New Orleans Sprawl

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New Orleans

State Capital, Louisiana Confederated American States

Population: 2,239,600 (census, 2070)

  • Human: 69%
  • Elf: 4%
  • Dwarf: 4%
  • Orc: 15%
  • Troll: 5%
  • Other: 3%

Ward Populations

  • Chalmette Ward: 375,000 (estimated)
  • Kenner Ward: 264,700
  • NOLA Ward: 605,600
  • Terrytown Ward: 420,500
  • Marrero Ward: 261,000
  • Metairie Ward: 312,800

Cost of Living

Weapons: 90-140% Ammunition: 50-100%
Explosives: 150-200% Accessories: 100-150%
Armor: Normal Security Devices: Normal
Communications: Normal Survival Gear: 100-150%
Electronics: 50-130% Cyberware: 100-200%
Magical Items: 60-110% Vehicles (Air): 120%
Vehicles (Land): 130% Vehicles (Water): 90%


The Big Easy

Corporations in New Orleans

The following companies represent the main corporate influence in the New Orleans Sprawl, which is notoriously unfriendly to corporations.

Criminal Synicates in New Orleans

The Krewes of New Orleans

Local gangs, voudoun-influenced and into the magical side of things (tend toward “wiz-gang” concepts), with ties to the Mafia, Zobop and Red Sects; “voodoo posses” are krewes led by a houngan or mambo, who frequently send gang members possessed by loa to do their dirty work. Most are involved in vice trade, buying from the Mafia and acting as dealers, rather than competing with them.

  • Chalmette Ward Krewes
  • Kenner Ward Krewes
  • NOLA Ward Krewes
  • Terrytown Ward Krewes
  • Marrero Ward Krewes
  • Metairie Ward Krewes

Magical Societies of New Orleans

Magical societies, lodges, cults and fringe groups have been a part of New Orleans’ culture since its founding, practically. Thus, it should come as no surprise that New Orleans — the name of which is practically synonymous with occultism and magic — houses a large and diverse Awakened community.

New Orleans is home to a large number of magical practitioners – certainly more than its share of the estimated 1%. As the quintessentially magical Southern mecca, the city of New Orleans attracts young men and women from all over the CAS. These young men and women are often fleeing the inevitable prejudice or control that others want to hold over their magical abilities.