Moto Ren

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Moto Ren
Clan: Unicorn     Family: Moto
School: Moto Conqueror (Bushi)     Rank: 1
Titles: Emerald Magistrate
Earth: 2      Air: 1
Water: 3      Fire: 2
      Void: 2
Ninjō: There is no justice without truth & compassion.
Giri: xxx
Endurance: 8
Composure: 10
Focus: 3     Vigilance: 2
Honor: 45     Glory: 50     Status: 30
Artisan Skills: Aesthetics 1
Martial Skills: Fitness 1, Melee 2, Unarmed 1, Meditation 1, Tactics 1
Scholar Skills:
Social Skills: Command 2, Games 1
Trade Skills: Survival 2
Advantages and Disadvantages
Distinctions: Bishamon's Blessing
Adversities: Bluntness, Lost Eye
Passions: Ikebana
Anxieties: Painfully Honest
School Abilities
Swirling Desert Wind (School Ability)
Kata: Striking as Water
Shuji: Slippery Maneuvers, All in Jest
Traveling clothes, concealed armor, scimitar & wakizashi, yumi, quiver of arrows, 2 knives, traveling pack, Shin'yū (Unicorn warhorse), Shogi set, 6 Koku

Twenty Questions

1. What clan does your character belong to?

  • Unicorn
    • +Water
    • +Survival
    • Status: 30

2. What family does your character belong to?

  • Moto
    • +Earth
    • +Command & Survival
    • Glory: 40
    • Starting Wealth: 6 koku

3. What is your character's school & what roles does that school fall into?"

  • Moto Conqueror (Bushi)
    • +Fire & Water
    • +Command, Fitness, Melee, Unarmed, Tactics
    • Honor: 35
    • Techniques Available: Kata, Rituals & Shuji
    • Starting Techniques: Slippery Maneuvers & All in Jest
    • School Ability: Swirling Desert Wind
    • Starting Outfit: travel clothes, concealed armor, daisho (scimitar & wakizashi), yumi, quiver of arrows, 2x knife, travel pack, Unicorn warhorse

4. How does your character stand out within their school?

  • Friendliness
    • +Void (in place of Water)

5. Who is your lord and what is your character's duty to them?

  • Giri: x

6. What does your character long for, and how might this impede their duty?

  • Ninjo: There is no justice without truth and compassion.

7. What is your character's relationship with their clan?

  • Moto Ren is well loved by his family and clan and is upheld an an exemplar young Unicorn samurai.
    • Glory +5

8. What does your character thing of Bushido?

  • Compassion & righteousness are the most important tenants of Bushido, while Courtesy's importance is overrated and often an obstruction to the code.
    • Honor +10

9. What is your character's greatest accomplishment so far?

  • There was a mine collapse and he got into the thick of things, where he persisted and kept working, never stopping even when others had given up. His determination and tirelessness allowed him to save the miners that had become trapped within.
    • Distinction: Bishamon's Blessing

10. What holds your character back the most in life?

  • No matter how much he triest, providing the perfect gift, performing great deeds, his works are often unmade as soon as he opens his mouth in polite company.
    • Adversity: Bluntness

11. What activity most makes your character feel at peace?

  • Ikebana. To lose oneself in the art, the fragrances, colors and feel of the perfect beauty of flowers and their arrangements. This bliss is what best represents the poetry of my heart, far better than clumsy words every could.
    • Ikebana

12. What concern, fear, or foible troubles your character?

  • One cannot truly be righteous and follow the tenants of Bushido when they utter falsehoods.
    • Painfully Honest

13. Who has your character learned the most from during their life?

  • When Ren was in school to become a bushi, he had met a strange creature in the wilds, one of the kitsune. It was a strange thing, but loved to play games and loved to make bets. Bets for simple, playful things or more absurd gestures, Ren had always taken them as jests; one of his sandals in exchange for a pleasant nights sleep, a lock of hair for the revelation of a plumb tree heavy with untouched fruit, once the kitsune promised him that if he would offer up his firstborn, he would be forever warded from marriage. Sometimes Ren won, sometimes he lost. The last time they ever played, the kitsune's bet was that if it lost, it would grant Ren the power to always see the truth of men. If he lost, it said, "I shall claim half of sights you shall ever behold for the rest of your life." Ren lost the game and his sight in one eye.
    • Lost Eye
    • Skill: +Games

14. What do people notice first upon encountering your character?

  • Ren is large and wears a heavy beard and sometimes his garb leaves more more skin visible than is appropriate. But regardless if he's attending tea in court, traveling the countryside or wading into battle, he is always wearing a fine bamboo jingasa with a red chrysanthemum enameled upon it. His grandmother had made the hat for his sister. After she died, Ren took to wearing it in honor and memory to his sister.
    • Personal Accouterment: Jingasa

15. How does your character react to stressful situations?

  • Restless movement, clinching and unclinching fists, heavy breathing & difficulty making complete sentences, words often dissolving into grunts & growls.

16. What are your character' preexisting relationships with other clans, families, organization and traditions?

  • Ren has spent most of his life in Unicorn lands and has spent little time interacting with most of the other clans, save for a border town that was controlled by the Dragons. He had aided in defending the town against raiders from the mountains and gained the attention of the local Kitsuki Tadami, whom had praised his courage and presented him a fine Shogi set. Ren had been taken aback, given his somewhat recent encounter with the Shogi-loving-kitsune, but accepted the gift as some sort of sign. Or possibly a taunt as he was pretty certain that it was the SAME Shogi set that the fox creature had used.
    • Item: Shogi game set

17. How would your character's parents describe them?

  • Ren and his parents are close, but he avoids going home now as their family is tainted with the sadness of his sisters death. His childhood was idyllic, he and his sister were inseparable and their parents taught them the importance of family, honesty, community and how oneself was an important part of the whole and how to reflect upon ones life and how best to improve it. His family was always very proud of him and his sister followed in his footsteps to becoming a bushi. Ren was renown for thoughtlessly endangering himself to help others in need, and it was during a mine collapse where he had saved many lives, he failed to save that of his sister who had not hesitated to follow him in. His parents do not blame him, but he blames himself and her ghost haunts their reunions.
    • +Meditation

18. Who was your character named to honor?

  • Iuchi Ren is the ancestor Ren was named for, a master of the art of Ikebana and known to be one of the favorite flower arrangers of the Emperor, who would summon him to the capitol to create all of the arrangements for feasts and gatherings. Since he was a child, Ren has always been delighted by flowers and his parents encouraged and supported him in following in the footsteps of his ancestral namesake.
    • D10 Result: 3 (Wondrous Work)
    • D10 Result: 3 (Aesthetic)
    • Glory +5

19. What is your character's personal name?

  • Moto Ren

20. How should your character die?

  • Heroic sacrifice in the defense or protection of others.

Rank & Experience


  • Moto Conqueror: 1; 7 of 20
  • Emerald Magistrate: 1; 7 of 30


  • Total: 10
  • Spent: 7
  • Saved: 3
    • Kata - Striking as Water (3xp)
    • Raised Melee from 1 to 2 (4xp)