Ilbarych House Holdings

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Lifestyle Wealth Holdings

  • Court
  • Crypts
  • Festivals
  • Gardens
  • Greenhouse
  • Library
  • Observatory
  • Solar
  • Standard of Living
  • Townhouse
  • Trophy Room (called an Arcadae in the Crowndom)

Estate Wealth Holdings

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Apiary
  • Charcoal
  • Dog Kennels
  • Fishery
  • Food Agriculture
  • Fur Trade
  • Herb Fields
  • Horse Husbandry
  • Mine
  • Quarry
  • Salt Works
  • Textile Agriculture
  • Timber

Personage Wealth Holdings

  • Artisan Craftsman
  • Assassins
  • Bailiffs
  • Barrister
  • Criminal Syndicate
  • Engineer
  • Master Artist
  • Master of Arms
  • Master of the Hunt
  • Magistrate
  • Priest
  • Saboteurs
  • Scholar
  • Secret Police
  • Spy Network
  • Steward
  • Street Gangs
  • Tournament Master

Herald (Personage)

Time: 6+1d6 months • Requirement: Influence 31+ • Investment: 10 Wealth
A royal Herald has been assigned to the home House. This personage is technically in service to the Crown first and foremost, and their loyalties will always lie at least to some degree there first. But the influence that those who provide for a Herald's well-being can gain with such an individual cannot be overstated.

Royal Heralds can refer to and amend the Heraldic Canon, access the Crowndom's genealogical and territorial records, are guaranteed safety through any Crown lands by royal decree, and are empowered to act as witnesses on behalf of the Crown. Heralds stationed away from Crownhold deliver messages once a month to their fellow Heralds, and thus to the Crown. Less formally, they also ensure that the House's deeds and legal grievances are reported far and wide.

Influence Loss Mitigation: Influence +1. When a House Fortunes roll would decrease a House's Influence, reduce the amount lost by 1, to a minimum of 0.

New Rule: When a point of Glory is traded in for Influence, gain a second point. This additional point can only be gained once per month, no matter how much Glory is traded in during that month.

Settlement Wealth Holdings

  • Abbey
  • Black Market
  • Brothels
  • Gambling Dens
  • Gaol
  • Healing Site
  • Marketplace
  • Military Academy
  • Minstrel's Seat
  • Port
  • Salvage Operation
  • Sewer
  • Temple
  • Tolls
  • Tournament Field
  • Trading Inn