Plague Rat the Third

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Plague Rat
Identity: Desmond Amadeus Raith • Affiliation: None • Base of Operations:
Ethnicity: Ex-Caucasian • Nationality: American
Age: 30 • Gender: Male • Height: 4'2" • Weight:
Eyes: Black • Hair: Grey & Brown • Other Features: Basically, a big ass rat
Origin: Quantum Mutation • Power Level: 10 (150 Points: Abilities 40, Defenses 2, Skills 34, Advantages 25, Powers 49)
Strength 1 Stamina 7
Agility 4 Dexterity 4
Fighting 3 Intellect 0
Awareness 2 Presence -1
Points: 40 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 1 4 0 5
Fortitude 0 7 0 7
Parry 0 3 0 3
Toughness - 7 5* 12/7*
Will 1 2 0 2
Points: 2 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 4 + 4 = +8


Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
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Points: 34 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: Uncanny Dodge, Agile Feint, Defensive Roll x5, Evasion x2, Fast Grab, Favored Environment (underground), Grabbing Finesse, Improved Grab (free with tail), Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Move-by Attack
Fortune: None
General: Benefit 2 (ambidexterity, wealth 1), Great Endurance, Equipment 1, Instant Up
Skill: Animal Empathy, Connected (geek celebrities), Contacts (hackers), Well-Informed, Hide in Plain Sight

Points: 25 (1pt per rank)
Affliction: +10 (+Progressive; Effect: Impaired/Disabled/Incapacitated), • Burrowing: +5, • Extra Limbs: +1 (Tail), • Feature: +2 (Iron Stomach & Insulating Fur), • Immunity:' +2 (Poison & Disease), • Senses: +7 (ultrahearing, ultravision, acute smell, accurate smell, extended smell, tracking), • Movement: +1 (Permeate; Limited to small spaces), • Multi-Attack: +1 (STR)
Points: 49
Other Traits
Equipment: • Smart phone & tablet: 2 pts, • Handcuffs x1: 2 pts, • Multitool: 1 pt, .
Complications: Inhuman Appearance (I'm a rat), Disability (poor vision), Secret Identity (Des vs. Plague Rat)


I grew up in Nebraska and moved to New York to attend college. After graduation I did some work on Gears of Duty XVI before an indie project myself and three of my buddies were working on, called Llamas took off on XBox Live as a wild success, which spawned Squeaky Ninja Productions. We followed the game up with the highly acclaimed Herd DLC expansion. We spent years after putting our heart and souls into what we considered to be our magnum opus, a game called Saber Kitty Taxi Samurai. We just knew it was going to be huge!
It wasn't.
Squeaky Ninja Productions died and was buried along with the friendships of those involved. While all of this was happening, "the thing" happened to me. I became the master of reclusive introversion for obvious reasons aftwards. Eventually I decided to get away from New York and my old, failed life. I moved to Portland, OR and got a job in work-from-home IT help desk, where I could be content and comfortable in utter misery. I still did some freelance work and designed games in my freetime, because it's just what I do and I can't help myself.
I have a passion for video games, love anime, manga, hockey (NY Rangers) and soccer (PDX Timbers), practice Yoga and Judo, and I'm a gay vegetarian liberal Catholic. I have three cats: Altair, Dark Side and Menchi.


  • Motivation: I want to put bullies where they belong and make the world around me a happier place. I've been given the power to do so, though I'll admit sometimes I may take it a bit too far when I get overly...spirited. I just get so angry when I see people being taken advantage of by people who think they can get away with anything just because they're rich or tough. I want to defend the little guy, the downtrodden, the defenseless, those who have done nothing wrong save for being smaller, poorer, less fortunate in some way due to circumstances beyond their control.
  • Inhuman Appearance: I look like Splinter from TMNT. The only time people don't freak out is at Halloween or when there is a furry convention in town.
  • Disability: Anything more than a few feet away from me is just a blurry haze of grays, blue, green and ultraviolet. I can't actually see any other part of the color spectrum anymore.
  • Secret Identity: I've not shared my personal identity with anyone and I don't plan to. While Desmond may have become a sudden recluse due to paralyzing and crippling depression following the failure of his greatest creative work, he remains just plain 'ol Desmond as far as anyone is concerned and I'd like to keep it that way.

Friends & Family

  • Mom & Dad: Nebraska natives, they think I've lost my mind by having chosen to remain in New York after graduation and even more so when I announced that I was moving to Portland. They're supportive from afar and we chat on the phone about once a month or so, though I always get lectured that I should call and/or visit more often. I generally only fly home for Christmas. Dad (aka Dick, as in Richard, but unlike most people he prefers Dick...which sounds much worse than I intended) was in the military and now he's the editor for a gun fanatic magazine. Our basement looks like an apocalypse survivalist wet dream come true. Mom (aka Mari with an I) used to run a bakery until she and her partner burned it down for the insurance. She's a high school guidance counselor now. I'm genuinely concerned about those students' future.
  • The Sibling Collective: I'm the youngest of five siblings; three older brothers, Clayton, Edward and Harry, and an older sister, Katherine. They all still live in Nebraska, all of their respective homes practically within walking distance of Mom & Dad's and they're ALL accountants. All of 'em. They're not normal! They're all married except for Harry who can't seem to tell the difference between women and disposable Kleenex, and I mean that in more ways that one. Clay has two kids, Eddie has three and Kat has two, though one is a dog that she somehow managed to convince a local judge to allow her to legally adopt. I can't remember any of my nieces and nephews names except for Ludwig, he's the dog.


  • Money: Some of my income comes from royalties for games I've already had a part in developing as well as income from my IT job and the occasional freelance project.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Jeans, hoodie & fur. That's about it. I've been thinking about getting my ears pierced for years.
  • Costume: I really don't need a costume to hide my identity, but I feel it's still important. It's a symbol of my intent to be a hero and it helps put me in that frame of mind. I stop being Desmond and I transform into Plague Rat! I finally settled on the moniker of "Plague Rat" because it sounds awesome and it's pretty appropriate. I know, I know - it sounds like a villain name, but once people start seeing all the good I can do, they'll totally love it! When I'm in "hero mode" I've started wearing a small green mask over my eyes and a hoodie with a matching green bio-hazard symbol on it. I even purchased a rad green Swatch watch to complete the ensemble!
  • Housing: I own a small house in North Portland. The house may be a bit on the tiny side, but it's only me and my cats and it does have an impressive basement.
  • Transportation: I have a light green Vespa. It has a sunflower decal on the front of it. It was an antique that my Mom owned. I always loved it and had it restored.
  • Communication: Android, Facebook, Growlr, Google Hangouts, whatever is convenient.
  • Food: I'm a vegetarian, though since "the change", I've found that I can pretty much eat anything and not get sick. I hate to admit it, but mold is actually kinda tasty. I'm still a vegetarian, old habits and all, but the line between fresh and spoiled has grown considerably blurry.
  • Days:
  • Evenings:


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