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Lucas Alexander Beloi
DoB: 11/24/1946
Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 4;
Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3;
Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3
Mental: Academics 2 (research), Investigation 2, Occult 5 (super powers)

Physical: Athletics 5 (bow), Brawl 1, Stealth 1 (snek), Survival 1
Social: Animal Ken 1, Empathy 1, Expression 1 (dance), Intimidation 2 (glare), Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1

Iron Stamina 1, Resources 1, Hobbyist Clique (occult) 2, Apportation 5, Sojourner, Quickdraw (bow), Combat Archery 2, Area of Expertise (Archery), Area of Expertise (Powers), Familiar 4, Professional Training 3, Contacts: Entertainers & Educators, Les Mysteres Status 1 (Path of Fellowship), Allies: ??? 2
Health: 8, Willpower: 7, Size: 5, Speed: 10, Defense: 7 (Armor: 0 or 1/3), Initiative: 5
Rating: 4
Current Conditions
Marginalized (Persistent)
Where you live, there is an often open bias against someone of a social group to which you belong. It might be gender-based, ethnicity-based, orientation-based, based on physical appearance or capability, or any number of other such criteria. When encountering individuals who have a prejudice against your marginalized identity, gain a penalty of -1 to -3 (depending on their degree of bigotry) to all Social checks with them, and add +2 Doors and worsen Impressions by one step for Social Maneuvering.
Possible Sources: Living in an area with active cultural prejudices
Resolution: Leaving that area
Beats: Any time you make a Social check at the above penalties.

Bonded with specific animal; +2 to influence it. It adds your Animal Ken to resist coercion or fear.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Animal Ken; powers.
Resolution: The bonded animal dies or is otherwise parted from the character.


Age: 31
My name is Lucas. Me and my twin sister Laura were born and raised just outside Raleigh, NC. I was outed at age 17 when I was arrested by "homosexual proclivities" by an undercover police officer (after having performed said proclivities on the officer). The local police made the incident very public and my life became a living hell. I lost all of my friends and my father, who happened to be the police chief at the time, never spoke to me again and my mother filled her life with religion and wine. In an instant I had gone from being a local sports and Olympic-track archery super star to the abhorrent pariah. In 1964, as soon as I turned 18, I dropped out of school and moved to Portland. I still don't speak with my Dad and very little with my Mom, but my sister, with her successful job and magazine-perfect husband and kids has never ceased to tackle every opportunity to lecture me about my go-nowhere life. I adore her, though. She has never cared that I'm gay; just that I'm a loser. One positive thing that came out of the whole incident is that it marked me ineligible for the army draft in '69. Yay me.

Once I landed in Portland it was short order before I met Conrad and he hired me on to help him manage his comic shop, Excelsior Comics. Then he moved into a larger apartment and I moved into his one bedroom space on the 5th floor of Maple Shade, which happened to be in the same building as his shop. Then he stopped going to work, and I ended up managing the shop by myself. He's got a girlfriend I've never met and he spends most of his time with her traveling. I only see him for a day about once every two months. I live with my best buddy Krypto. She's a white German shepherd that I rescued as a pup.

Outside of work I hit the gym regularly, the whole body is my temple thing and all. I'm in a book club and I'm on a darts team at a nearby bar - we won state last year. I play D&D with a group of friends that I'd met at a club one night, having overheard them talking about kobolds and wyverns, haplessly luring me in like a fish on a hook to their table. I'm a member of an esoteric group, the Daughters of Portlandia. It's an all women group, but they made an exception for me. Although I'll admit, I'm mainly there for that special kinda hit of spirituality and the post-ritual potluck and socialization. I am serious about my meditation time, though. And I make a mean green bean casserole that they all love (secret: I put bourbon in it). Otherwise I tend to stay in a lot, watching tv with Krypto or reading books and comics.

Lucas became very involved with salsa dancing and, while unemployed and no longer constantly fighting monsters, was inspired to do it professionally.  
He leased a space and started Rhythm Dance Academy.  He teaches salsa dancing classes a few times a week and there are other instructors who use the space to teach various styles of dance.  They also host dance events.  
There is also a classroom that a local AA group and an alien abduction support group use for meetings.
He hired Haywood as the building manager.
Lucas has also been helping out Matthew's staff when needed while he's been out of country.   He doesn't hit the gym anymore, having bought a weight bench that's in his office at the studio and with the exercise from dancing.
Lucas has put aside the bath houses and causal hookups in favor of a more committed relationship as he and Oscar have started dating.  They have date nights in; usually at Lucas' home.  Oscar comes over, makes them dinner and they spend the evening watching tv on the couch, reading comics and talking and/or in bed.  Oscar is also a regular on salsa dance nights.
Lucas has become more involved with the SCA, much to the delight of his gaming friends, but not due to their years of peer pressure - but because Oscar surprisingly loves it.  One part camping trip, one part dress-up and it's one of the few public places that he seems comfortable being more open about his sexuality - out in the woods with open minded folks who don't know him. Lucas, while a vocal proponent of bursting out of the closet, also understands cops - better than most, and so he accepts Oscar's choice to remain closeted.  He doesn't like it and sometimes there is friction when they're seen together in public and he's suddenly forced into the role of "just a buddy", but he understands it.
Lucas still plays D&D with his gaming buddies every other Saturday.  Danny retired as DM and now Laurie runs the game.
Lucas still has very minimal contact with his biological family.  
Lucas and the Daughters of Portlandia have become more intertwined and he's become involved in a "deeper level" of the group.  Several of the Daughters have SEEN real magic now, some it turns out had already beforehand.  Together they learn and plunge deeper into the mysteries of the worlds to expand their understanding and their abilities.  
They celebrate lunar and holiday rituals together, get together bi-weekly for essentially esoteric book-club nights and will often meet up in smaller groups for coffee, tea or to grab a bite while discussing things.
Evangeline continues with her keen interest in his ability.  She made him carry around and familiarize himself with a number of objects that she then took away.  Sometimes she will meet with him or on occasion call him and have him try and apportate an item she has stashed away somewhere.  She was particularly pushy one evening, and it was an Oscar date night - Lucas, stepping away for a bathroom break, managed to sojourn into her living room with her to tell her to stop it - the look on her face was worth the mental exhaustion afterwards.  He fell asleep on Oscar while watching Charlie's Angels.  
Evangeline seemed content with his progress the next time she saw him and has backed off in her assertiveness. 
  Lucas also quit smoking.  Oscar hated it.
Lucas is now addicted to chewing on licorice sticks.
Oscar is oblivious to the secret world of monsters and magic and more monsters.  Lucas is desperate to keep him that way.  Keep him sane, safe and blessedly ignorant.  Oscar knows he's a spiritual and esoteric practitioner and considers it a cute and quirky eccentricity - and Lucas is content for that to be that.
Natalie has essentially become Lucas' invisible roommate.  As he is the only person who can see, hear or touch her outside of the Dark Room - as well as her anchor to the physical world, she's usually not too far for long. 
  Lucas brought her belongings that they had put into storage into the Dark Room and set up some comforts for her there, so she would have some space of her own.  And he brings her books, magazines and other things that she likes and urges the others to do the same.  This is where she tends to spend her time when Lucas has company or is occupied with other activities that she's not interested in, though sometimes she likes to go out for a stroll or creepily follow Harry around like an invisible stalker.  She enjoys attending the dance lessons, Lucas just has to make a point to remember that she's not actually there among the rest of the class.  There were some awkward slips in the early days.
She hates being ignored, even though she understands it - she hates it.  But it never seems to stop her from trying to have conversations with Lucas when he's at the grocery store, which she always insists on going with him to.
They watch tv together when Oscar isn't there and she's taken an interest in trying to teach Lucas how to cook - and then avidly watching him eat it - which is weird.  She says that through their connection she can *almost* taste it.


  • Virtue: Gallant
    • Be courteous, be valiant, consider others before oneself and stand up for what is right, especially when it's not easy or when action comes at a cost.
    • It's not always about me.
  • Vice: Churlish
    • Rude, boorish, unmannerly, rude, insensitive, surly.
    • Fuck off (or ending a conversation by teleporting them away)
  • Aspirations:
    • Undergoing the rite of initiation for Les Mysteres (short term)
    • Have a party in the Dark Room (short term)
    • Get everyone on board with the Dark Room HQ idea (longer term)
    • Keep his "normal" folks ignorant of the Secret World (persistent)

  • Breaking Points:
    • Losing control of his powers & causing serious harm (to people).
    • Failing to keep the Secret World separate from his Normal Life.
      • Keeping Oscar "safe" from it all.
    • Rejection and/or abandonment.
    • Being (or feeling like he is) trapped in a space/situation with no way out.
      • Police apprehension/custody
    • Being perceived as a monster/villain.


  • Worn Possessions: cigarette case of licorice sticks, keys (30% chance he lost them), wallet, pocket knife, wrist watch, ankh necklace, hagstone necklace
  • Carried Possessions:satchel, candy/snacks, a book, domino mask and hooded cloak
  • Weapons: Long bow (dmg +3, rng med, capacity low, init -4, str 3, size 4) with
  • Ammo: standard, practice (blunted), salt-tipped, silvered and rowan arrows
  • Armor: kevlar vest
  • Home Possessions: too many comics & books, clothes, home & life stuff, more dog stuff than human stuff, color tv, a really nice entertainment table (an all-in-one speakers, radio, record, cassette & 8 track players), dumbbells, lots & lots of salt, crystal orb in bedroom, fletching kit
  • Other Notes:


  • Marginalized: Openly gay. Wanna fight about it?
  • Bonded: Krypto

Friends and Family

  • Pet
    • Krypto is a white German shepherd. Also a she.
  • Family
    • Alex Beloi (Dad) is a retired Raleigh police chief - we haven't spoken in 12 years
    • Annette Beloi (Mom) is a home maker turned avid political volunteer - mostly just Christmas and birthday cards. I call her on Mother's day, but we don't communicate much beyond that.
    • Laura Conowall (sister) is an architect, married her coworker Wes Conowall and they have two kids, Bruce and Christopher that I'm constantly reminded that I have yet to meet.
  • Rhythm Dance Academy
    • Haywood building manager that works part time at the studio and part time as the Maple Shade head of security
  • D&D Group
    • Danny Bowman is our former Dungeon Master. He does something with technology for a living.
    • Chris & Laurie Caraballo Laurie is our Dungeon Master now and her husband, Chris a fellow player. I used to think they were kind of mundane, until I saw more of them at SCA events - LOTS more of them as they seem to be the center of the local SCA orgy circuit.
    • Tracy, Reuben are players in our D&D game. They're friends and work together away from the game table as well. Sometimes I get out and play soccer with them. I...STILL don't actually know either of their last names and now it seems weird to ask. Tracy occasionally brings along rotating girlfriends without asking to play - they're never around for long and they are all terrible human beings.
  • Daughters of Portlandia
    • ?
  • Friends
    • Craig Forrester (neighbor) is another resident in Maple Shade. He works in construction and is a widower, having lost his wife and brother in the same accident. He has two daughters, Cassidy and Emily, who adore Krypto. We only knew each other casually from the apartment and gym until one day he suddenly showed up at my door, stating that he had a sitter and wanted me to join him for some drinks. After a moment of embarrassing confusion over whether or not he was asking me out on a date (he was not), we had a great evening hanging at a local sports bar and have been good friends ever since. I think he's lonely and he's said that I remind him a great deal of his brother.
    • Natalie Garner (familiar/roommate). Natalie is a ghost of a dear friend that was murdered by a demon in Maple Shade. She's a total sweetheart. We originally met through the book club when I joined. Since then she's joined our darts team and when either of us is down in the dumps, we get together to snuggle, watch sappy movies and eat ice cream. Now she's my familiar, our bond allowing her to have reclaimed much of her former self in life. She has a space of her own in the "Dark Room", but spends a lot of her time in my apartment.
    • Haywood (neighbor) is a war vet and friend of Rose's father who fell on hard times who I let stay on my couch until he got back on his feet. Eventually I hired him on as part-time building manager for the dance studio and then he got a job (and the apartment that comes with it) as Maple Shade's new head of security.

Personality & Lifestyle

Apartment B18
  • Job:
    • Rhythm Dance Academy (owner)
  • Home:
    • He lives with his dog in a one bedroom apartment on the 5th floor of Maple Shade.
    • Not too neat, not too messy. Just lived in.
  • Habits & Personality Quirks:
    • Tends to stand still and stare off into nowhere for long periods of time when not engaged with stimuli
    • Chews on licorice sticks
    • Favorite response to inquiries: silent shrug accompanied by dumb grin
    • When he doesn't have a licorice stick in his mouth, he usually has food or candy of some variety, which he always seems to have handy.
    • He locks himself out of his apartment at least once a month. He loses his keys more often than that - his door is often unlocked as a result.
    • Almost always has a book in his bag.
    • Meditates daily - these 30 minutes are very important to him.
    • Exercises regularly; regular dancing, has a weight bench in his office that he uses regularly, rides a bicycle that he calls his "skinny hog", takes Krypto on a daily jog, sometimes he plays soccer with Tracy & Reuben
  • Sexuality & Romance:
    • Lucas has given up the casual hookup routine and is in a committed relationship with Oscar McMillan.
    • Lucas seeks to keep Oscar free of the burden of knowledge of the secret world.
    • Lucas and Oscar have date nights, often Oscar cooks dinner and they spend the evening cuddling and watching tv or discussing comics
    • Lucas has become involved with the SCA, less because he caved to peer pressure from his friends, but because it has proven to be an excursion Oscar is fond of as he feels more freedom to be himself in the woods surrounded by more open minded folk
    • Since moving to Portland, Lucas has been very open about his sexuality, seeing it as a means to weed out and discard any who have problems with it asap so that his life is filled with more quality folk.
    • He tends towards aggression when faced with homophobia and has been in a few fights when staring his opposition down doesn't get them to back off.
  • Style:
    • Hygine: He likes to be clean, he doesn't use cologne anymore because Oscar prefers him to smell like him, maintains a medium length beard and short, thinning and somewhat unkempt hair.
    • Clothing: Prefers simplicity over style: button ups, tee shirts, shorts & jeans. He keeps his clothes in good condition and donates them when they start showing wear. He's taken to wearing loose flowing pants when teaching and has a couple of very nice outfits for formal dancing that Natalie picked out for him.
    • Jewelry: Just a wrist watch and Ankh holy symbol representing his Egyptian esoteric faith. Sometimes he wears a gold chain necklace his sister got him.
    • Tattoos: Empty comic speech bubble on right wrist and Sagittarius tattoo on left forearm. He has the Dark Room sigil mark on the back of his neck.
  • Food:
    • Oscar makes large dinner portions when he is over, leaving Lucas with leftovers to feed himself with. Natalie has also been teaching him to cook so that she can "experience" good food through their bond. While she's not Betty Crocker, her skill in the kitchen is lightyears ahead of his. And she's been reading a lot of cook books and magazines to expand her repertoire.
    • Left to his own devices, he generally just eats fruit, tv-dinners, canned food & box pasta.
    • Hates beer and wine. Likes bourbon, gin and rum. Claims vodka and tequila make him violent.
  • Entertainment:
    • Reads: mystery, suspense, esoteric, spiritual, sci-fi, fantasy, comic books. His favorites are pulp detective novels. His heroes are Dame Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
    • TV: Charlie's Angels, Bionic Woman, Laverne & Shirley, Muppet Show, Welcome Back, Kotter, Land of the Lost, Ark II, Scooby Doo
    • Music: ABBA, Dianna Ross, Bee Gees, Earth Wind & Fire, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer
    • Other: Pinball, soccer and Lucas is a master of darts!