Red Hot Nukes

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Red Hot Nukes

Colors Grey and red
Uniform Baseball caps with gang logo
Size Medium
Type Street • Dwarf only, many adepts
Leader Grinder, a former shadowrunner
Lieutenants Slammin' Sammy, Lady Fingers
Other Notables Portnoy, Flo
Members 30-40
District Redmond
Area Hollywood
Hangouts The Bomb Depot, an old gas station and auto body shop in Hollywood, Redmond
Establishments None
Operations Demolitions protection, insurance scams, terrorism, wetwork
Traditions Use of explosives
Initiation Disarm a bomb built by Grinder
Rituals None
Allied Gangs None
Rival Gangs Rusted Stilettos
Syndicate Ties Yakuza
Other Interactions None

The Fallout Boys

Initiatory Group
Within the Red Hot Nukes is a small elite band called the Fallout Boys. Outsiders almost never hear of them discussed as a group, generally just assuming that it's a name for the gang's leadership. And they're not wrong, ultimately - Grinder chooses his lieutenants and best operatives from the Fallout Boys. But the reason for that is simple: the Fallout Boys are the initiatory group within the Red Hot Nukes, open to other dwarven adepts in the Red Hot Nukes.

  • Members: 5 • Grinder, Slammin' Sammy, Portnoy, Lady Fingers, Flo
  • Dues: None
  • Strictures: Attendance (every two months), Deed (deal great damage to an enemy of the gang, or another act of noteworthiness using explosives), Fraternity, Secrecy
  • High Arts: Athlete's Way, Undecided Way