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Pete "Wookie" Johnson
DoB: 11/24/1988
Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2;
Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2;
Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3
Mental: Crafts 2, Investigation (Conspiracy Theories) 3, Occult 1

Physical: Athletics 1, Larceny 1, Stealth (Lurking) 3, Survival 1, Weaponry (Swords) 3
Social: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 1, Expression 1, Subterfuge 2

K9-Style 3, Defensive Combat (Weaponry) 1, Fighting Finesse 2, Investigative Aide 1
Health: 7, Willpower: 5, Size: 5, Speed: 11, Defense: x (x w/ weapon) (Armor: x), Initiative: 7
Rating: 7
Current Conditions
Bonded (Rowan), Embarrassing Secret, PTSD


Age: 27
Wookie is a sci-fi fandom nut and obsessive alien conspiracy theorist. He prefers to avoids talking about his life prior to moving to Oregon and tends to be dodgy or becomes scarce when the subject is dredged up.

The tale he once spun is that he was named Pete Johnson by one of the Catholic nuns that had found him, he's gone by the nickname "Wookie" for most of his life. He grew up in an orphanage run by a woman who had lost her son, only to discover later on, claiming that she was aided by spirits, that he had been trapped in a secret basement and died. Wookie was adopted by a successful filmmaker and writer, though they spent more time with their careers and fighting, leaving their maid Maria to take care of him. Wookie later sued them for divorce based on irreconcilable differences and Maria was awarded custody. His former parents both perished in a fire soon after.
When he was 18, Maria, who had become a successful lawyer, passed away in her Crystal Cove home after her battle with cancer. Wookie enrolled in Ohio's Kent State University police academy, where he began training for the K9 Unit. Pete became involved with one of the university professors and was expelled following an incident involving a podium during a speech.
Wookie later landed a soul-killing job at a software company. When he and his friends learned the company was about to be downsized, they hatched a revenge plot against the company inspired by "Superman III", but the company building burnt down instead.
Wookie threw in the towel on his old life in Ohio and moved west to Oregon, where he got a job at the festival working as security, though he has aspirations of becoming one of the knights.

Wookie's real name is Ted Matthews.

He used to manage a gaming hobby shop in Detroit. He had been in a relationship and later moved in with a man named Oz, who was part of a sort of supernatural study group. Things with that crew had gotten...complicated; their group became involved indirectly with a number of murder investigations and violent cultists. And later on they'd angered some even more violent gangs. In the end it turned out that it had been Oz committing many of the murders. Authorities had found detailed scenes recreated in miniature in the backroom of his pawn shop. Dozens of them. Several of his friends were implemented and arrested, but he had managed to avoided arrest. Witnesses and old friends began to vanish, leaving miniature scenes of violence behind that led the police to finding their remains. Then one night, his friends that had been arrested each vanished from their prison cells without a trace. Wookie, Oz and the others had been living with a family friend of Oz's mother, Eloise Danford. Oz showed up one night, bringing home takeout, as if nothing in the world was wrong. Wookie and Eloise conspired to distract Oz long enough for one of them to contact the police. He was arrested, and as the police were taking him away, he told Wookie and Eloise, that he had loved them most in this world and that he was only trying to protect them from the monsters.
Wookie's life became a blur of police, psychologists, courtrooms and media. There was no escape from the media as Oz had become a celebrity. He was convicted and sentenced to death by electric chair. Wookie did not attend. But he quickly heard of the outcome.

Oz had been executed by electric chair. Then he proceeded to kill his guards and all the police and witnesses present, leaving a bloody trail through the prison on his way to the exit. Then his trail vanished.
The next day, Eloise used her wealth to make herself and Wookie disappear.



  • Virtue: Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.
    When things get rough, you must either move past or work through them.
  • Vice: Escapism
    Sometimes the real world is just too much, so you find other worlds, better worlds, to lose yourself in.
  • Aspirations:
    • Become a knight in the festival
    • Buy a camper
    • x
    • x
    • x
  • Integrity: 7
  • Breaking Points:
    • Police arrest/interrogation
    • Inability to avoid witness of an aggressive or violent derangement
    • Being intentionally followed/stalked
    • Personally failing "the team"
    • Romantic entanglements


  • Possessions: Words go here.
  • Weapons: Model 1860 light cavalry sabre w/ silvered edge: Damage 2, Initiative -2, Strength 2, Size 2
  • Other Notes: X


  • Bonded: My doggo Rowan is my best buddy when she's not stealing my dinner.
  • Embarrassing Secret: No! Nothing to see here! GTFO!
  • PTSD: It's not really over. He's still out there.

Merit Details

  • K9-Style: Rowan has been trained in the K9 police dog fighting style that Ludo had learned during his time at the academy.
  • Defensive Combat (Weaponry): Not the face!
  • Fighting Finesse: Speed, finesse and style with a blade is far more effective than just hurling yourself at the target and hoping your weapon hits them instead of yourself.
  • Investigative Aide: I spent a lot of time helping my ex and group research projects. I got pretty good at it.

Friends and Family

Mrs. Smith
Faerie Godmother
We share a history that has made us family. She's likely the only reason I'm alive today.
My Little Buddy
Rowan is a police trained doggie that I inherited from my ex, who failed to ever notice that she was a she.


A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Money: I get paid just enough to get by.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Shorts/jeans and tees when off duty, a 3rd hand tunic that is far too small and a security tabbard when working.
  • Communication: Mrs. Smith said I can't have a smartphone anymore. I have a crappy flip-burner phone and my festival provided walky-talky.
  • Food: MSG drenched turkey legs comprises far too much of my diet these days.
  • Housing: I live in a yurt with three other festival employees.
  • Days: Work work.
  • Evenings: Gaming and 420.