House Seraen

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House Seraen NPC
Soaring On The Wind
Status: Minor (Status 4)
Seat: Hawk's Tower
Current Lord: Victarion Seraen
Current Lady: Eujenia Seraen
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Merrett Seraen
Liege: Lord Gulian Swann
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: XXX
Maester: None
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Ser Marvis Seraen
Founded: Rhoynar Invasion
House Traits
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Proud and regal are the Hawks of Hawk's Tower. Founded around the time of the Rhoynar Invasion, House Seraen was founded by a knight of the Stormlands and his wife, a falconer without peer. Within a few generations, their House was well-known for its fine hawks and falcons, a reputation that has never left it.

Today, the Seraen are ever-growing in esteem and wealth. They are widely regarded as intelligent and well-bred, their sons often becoming knights who strive to embody the ideal of knighthood, their daughters graceful noble ladies with wits that equal their beauty.


  • House Fortunes: X

Hawkwater Falls

X (Lands: Mountains; River, Pond; 17 pts)

  • Hawk's Tower: X (Defense: 10 pts)

Three Bells

X (Lands: Plains; Hamlet; 5 pts)

  • Three Bells Keep: X (Defense: 20 pts)

Members of the House

  • Lord Victarion Seraen: Though only forty years of age, Lord Victarion is a sickly man. Of poor health since his early years, the Hawk Lord often suffers from a terrible cough and wheeze, and occasionally collapses, wheezing heavily, struggling for breath. Though possessed of the strong jaw and crooked nose that so many of the Seraens have, he isn't particularly handsome. Lord Victarion also tends toward silence, for the most part - when he isn't muttering to himself. (40 years)
  • Lady Eujenia Seraen: Originally of House Wachstrom, Eujenia is a beauty, with fine curves and a heart-shaped face. Though known as something of a miser, Lady Eujenia is well-loved by her people for her honesty and sense of justice. Mostly blind from an illness contracted shortly after the birth of her first child, Eujenia hates leaving the comforts of her home. She cares for her children the best she can, though considers them a joy - after the illness, she was afraid she'd never have children again. (29 years)
    • Dacey: The oldest daughter of Lord and Lady Seraen, Dacey is dark-haired and pale-eyed. Like her mother, Dacey contracted a pox shortly after her birth that left her blind. Unlike her mother, she has never known sight, and so seems to get along well with her lack of sight. Though staid, Dacey often needs to be the center of attention, and truly adores her mother. (11 years)
    • Merrett: A small fair-skinned boy yet, Merrett is the heir of House Seraen. Despite his young age, he seems truly aware of his family's power, and seems to enjoy providing kindnesses to those he can. His charm and good looks seem to make him a natural inheritor to the Seraen legacy. (5 years)
    • Tanton: Tanton is a slim boy with sandy blonde hair. His older brother's shadow, Tanton doesn't have quite the cleverness of his younger brother - indeed, he hasn't actually begun speaking yet, despite best efforts. He is a boy with a hefty appetite, though. (4 years)
    • Gareth: Still a babe in arms, Gareth was born only a few short months ago. He and Eujenia are practically inseparable. (0 years)
  • Obara Manning: Married off to House Manning in the Crownlands some fifteen years ago, Obara Manning has never returned to the Marchwater Vale since her marriage. (35 years)
  • Ser Merlon: The Castellan of Hawk Tower is Lord Victarion's younger brother. Somewhat portly, with sandy-blonde hair, Ser Merlon is a quiet, haunted man. It is said that he enjoys fire too much for any man, and has been known to prescribe branding punishments to lawbreakers on his lands, despite his brother's objections. In spite of this, he is deeply devoted to his House in general and his brother in specific. (31 years)
  • Mya: Lushly rounded with lustrous brown hair, Mya was a daughter of House Gower. After a scandal involving a minstrel lover shortly after her marriage to Ser Merlon, she has been ill-regarded by the citizens of Hawkwater Falls. Though she tries to marshal the authority needed to take charge, her servants and smallfolk tend to do as little as they can to obey her. (24 years)
    • Rhaenyra: Whispered to be the love-child of Mya and the minstrel Ser Merlon condemed to be burnt alive for his cuckolding, Rhaenyra disturbs most of those around her. Too quiet and intense, Rhaenyra's eyes are different colored - one stormy blue and one seawater green, both flecked with gold. Though a naturally nervous and somewhat fearful child, Rhaenyra also clearly does not like other children - especially her siblings. (8 years)
    • Lyessa: Sweet demeanored and pretty, Lyessa's main flaw is her constant sniffles. She quickly wins the affection of those she meets, though, even if her older sister clearly can't stand her. (3 years)
    • Merianne: A wee girl, Merianne is still an infant, and usually in her mother's care. (1 year)
  • Ser Dorun Seraen, the Hawk Knight: A cousin of the main branch of House Seraen, Ser Dorun has been in House Swann's court since he was a squire. He is known as the "Hawk Knight" to his fellows for his arms, which feature a hawk in flight over a tower, rather than his House's traditional arms. He is also an expert hawker, and usually travels with a fine Gyrfalcon that clings to his arm or to the perch he's had build into the front of his saddle. (29 years)

Retainers of the House

  • Ser Edmun Mews: A knight in service to House Seraen
  • Ser Alberth Storm: A knight in service to House Seraen


  • Ascent: X
  • Conquest: X