House Wagstaff

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House Wagstaff
Status: Minor (Status 4)
Seat: Wagstaff
Current Lord: Lord Lorimas Wagstaff
Current Lady: Lady Sybelle Wagstaff
Realm: Stormlands
Heir: Harlan Wagstaff
Liege: Lord Renly Baratheon
Cadet Branch: None
Vassals: None
Maester: Ythan
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Unknown
Founded: Age of Heroes

Arguably the oldest of the Shipbreaker Bay Houses, House Wagstaff has been a House in decline for as long as anyone can remember. Its lands are practically wilderness, with what few smallfolk they have clustered around their seat. Nonetheless, they are rather well known for their history of stunning military victories.



Members of the House

  • Lady Sybelle Wagstaff: Lady of the House. The daughter of a Wagstaff household knight and widow of Lord Corynn, who died in a joust five years ago. (31 years)
  • Lord Lorimas Wagstaff: Lord of the House. A boy who has been a lord for five years, young Lorimas is just growing into adolescence. He has a head of short blonde hair, and shows the promise of strength in adulthood. (11 years)
  • Harlan Wagstaff: Heir of the House, Lord's Brother. X (10 years)
  • Tanda Wagstaff: Lord's Sister. X (8 years)
  • Urrigon Wagstaff: Lord's Brother. X (6 years)
  • Ser Humphrey Wagstaff: Lord's Uncle, Castellan of House Grandison. Castellan in service to House Grandison (65 years)

Retainers of the House