Lannik Insurgency

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Lannik, Mid-Rim
Contact Network: Scope: 2 • Expertise: 3
The Lannik Insurgency grew up from the remains of a decades-old terrorist group known as Red Iaro. Originally an anti-monarchist group, Red Iaro largely settled into dealing with larger issues during the Separatist Crisis and Clone Wars. With the rise of the Empire, however, many of the old anti-authoritarian tendencies among modern Lannik culture bubbled to the surface, and the nascent Imperial presence on Lannik was actually wiped out by a series of terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of the Imperial governor and certain Intelligence assets.

The Imperial response was predictably draconian, and one of the first public missions of Darth Vader was to round up the membership of Red Iaro and publicly execute them. Once the Lord of the Sith departed, he left in his wake an Imperial presence with orders to keep the peace. By and large, the execution of Red Iaro and the subsequent Imperial peacekeeping measures have churned Lannik sensitibilities, and when Padmé Amidala came to Lannik to help them form an insurgency group, she found unheard of support from the Lannik people.

Laitparr Rebris
Insurgency Sub-Commander
The son of one of the Red Iaro executed by Darth Vader, Laitparr was among the first to make contact with Fulcrum. Since then, his charisma and cunning have kept the insurgency not just in existence, but actively growing. Most recently, Laitparr's base was discovered by Imperial forces, who dispatched a Gladiator-class Star Destroyer to destroy it, but the Bothan spynet alerted the nearby fleet of Rebel Admiral Voon Massa, who quickly gathered Alliance operatives to rescue the cell from orbital bombardment. For now, Laitparr operates out of Alliance Bothan safehouses, but he is already planning to return his cell to Lannik for a strike back.