House Errol

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House Errol
Status: Minor (Status 4)
Seat: Haystack Hall
Current Lord: Sebastion Errol
Current Lady: Shyra Errol
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: XXX
Liege: XXX
Cadet Branch: XXX
Vassals: XXX
Maester: XXX
Ancestral Weapon: XXX
Founder: XXX
Founded: XXX




Members of the House

  • Lord Sebastion Errol: Lord of the House. X (54 years)
  • Lady Shyra Errol: Lady of the House. X (49 years)
  • Maynard Errol: Heir and Grandson. X (2 years)
  • Ser Benfrey Errol: Lord's Younger Brother and Castellan. Maester for a minor Dornish House; Sebastion's younger brother. (45 years)
  • Lyra Errol: Lady's Maid and Ser Benfry's Wife. (42 years)
  • Ser Stevron Errol: Lord's Nephew and Household Knight. X (27 years)
  • Amarei Errol: Lord's Niece. Mischevious and far too clever for her own good, Amarei would have made a good knight if she'd been born a boy. Of course, the family tends to agree: it's probably her older brother's fault she's so unmanageable, as he used to take her on his adventures into the countryside with him when he was newly-knighted, and is even rumored to have taught her to fight with dirk and sword. (16 years)
  • Alyse Errol: Lord's Niece. The smiling lass of Haystack Hall is a blonde beauty, and loves song and dance. Far more girlish than her older sister, Alyse nonetheless adores her older sister, and the two are inseperable friends. (15 years)
  • Lady Melara Errol: Lord's Mother. X (81 years)
  • Septa Leonella: Septa and Lord's Cousin. X (48 years)

Retainers of the House