Plague Rat

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Plague Rat
Identity: Desmond Amadeus Raith • Affiliation: None • Base of Operations: 174 Norfolk St, New York (Manhattan, Lower East Side)
Ethnicity: Ex-Caucasian • Nationality: American
Age: 22 • Gender: Male • Height: 4'2" • Weight:
Eyes: Black • Hair: Grey & Brown • Other Features: Basically, a big ass rat
Origin: Quantum Mutation • Power Level: 10 ( Points: Abilities , Defenses , Skills , Advantages , Powers )
Strength 1 Stamina 7
Agility 4 Dexterity 9
Fighting 3 Intellect 0
Awareness 2 Presence -1
Points: (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 1 4 0 5
Fortitude 0 7 0 7
Parry 0 3 0 3
Toughness - 7 5* 12/7*
Will 1 2 0 2
Points: (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 4 + 4 = +8


Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
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Points: (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: Uncanny Dodge, Agile Feint, Defensive Roll x5, Evasion x2, Fast Grab, Favored Environment (underground), Grabbing Finesse, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Move-by Attack
Fortune: None
General: Benefit 2 (ambidexterity, wealth 1), Great Endurance, Equipment 2, Instant Up
Skill: Animal Empathy, Connected, Contacts, Well-Informed, Hide in Plain Sight

Points: (1pt per rank)
Affliction: +10 (+Progressive; Effect: Impaired/Disabled/Incapacitated), • Burrowing: +10, • Extra Limbs: +1 (Tail), • Feature: +2 (Iron Stomach & Insulating Fur), • Immunity:' +2 (Poison & Disease), • Senses: +7 (ultrahearing, ultravision, acute smell, accurate smell, extended smell, tracking), • Movement: +1 (Permeate; Limited to small spaces), • Multi-Attack: +1 (STR)
Other Traits
Equipment: • Smart phone & tablet: 2 pts, • Handcuffs x2: 2 pts, • Multitool: 1 pt, • HQ_Security: 5 pts.
Complications: Inhuman Appearance (I'm a rat), Disability (poor vision), Secret Identity (Des vs. Plague Rat)


I grew up in Nebraska and moved to New York to attend college. After graduation I did some work on Gears of Duty XVI before an indie project myself and three of my buddies were working on, called Llamas took off on XBox Live as a wild success, which spawned Squeaky Ninja Productions. We just put out the Herd DLC expansion and are now working on a new game called Saber Kitty Taxi Samurai. It's going to be huge!
I have a passion for video games, love anime, manga and hockey (RANGERS!!!), practice Yoga and Judo, and I'm a gay vegetarian liberal Catholic. I have three cats: Altair, Dark Side and Menchi.


  • Inhuman Appearance: I look like Splinter from TMNT. The only time people don't freak out is at Halloween or when there is a furry convention in town.
  • Disability: Anything more than a few feet away from me is just a blurry haze of grays, blue, green and ultraviolet. I can't actually see any other part of the color spectrum anymore.
  • Secret Identity: Save for the others in our little group, I've not shared my personal identity with anyone and I don't plan to. While Desmond may have become a sudden recluse, obviously traumatized by the alien disturbance in New York, he remains just plain 'ol Desmond as far as anyone is concerned and I'd like to keep it that way.

Friends & Family

  • Mom & Dad: Nebraska natives, they think I've lost my mind by having chosen to remain in New York after graduation. They're supportive from afar and we chat on the phone about once a month or so, though I always get lectured that I should call and/or visit more often. I generally only fly home for Christmas. Dad (aka Dick, as in Richard, but unlike most people he prefers Dick...which sounds much worse than I intended) was in the military and now he's the editor for a gun fanatic magazine. Our basement looks like an apocalypse survivalist wet dream come true. Mom (aka Mari with an I) used to run a bakery until she and her partner burned it down for the insurance. She's a high school guidance counselor now. I'm genuinely concerned about those students' future.
  • The Sibling Collective: I'm the youngest of five siblings; three older brothers, Clayton, Edward and Harry, and an older sister, Katherine. They all still live in Nebraska, all of their respective homes practically within walking distance of Mom & Dad's and they're ALL accountants. All of 'em. They're not normal! They're all married except for Harry who can't seem to tell the difference between women and disposable Kleenex, and I mean that in more ways that one. Clay has two kids, Eddie has three and Kat has two, though one is a dog that she somehow managed to convince a local judge to allow her to legally adopt. I can't remember any of my nieces and nephews names except for Ludwig, he's the dog.
  • Michael, Taylor & Kasandra-with-a-K: My partners and co-founders of Squeaky Ninja Productions. Michael was my college roommate and Kasandra my BFF in high school and college - they ended up tying the knot last year. Taylor and I dated in college off and on and eventually decided we made better friends than lovers.
    Michael and Kasandra live in San Francisco and Taylor moved to Atlanta earlier this year. We all work remotely from our home offices and get together every New Years.


  • Money: My money comes from royalties for games I've already had a part in developing as well as income from ongoing game development. Nice thing about being an indie developer, I set my own schedule and don't have an office full of coworkers to show up to.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Jeans, hoodie & fur. That's about it. I'm thinking about getting my ears pierced.
  • Costume: I really don't need a costume to hide my identity, but I feel it's still important. It's a symbol of my intent to be a hero and it helps put me in that frame of mind. I stop being Desmond and I transform into Plague Rat, Defender of Earth...or Earth Guardian Core! How about the New York Sentinels! No, that sounds like a sports team. We're still working the group name out. Well, I am and the other constantly veto everything that comes out of my mouth. I finally settled on the moniker of "Plague Rat" because it sounds awesome and it's pretty appropriate. I know, I know - it sounds like a villain name, but once people start seeing all the good we do, they'll totally love it! When I'm in "hero mode" I've started wearing a small green mask over my eyes and a hoodie with a matching green bio-hazard symbol on it. I even purchased a rad green Swatch watch to complete the ensemble!
  • Housing: I own a small house at 174 Norfolk Steet in the Manhattan lower east side. The house may be a bit on the tiny side, but it's only me and my cats and it does have an impressive basement.
  • Transportation: I have a light green Vespa. It has a sunflower decal on the front of it. It was an antique that my Mom owned. I always loved it and had it restored.
  • Communication: iPhone, Facebook, Google Hangouts, whatever is convenient.
  • Food: I'm a vegetarian, though since "the change", I've found that I can pretty much eat anything and not get sick. I hate to admit it, but mold is actually kinda tasty. I'm still a vegetarian, old habits and all, but the line between fresh and spoiled has grown considerably blurry.
  • Days:
  • Evenings:

Desmond; Before
Draith home.jpg


Session 1, 10.08.14 - I go to a fancy party to rub shoulders with rich people and eat their food. An alien spaceship attacks New York and Sentry fights back. Sentry may have blown up and the alien ship crashes, but not before a shockwave of bad mojo blankets the city. I turn into a giant rat-man in order to escape from being buried alive in stairwell rubble. Other people turn into super heroes. No, I didn't become an awesome shape shifter, just a giant rat. Fuck you aliens. The city is pretty much a grocery list of disaster. An impromptu team forms consisting of Frost Brat, Gravity Whore, Speedy Security Guy, who apparently had just done a full recon of the area and prioritized the various disasters in under 2 seconds, and myself and we run off to save the day.

Session 2, 10.22.14 - We arrive at Disaster_001 to find Godzuki fighting against Colossal Cop. We take down Godzuki, though we sorta kinda take the Cop out as well. I'm sure he'll get better. I hope that metal skin protects against concussion and brain damage. Next we speed off to...well, everyone else speeds off to and I jog. Slowly. With no super-ZOMG-speed power like apparently everyone else in the city now has, so much for the taxi industry. Well, anyway - we head to the next disaster. I'd have missed it if it wasn't for Speedy Security Guy coming back to carry me. He even made a pit stop to evacuate an entire building in fast forward before I'd even been able to jog a single block. Well, we arrive at Disaster_002 to find alien robots attacking. Don't think there is much I can do against a robot. So far my powers are: furry, super smell (ugh, refund please), dig holes really fast and I apparently have some sort of neurotoxin as saliva. Yay me. Frosty turns the city block into Christmas and then proceeds to make all sorts of awesome slip and slides to move around on. Clarity: for HIM to move around on, I nearly cracked my noggin open trying to skate on one of those things. Miss Gravity is trash compacting areas of the street and hucking them all about and then decides to just hurl the entire city block into the sky - I almost went with it, but caught myself in the burrow hole I was hiding in. Speed Bro is kidna difficult to follow. He was seemingly everywhere. Fighting robots, rescuing citizens raining from the sky and stopping to buy a hot dog from a street vendor. Okay, I may have made that last one up. Although he might have, it was just too quick for us to follow.

Session 3 - We head to the crashed alien ship where Sentry is trying to punch his way in and destroy it's power core. We fight off a bunch of aliens. Sentry destroys the power and Speedy helps us smuggle all sorts of odds and ends out of the ship elsewhere before the government shows up. They take our statements and inform us that the city is under quarantine. Frosty invites us all over to his...I'm not sure what to call it as "building" or "highrise" just seems to small a word for it - to his home. We meet Father Christmas (his dad), who offers us extremely well paying jobs to work for him. We agree.

Session 4 - We've been doing all sorts of super hero work, search and rescue and super-grunt work, but we've been helping a lot of people while working for Father Christmas. His scientists have been having their jollies poking and prodding us during our downtime. There has been a communication black out by the government, so I've not been able to get any work done on the new game with the crew, so I've mainly just been doing some coding for a couple side projects I have going on. Father Christmas brings two more heroes on board. Another rich entitled brat, though he makes Frost seem far more friendly and reasonable by comparison, who has lightning powers and a super strong drag queen who can coat herself in impenetrable red crystal and shoot lasers from her boobs. We're taken to an abandoned area of Jersey and encouraged to use our powers, to test their limits and demolish some buildings. They also test and gauge my toxin, concluding that it is not harmful, permanent, nor contagious (they had the NERVE to ask me to experiment on innocent animals - Frosty paid two people to volunteer instead). When all the fun and games were over, Father Christmas brought us together and proposed assembling us as an official team of super heroes, including code names, logos, costumes and a team name. YES!!!!! Frosty chooses the name Winter, I'd already settled on Plague Rat, lightning brat chose Tesla and Ruby was already appropriately dubbed. Speedy and Miss Gravity were not at the meeting, and Tornado Man and Blue Steel (the "Iron Cop") are not going to be amongst us.