back to the Citadel.
  • Great Harvest: The Graben lands enjoy an incredible harvest.

Third Month

  • Story Five: Rivergard Feast: In which Blackwood nobles visit Marrowmont, and Ser Donnel Swann pays a visit to Rivergard to meet Tarah. He is revealed to be an unchivalrous boor, and Lord Alwyn makes some mistakes in judgment.
  • Invasion: Bandits begin raiding in Graben lands, seeking to steal some of the harvest bounty.

Fourth Month

  • None

Fifth Month

  • Interlude: The Greysteel Knight: In which Ser Garth Hightower fabricates an excuse to visit Minisa Graben once more, and discussions of marriage are held.

Sixth Month

  • House Graben is scheduled to visit Gryphmont during their Silver Festival.

Seventh Month

  • x

Eighth Month

  • Brice Willum and Amara Blackwood's wedding is planned in Threeswords.
  • House Graben takes an extended progression through the Reach, passing through Highgarden and Oldtown. Suggested Route (all travel assumes 10 hours per day):
    • Marrowmont to Threeswords (House Willum): 150 miles overland by trail (2 days by horseback, large group)
    • Threeswords to Grassy Vale (House Meadows): 75 miles overland by trail (1 day by horseback, large group)
    • Grassy Vale to Cider Hall (House Fossoway): 450 miles by the Blue Byrn & Mander Rivers (10 days by river barge)
    • Cider Hall to Highgarden (House Tyrell): 200 miles by Mander River (5 days by river barge)
    • Highgarden to Oldtown (House Hightower): 375 miles by road (6 days by horseback, large group)

Ninth Month

  • x

Tenth Month

  • x

Eleventh Month

  • x

Twelfth Month

  • Lady Beony Swann scheduled to give birth to her child.