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  • Chief of Portland PD: Bruce R. Baker
  • Headquarters: Portland Police Block, downtown Portland

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB), officially the Portland Bureau of Police, is the law enforcement agency of the city of Portland, the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon. While oversight of Portland's bureaus shifts among the five City Commissioners, the mayor has historically been assigned to the Police Bureau as the police commissioner.

The Portland Police Bureau divides Portland into three precincts, with each precinct divided into as many as 20 districts. The divisions are generally in accordance with neighborhood association boundaries, but also take into account the number of police calls generated in each district. The district serves as the basic unit of territory within the bureau, and most are assigned between one and two patrol officers. As such, busier districts are geographically smaller and slower districts are larger.

Central Precinct

Detective Guy Burgess
Detective, Central Precinct
An experienced but somewhat cynical police detective, Burgess isn't terribly fond of unexpected things in his line of work. Even crime should work in a predictable way, and the only thing that sets him off is the unusual or out of the ordinary. A mainstay of the Central Precinct's Homicide, and a personal friend of Chief of Police Bruce Baker, Burgess is on the fast track to high ranking in the Portland PD. He is a smooth-talking, calm police officer, eschewing force and intimidation for quiet reason. He's very good at getting confessions out of perps.
Officer Oscar McMillan
Patrol Officer, Central Precinct, District 741
A patrol officer for District 741, McMillan knows the Brooklyn neighborhood very well. Due to budget cuts, he doesn't have a patrol partner, and he seems to prefer it that way.
Officer Dean Murphy
Patrol Officer, Central Precinct, District 850
A Vietnam veteran that is well-liked by his fellow officers. Officer Murphy and his patrol partner Officer Stan Bradshaw work out of the downtown district, but are frequently re-assigned on special projects by the upper brass.