Ninth Golden Child of the Sky Serpent

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Ninth Golden Child of the Sky Serpent
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Race: tabaxi, Class: bard 2
Background: urchin, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Milil, Lliira & Sune
Ability Scores
Strength 8 (-1), Dexterity 17 (+3), Constitution 13 (+1);
Intelligence 10 (0), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 16 (+3)
Bonus: +2
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Charisma
Skills: Deception, Insight, Perception, Performance, Persuasion, Slight of Hand, Stealth
Tools: didgeridoo, djembe, hurdy gurdy, weaver's tools, thieves' tools
Languages: Common, ????
Armor: light
Weapons: simple weapons, hand crossbow, longsword, rapiers, shortword
Darkvision 60', Feline Agility, Cat's Claws, Spellcasting (Bard), Bardic Inspiration (d6), Jack of All Trades, Song of Rest (d6), Feature: City Secrets
Armor Class: 15, Initiative: +3, Speed: 30*, Climb 20
Hit Points: x, Hit Dice: 2d8
Personality Traits: aloof, ostentatious, artist and patron of the arts
Ideals: adoration is greater than wealth, the beautiful are meant to inspire, secrets can be a power greater than any sword, shield or spell
Bonds: fine fashion & sparking jewels - especially gold and red gems, secrets - the juicier the better, musical talent, Ruell family, Matron Hoppleton, Guild of Musicians
Flaws: vanity & a thrall to flattery, drawn to gossip like a moth to flame, terrified of magic portals

"Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?." - Derek Zoolander


The shamans, priests and soothsayers of the mighty Cat Lord had prophesied that the chieftain of the Silver Falls tribe would bear nine and nine children, but that the ninth born was destined to unite the tabaxi as one people. When Ninth Golden Child of the Sky Serpent was born, it was a joyous occasion and the each tribe honored the birth with gifts and promises. The child of prophecy had a pampered and luxurious early childhood, though it was to end abruptly.

It is known that the Cat Lord has a strange and unpredictable nature and sense of humor. On one bright, hot day the child and his keepers were visiting a marketplace when he saw a black cat with bright shining golden eyes staring at him. He pursued the strange cat, escaping from his keepers and following the creature into the jungle beyond the market. He found the creature, sitting as if waiting for him just before a large oval of incandescent light that was suspended in midair. The child approached, having never seen anything like it. The cat meowed at him and leapt into the glowing oval. The child of prophecy raced after, delighted by the chase and the strange lights.
That delight was short lived.

The child plunged into a cold, dark place. A place filled with horrors around every turn, monsters, corpses, traps and things a small mind was simply incapable of understanding. He wasn't sure how many days and nights had passed, fleeing one terror to the next, he found an empty sarcophagus in a tomb where the dead still moved. He crawled in to hide and fell prey to exhaustion.
He doesn't know any of the names of the adventurers that had found him there. He didn't understand their language and they were not particularly kind, though he will forever sing praise to the rough, nameless tomb raiders and would-be slavers for if not for them, he would have surely died. They shoved him into a sack and eventually after several days of travel in the nightmare maze, brought him topside and failing to find an interested buyer of exotic "animals" left him outside the third shop that had refused to trade them coin for his furry hide.

He remained where they had left him, surrounded by humans and other creatures he did not know - all of them staring at him when they passed by. He could not communicate with them. He did not know where he was. He was alone, lost and very cold. Then he received the first bit of kindness after so many days since he had been lured away from his home. The proprietor of the shop that had refused to purchase him from the adventurers was leaving his shop when he found the tabaxi child still sitting on the street outside his storefront where he had been left. He signed, took the child into his shop filled with bizarre curios, weapons, armor and monstrous trophies arrayed all around one massive spherical terror dominating the center of the room. The man and presumably his female mate fed the child and found him some warm clothes. The large man left him with his mate and later returned, wearing a strange mask covered with script and symbols. When he spoke, he and the child were able to understand each other. They spoke at great length about what had happened.
The man, called Dandalus, surmised and explained to him that he could not start to guess where his jungle home was, but that the portal and the place it led him to was a deep and dangerous place called Undermountain. He had been rescued, in a manner of speaking, and brought to the surface, to the city of Waterdeep. He would make some inquiries about where the lost child might have come from, but in the meanwhile he needed a safe place to live.
Dandalus and his wife were very kind. They called him "Sky" and took him to a place where lost children lived together called the Starry Cradles Orphanage.
Thus the life of the tabaxi child of prophecy, the Ninth Golden Child of the Sky Serpent of the Silver Falls tribe, who had been tricked, betrayed and cast out of his homeland by his creator, the Cat Lord ended. And the life of the enigmatic, orphan Sky began.

Sky quickly picked up the common tongue and wasted no time in falling in with the "wrong kids" in and outside the orphanage. He never had any problems in escaping the grounds and attentions of the ever harried Matron Hoppleton. He and his crew would swindle, cheat and steal from the people of Waterdeep and spend their spoils on beer and games of chance in a tavern disinclined to turn down coin regardless of its patrons lack of years. The real reason Sky loved these places was for the minstrels, bards and dancers of the city. He was captivated by the music and hypnotized by the movements of the dancers bodies and their flowing garments or near lack thereof depending on where they hailed from. In fact, he always had an eye for women's fashion. His people wore very little in the way of clothing, often none at all. Upon arriving in Waterdeep, he never understood why the native males would choose to wear such drab and unremarkable clothes, only allowing for the females to wear all the beautiful garments. It was senseless and he was no fool, so he immediately took to wearing women's clothes. Any initial confusion among his peers was quickly dismissed - he was a "cat-boy" after all.

Upon discovering Sky's interest in music, Matron Hoppleton hurled herself at the opportunity of engaging one of her wards with something a little less nefarious than her current interests and activities and gifted her a flute and small drum. Sky hated the flute, the sound was high pitched and made her ears instinctively lay flat upon hearing it. The drum was better. And it was a start.

Sky's skills grew with time and practice. He played and danced at inns and taverns, he snatched a few purses, purchased strange and exotic instruments from The Old Xoblob Shop that Dandalus had found for him. Being an exotic race, stunningly garbed (he made it himself), a gifted dancer and talented musician, Sky had began making a real name for himself. When he had earned enough money from his performances and having received a very kind donation from both Matron Hoppleton and the Ruell's, Sky paid for tutelage with the prestigious Guild of Musicians.


Sky is one of the tabaxi, a race of humanoid jaguars that hail from some unknown, distant jungle. He is 6' 7" tall, slim and athletic, covered with golden-brown fur with black markings and emerald green eyes. Sky is always wearing the cutting edge in Waterdhavian womens high fashion and jewelry. His is particularly fond of dresses and coats befitting a lady of status. He adores gowns with high collars and is especially drawn to fine fur coats - Waterdeep is a chilly place after all. When performing he likes to wear somewhat skimpy garments leaving little to the imagination, often draped with airy lace or else layered skirts that swirl around him as he moves.



Carried Equipment:

  • Equipped: studded leather armor, rapier, hand crossbow & bolts, dagger
  • Carried: backpack, thieves' tools, weaver's tools, didgeridoo, djembe, hurdy gurdy, perfume vial, journal, ink pen, waterskin

Stored Equipment: clothes, fabric, perfumes, soaps and other personal effects

  • Prestidigitation
  • Vicious Mockery

Level One Spells

  • Charm Person
  • Cure Wounds
  • Disguise Self
  • Silent Image
  • Sleep


Important Individuals

  • Dandalus & Arathka Ruell: the proprietors of the Old Xoblob Shop and whom Sky considers his personal saviors. They rescued him from the streets, found him a home and have been kind, supportive and genuine at every turn. He is very fond of them and would do anything at all for them.
  • Matron Griselda Hoppletun: halfling care-taker of the Starry Cradles Orphanage who had played a large part in raising Sky, especially in encouraging his musical talents
  • Kaelis: a temperamental half-dwarf who grew up on the streets and often ran with Sky and their childhood crew, she is now a trader and merchant of "second-hand-goods". She always keeps an eye out for bolts of cloth and other goods that she thinks might relinquish Sky of coin.
  • Phlick Erendin: the well meaning yet small minded proprietor of The Angry Coxswain, a tavern in the Dock Ward. This is where Sky first got his start, often performing here in his youth prior to starting apprenticeship with the Musicians Guild. Although he was generally touted as more of a freak show than an artist, he maintains a good relationship Phlick who insists on calling him "Miss Kitty".

Projects, Goals