House Hasty

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House Hasty
Status: Minor (Status 4)
Seat: XXX
Current Lord: XXX
Current Lady: XXX
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: XXX
Liege: XXX
Cadet Branch: XXX
Vassals: XXX
Maester: XXX
Ancestral Weapon: XXX
Founder: XXX
Founded: XXX




Members of the House

  • Lord Perkin: Lord of the House. X (92 years years)
  • Deana Lonmouth: Lord's Daughter; Dowager Lady of House Lonmouth. X (77 years)
  • Ser Aerys Hasty: Heir of the House. X (62 years)
    • Olenna Hasty: Ser Aery's Wife. X (60 years)
    • Marissa Sloane: Ser Aerys' daughter. Married into House Sloane of the Reach (41 years)
    • Ser Edmure Hasty: Ser Aery's son. Recently returned from service on Dragonstone, seeking a wife. (34 years)
  • Ser Bonifer Hasty: Lord's Son. The lord's youngest brother. It is said that he had his heart broken by a Targaryen princess in his tourney days of youth, and since devoted himself to the Faith of the Seven. (54 years)

Retainers of the House