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Species: Dorrin • Class: Occultist
Motivation: Academic (I am on the surface to teach, and to learn) • Alignment: 76 (Light-aligned) • Conflict: 4
Emotional Strength: Bravery • Emotional Weakness: Greed
Renown: 1 • Crowns: 155cr
Brawn 1 Agility 2 Intellect 2
Cunning 2 Willpower 4 Presence 2
General Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Athletics (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Charm (Prs) -
Coercion (Will) - Spacer2.jpg Cool (Prs) 1*
Coordination (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Deception (Cun) -
Discipline (Will) 1* Spacer2.jpg Leadership (Prs) -
Medicine (Int) 1 Spacer2.jpg Negotiation (Prs) -
Perception (Cun) 2* Spacer2.jpg Resilience (Brn) -
Ride (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Skullduggery (Cun) -
Stealth (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Streetwise (Cun) -
Survival (Cun) - Spacer2.jpg Vigilance (Will) -
Combat Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Brawl (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Melee (Brn) -
Ranged:Archaic (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg
Knowledge Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Cultures (Int) -* Spacer2.jpg Education (Int) 1*
Lore (Int) 1* Spacer2.jpg Underworld (Int) -
Warfare (Int) - Spacer2.jpg
Occultist: Familiar, Familiar (Improved), Grit
Arcane Rating: 1
Spells: Enchantment: Shape Earth • Evocation: Fire Lance
Soak: 1 (3) • Armor: Superior light leather
Ranged Defense: 0 • Melee Defense: 0
Wound Threshold: 11 (12) • Strain Threshold: 15
Hellwrought Dagger: Dam 2, Crit 4, Accurate 1, Pierce 1, Vicious 1, Enc 1
Experience Points
Earned: 123 (Racial 100 • Current Game 23)
Spent Experience


  • Familiar: Gain Familiar creature. Increase Cunning, Intellect, Presence by Arcane Rating. May speak to and understand creature normally.
  • Familiar (Improved): May use familiar's senses and speak telepathically at up to Medium Range. Familiar gains additional ranks in Skills equal to Knowledge (Lore).
  • Grit: Rank 1. Increase Strain Threshold by 1 per Rank.


  • Fire Lance (15xp) - you may make a Fire Lance Sorcery Check. Spend EitherForce-result.png to strike an Enemy within Short Range with a Bolt of Arcane Fire. This is resolved as an Ranged Attack using the Casters Perception, deals Damage equal to 3 plus the Casters Willpower, and has the Burn 2 Quality.
  • Shape Earth (15xp) - you may make a Shape Earth Sorcery Check. Spend EitherForce-result.png to alter the shape of an area of earth (such as dirt, mud, and stone) up to Silhouette 1 until the end of your next action or 5 minutes. This can create or seal openings, thicken or thin small portions of wall, ect. In Game System terms, you may increase or decrease the Wound Threshold of such objects by 1 and this effect may be activated multiple times. Additionally this spell may be used to create Cover or block line of sight completely.

Racial Abilities

  • Special Abilities: Dorrin begins the game with one Rank in Knowledge (Education). They may not train Knowledge(Education) above Rank 2 during Character Creation.
  • Dark Vision: When making Skill Checks, Dorrin may remove up to two Setback Dice due to darkness.
  • Hell Breath: Dorrin must wear a specialized mask to breathe anything but Volcanic Gases. Dorrin automatically gain this at no cost. Without this, Dorrin begin to Suffocate.


  • 3 potions of healing
  • Travelers pack


  • Hellwrought dagger


  • Superior light leather


  • Medical kit
  • Healing Herbs x2
  • Poultice x2

Thrigo (Familiar)

Monkey-lizard familiar

  • Brawn: 1, Agility: 4, Intellect: 3, Cunning: 5, Willpower: 2, Presence: 3
  • Skill Group: Brawl 1, Coordination 1, Perception 1, Stealth 1, Vigilance 1
  • Soak 2, Wounds 3, Defense: 0/0, Silhouette: 0
  • Special Abilities:
    • Ambush: Characters add Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png to any Check made to avoid surprise or notice traps when attacked by a Monkey-Lizard
    • Blabber Mouth: Any Social Check made against the Monkey-Lizards owner gains Setback-die.png
    • Master's Minion: When making a Check with any Skill from the Monkey-Lizard's Skill Group, the creatures master may spend a Maneuver to gain Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png
  • Attacks:
    • Ankle Bite: Damage 2, Crit -, Knockdown
    • Pile On: Damage 1, Crit -, Ensnare 3


Experience Expenditures

Character Creation

  • Species: Dorrin (100 xp)
    • Knowledge (Education) 1
    • Darkvision
    • Hell Breath
  • Class: Occultist
    • Skill Ranks: Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Perception x2

Racial Experience Spent

Total: 100 XP

  • Shape Earth: 15xp
  • Willpower 4: 40xp
  • Fire Lance: 15xp
  • Familiar: 5xp
  • Grit: 5xp
  • Familiar (Improved): 10xp
  • Medicine 1: 10xp

Adventure Experience

  • x

Arc One

Experience Spent: 23 XP (Unspent: 8 xp)

  • Knowledge Specialization (Lore): 15xp