House Penrose

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House Penrose
Set Down Our Deeds
Status: Minor (Status 5)
Seat: Parchments
Current Lord: Lord Medger Penrose
Current Lady: None
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Ser Courtnay Penrose
Liege: Lord Renly Baratheon
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Maester: Torvyn
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: XXX
Founded: Rhoynar Invasion




Members of the House

Ser Courtnay Penrose
  • Lord Medger Penrose: Lord of the House. X (51 years)
  • Ser Courtnay Penrose: Heir of the House, Castellan of Storm's End. Shaven-headed, with a spade-shaped red beard, Ser Courtnay is the Castellan of Storm's End and one of Lord Renly's most trusted retainers. He is a proud and stubborn man, although honorable and skilled at arms. He is also very well-read and prefers his ledgers to the tourney field, earning him the unflattering nickname of "Ser Ink-for-Blood" by his peers in Renly's court. (33 years)
  • Lady Rylene Penrose: Lord's Mother, Dowager Lady of the House. X (80 years)
  • Alannys Cafferen: Lord's Sister and Lady of House Cafferen. Married into House Cafferen (52 years)

Retainers of the House