Resourceful Vren

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Resourceful Vren
Concept: Social Engineer, Caste: Night
Experience: Total: 3 XP • Unspent: 3 XP
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 4, Intelligence 4, Wits 3
Dawn: Melee 4 (Improvised Weapon 2)
Zenith: Integrity 2, Presence 2, Resistance 1
Twilight: Craft(Earth) 4 (Architecture 1), Craft(Air) 2, Craft(Fire) 2, Craft(Magitech) 3 (Transportation Devices 3), Investigation 1 Lore 3, Occult 3 (Geomancy 1)
Night: Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Larceny 4 (disguise 2), Stealth 2
Eclipse: Linguistics 4 (Written Word 1), Socialize 1
Artifact 3, Artifact 2, Allies (Other) 1, Contacts 2, Influence 1,
Compassion: 3 • Conviction: 3 • Temperance: 2 • Valor: 1
Virtue Flaw: Heart of Tears
The Elevators(Pride): 3
The Lord Protector and his government(Vitriol): 3
The Riverside Riots(Guilt): 3
Personal Pool: 14 • Peripheral Pool: 35
Committed Essence: 3
Manifestation: xxx
Anima Abilities: When a Night Caste Solar expends Peripheral Essence, she may spend additional motes in order to prevent the expenditure from adding to her anima banner. To prevent the motes spent on a Charm that is not Obvious (see p. 183) from adding to her anima banner, the character must add one mote to the cost of the Charm. When using an Obvious Charm, she must spend twice the normal mote cost of the Charm to prevent it from adding to her anima banner.

The Nightbringer may also extend her muted anima like an imperceptible veil around her. This extended anima last for an entire scene and costs 10 motes of Essence to evoke. This muting increases the difficulty of all rolls to notice or track the Exalted by half the character’s Essence (round up), so long as this muted anima effect is active. Once the Solar spends 11-15 motes of Essence, though she is just as obvious as any other Exalt, her features are completely obscured by her anima display.

Join Battle: 4 • Dodge DV: 4 • Parry DV: 5 • Shield: xxx
Soak: 4L/6B • Stunning Threshold: xxx • Knockdown Threshold: xxx
Health Levels: -0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, Incap
Big Fucking Wrench(Fine) Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +8B, Defense +1, Rate 2
Social Combat
Join Debate: 4 • Mental Dodge DV: 5 • Read Motivation: Lies 2, Mood/Intimacy 2 • Hide Motivation: Mood/Lies 2, Intimacy 2
Social Attacks
Excellencies: Melee Triumphant, Craft Triumphant, Larceny Triumphant, Linguistics Triumphant

Craft: Object Strengthening Touch, Craftsman needs no tools
Larceny: Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise, Flawless Pick-pocketing Technique, Lock Opening Touch
Linguistics: Letter Within a Letter
Melee: Hungry Tiger Technique, Dipping Swallow Defense
Resistance: Ox Body Technique


Total Attunement: 3

  • Prosthetic of Clockwork Elegance Artifact 2, Attunement: 3
    • Replacement Leg.
    • Prosthetic Points 3 (1 Foot, 2 ???)
    • +1 To Dexterity Rolls using the Foot
    • +1 Strength when Jumping
  • Bracers of Universal Crafting Artifact 3, Commitment: 0
    • 2 motes to activate for Scene.
  • Ultimate Document Artifact 3, Attunement: 2, Activation cost: 6 motes

Other Gear

  • Technicians Outfit - Buff Jacket - (Soak +3L/4B, Mobility -1, Fatigue 2)


  • Essence Triumphant: 2m/Success; Reflexive; Combo-OK; Instant. Add one success per 2 motes spent to a dice pool using the Excellency's Ability. May not increase successes by more than half the (Attribute + Ability) of the original pool. May also increase static values (including DV), increasing value by +1 per success purchased.
    • Abilities: Craft, Melee, Larceny, Linguistics


  • Object Strengthening Touch 5m; Simple(speed 5); Combo-OK, Touch; One Scene. Increase the number of Successes to damage an object by the characters essence. It increases the (Strength + Athletics) rating necessary to break the object with a feat of strength by the character’s Essence. No combination of Charms that includes Object-Strengthening Touch can increase these totals by more than the character’s Essence.
  • Craftsman Needs no Tools: 7m 1WP; Supplemental; Combo-Ok; Instant; This charm removes the need for tools as well as any penalties for crafting without tools. The character accomplishes (Essence x3) hours of work for each hour of work invested.


  • Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise: 7m; Simple (Speed 6 in long ticks); Combo-OK; Until the Character Sleeps. This Charm involves creating a disguise, and the player rolls ([Wits or Manipulation] + Larceny) to determine the disguise’s quality. This Charm allows the character to change his coloration, skin texture, hair color, and eye color. It also lets the character seem anywhere between half and twice his actual age, change his apparent ethnicity, change his apparent gender and adjust his height by as much as 10% in either direction. The character can adjust his voice, accent, speaking style and scent to match. These aspects of the disguise are impenetrable—the flaws are too subtle for the eye to see or the ear to hear, so that ordinary Awareness and Investigation cannot detect them. Characters with inhuman sensory acuity, such as Lawgivers using Keen Sight Technique or a dog scenting its master, can see through the character’s disguise, but the opposed roll incurs a +4 difficulty penalty. This Charm does not help the character imitate others appearance. The disguise is impenetrable, not exact. If someone sees through an imitation, they will see the character as an impostor who happens to naturally look almost exactly like the target the character is impersonating.

This Charm becomes a mundane disguise effect when the magic ends. Changes worked with makeup, posture, attitude and costume rather than Essence remain.

  • Flawless Pick-pocketing Technique: 3m; Supplemental; Combo-OK; Instant. This charm enhances a valid pickpocket roll. It cannot be used to steal something in active use or an attuned artifact. This charm guarantees success on the pickpocketing roll. If contested by another charm, this adds the character Essence to the roll. Characters with ordinary senses cannot spot the theft. Those with inhuman sensory acuity receive a +4 difficulty penalty on the opposed roll.
  • Lock Opening Touch:


  • Letter Within a Letter: 6m; Simple; Combo-OK, Instant This charm allows the character to hide a message within another written work. Only the intended targets for the message can perceive it.
    • The concealed message can include natural or unnatural mental influence. If so, the influence is an attempted surprise attack. Add the author's Linguistics in automatic Successes to the Socialize Roll to take the target by Surprise.


  • Hungry Tiger Technique: 1m; Supplemental; Combo-OK; Instant. This Charm allows the Solar’s player to count extra successes on the attack roll twice for the purposes of determining raw damage.
  • Dipping Swallow Defense: 2m; Reflexive (Step 2); Combo-OK; Instant. This Charm is used in response to an attack. It allows the Exalt to ignore all penalties that apply to her Parry DV when resolving that attack. Her Parry DV is still 0 if it’s inapplicable, but it takes no further penalties.


  • Ox-Body Technique: – ; Permanent; Stackable; Permanent. May purchase once per dot of Resistance. Each purchase provides one of the following: one -0 health level • two -1 health levels • one -1 and two -2 health levels.
    • Purchases (1): -1 + -2 + -2

Combat Summary

Join Battle

  • Wits + Awareness roll: 5 Dice


Attack Overview

  • Step 1: Declare Attack
    • Choose number of Attacks.
    • Choose Charms
      • 1 mote for Hungry Tiger
  • Step 3: Attack Roll
    • Dex + Melee + Accuracy of weapon
    • Purchase up to 4 Successes for 2 motes per success.
    • Count up total Successes
  • Step 5: Subtract External Penalties
    • ST will give you Penalty. Subtract this number from your total Successes.
  • Step 7: Calculate Damage Dice Pool.
    • Take Remaining Successes from Step 5. This is your damage pool.
    • Optional: If Hungry Tiger used double damage pool dice now.
    • Add Strength + Weapon damage to damage pool.
  • Step 8: Apply Soak/Hardness. Subtract Soak value from damage pool.
    • GM will give you soak value.
  • Step 10: Roll Damage.
    • Roll your remaining damage pool dice.

Big Attack
One Big Single Attack.

  • Cost: 9 Motes (1 Mote for Hungry Tiger, 8 Motes for Melee Triumphant)
  • Speed: 5 DV Penalty: -1
  • Step 3: Attack Roll 11 Dice + 4 Successes
  • Step 5: Subtract External Penalties Subtract Penalty given by ST.
  • Step 7: Calculate Damage Dice Pool. ((Step 3 - Step 5) * 2) + 8 Bashing
  • Step 8: Apply Soak/Hardness. Subtract Opponents Soak from Step 7 total.
  • Step 10: Roll Damage. Roll dice from Step 7 Minus targets soak.

Minion Sweeping Attack
Two attacks intended to clear out minions.

  • Cost: 2 Motes (1 Mote for Hungry Tiger for each attack)
  • Speed: 5 DV Penalty: -2
  • Step 3: Attack Roll's
    • First Attack 9 Dice
    • Second Attack 8 Dice
  • Step 5: Subtract External Penalties Subtract Penalty given by ST.
  • Step 7: Calculate Damage Dice Pool. ((Step 3 - Step 5) * 2) + 8 Bashing
  • Step 8: Apply Soak/Hardness. Subtract Opponents Soak from Step 7 total.
  • Step 10: Roll Damage. Roll dice from Step 7 Minus targets soak.



Earned: 89
Spent: 87
Attributes (rating x 4) • Ability (3 for 1st; rating x2 after, -1 for Favored/Caste) • Essence (rating x8) • Virtue (rating x3) • Willpower (rating x2) • Specialty (3) • Charm (10, 8 for Favored/Caste, 16 for non-Solar)


  • Essence (4): 20/24
  • Charisma (3): 5/8
  • Call The Blade 5/8
  • Bulwark Stance 0/8
  • Iron Raptor Technique 0/8
  • Whirling Brush Method 2/8


  • Awareness (2): 1/1
  • Socialize (1): 3/3
  • Lore (3): 3/3
  • Investigation (1): 3/3
  • Lock Opening Touch 8/8
  • Stamina (3): 8/8
  • Occult Specialty: Geomancy 3/3
  • Craftsman Needs no Tools 8/8
  • Athletics (2): 1/1
  • Stealth (2): 1/1
  • Craft Magitech(3): 3/3
  • Athletics(3): 3/3
  • Craft Specialty: Architecture 1(3): 3/3