Rose Magi Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

  • Protect and preserve magical knowledge, magical artifacts, and magic itself.
  • Offer aid & asylum to magic users who are being persecuted.
  • Teach magic to anyone with the desire and the drive to learn.
  • Strive to do no harm and to leave the world better than we found it.

Code of Ethics

Mages who willfully and deliberately use magic to commit the following acts may be expelled from the Rose Magi upon review of their actions by a jury of their peers:

  • Premeditated murder
  • Rape
  • Slavery
  • War crimes
  • Magical experimentation on unwilling sentients
  • Magical experimentation on willing sentients who were not informed of all potential consequences of the experiments
  • Negligence in magical experimentation that results in significant ecological damage, loss of life, or damage to magic itself

Any ethical violation will be reviewed by a randomly selected jury of thirteen Magi. They will examine all circumstances surrounding the violation and determine if those circumstances justify or excuse the responsible Mage’s actions. If the violation is deemed inexcusable, it will be noted in the Order's records, but there will be no other consequences or penalties. If the Mage commits a second inexcusable ethical violation, then and only then will the Mage be permanently and irrevocably expelled from the Order.


These are miscellaneous ideas Novak has about how to handle membership in the Order. He welcomes input on these ideas:

  • No entry requirements. Anyone who wishes to join the Rose Magi will be admitted. No one will be denied admittance due to past crimes or deeds.
  • We will teach magic to anyone, even if they don’t want to permanently join the Order. We might establish two levels of membership, one for those who want to be permanent members and another for those who only want to attend the academy.
  • No oaths or promises of any kind, not even about turning magic against one another or conspiring against the order. Novak’s reasoning for this is that the Rose Wizards became corrupted, so we shouldn’t hobble our members with oaths of loyalty since we want them to be able to resist or fight any corruption that tries to take root in the Rose Magi.

Azure Island Population

  • Rose Magi
    • Novak
    • Tiptup
    • 16x Vce-Otoa
    • 6x noobs
    • 2x children (of the noobs)
    • 3x teenagers
    • Mei (Mystra)
  • 10x kitchen goblins (1-9 & 13, #10 died and no one knows what happened to 11 & 12)
  • 6x library dust mephits
  • Keepers Annette & William (broken)
  • Guardian (broken)
  • Rana (mutated time displaced waitress)
  • 6x lab helpers
  • 24x janitors
  • 12x foundry dwarves