House Staedmon

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House Staedmon
Status: XXX
Seat: XXX
Current Lord: Lord Alesander
Current Lady: Lady Shyra
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Ser Pearse
Liege: XXX
Cadet Branch: XXX
Vassals: XXX
Maester: None
Ancestral Weapon: XXX
Founder: XXX
Founded: XXX




Members of the House

  • Lord Alesander Staedmon: Lord of the House. Called "Pennylover" for his extreme frugality. (68 years)
  • Lady Shyra Staedmon: Lady of the House. X (67 years)
  • Sallei XXX: Oldest Daughter. X (50 years)
  • Ser Pearse Staedmon: Heir of the House. X (47 years)
    • Ser Burton Staedmon: Master-at-Arms, Lord Alesander's Grandson. X (29 years)
      • Corenna Staedmon: Lord Alesander's Great-Granddaughter. The youngest of the Staedmons and great-granddaughter to Lord Staedmon, Corenna is a sprightly girl, fond of running through the House's gardens and riding, despite the odd brace she must wear on one of her legs due to a deformation of the limb at birth. At present, House Staedmon is simply seeking a betrothal until she flowers. (10 years)
  • Maester Ormund: Maester of House XXX, Lord Alesander's Older Brother. X (71 years)

Retainers of the House