Saece Houses of Waterdeep

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The Saece Houses of Twilight Vaeteru are modeled on the high pageantry of Waterdhavian nobility. When saece culture found its way to Waterdeep from places south, the kind of glitz and pomp that came with it were already associated in Waterdhavian minds with the local nobility. Since it is distinctly illegal to claim to belong to one of the Waterdhavian Houses, saecefolk did the next best thing: they created their own.

House of Anjinn

  • Founded by Anjinn of Calimshan, a saece who favored belly-dancing and veil-dancing aesthetics to their saece-craft.
  • Attracted a number of genasi, and has evolved into something like an "elemental" House, with internal elemental alignments among its members.
  • Aesthetics: Bare feet, belly-dancing garb, veils, fans, and firespinning

House of Eversteel

  • Founded by a harnor member of the Guard who often taught her children fighting skills in addition to saece performance
  • Mostly women, but has a few men who like to do "warrior princess" style saece.
  • Those with fighting skills are often hired by events planners in Vaeteru as security.
  • Aesthetic: Sleek peek-a-boo armor, helmets open enough to serve face through, decorative (but often still functional) weaponry

House of Gembright

  • Founded by Her Magnificent Gembright, a gnomish saece fond of using illusions in her saece-craft.
  • Populated mostly by gnomish, halfling, and dwarven saece
  • Strong focus on metals-and-gems glamour of those races.

House of Highdrum

  • Founded by half-orc saece who reveled in merging orcish and human femininity into "the Highdrum aesthetic," an expression of bloodthirsty femininity
  • Made up of mostly half-orcs, with a few humans and others from tribal society, including a pair of goblins.
  • Frequently looked down on as "too savage for society" but also recognized as the finest drathee drummers.
  • Aesthetic: Savage (by which we mean fierce) warpaint, furs and leather, thick stompy boots and very dantha wristguards and bracers

House of Inidara

  • One of the smallest Houses, a House founded by a tiefling and aasimar who were lovers and co-performers
  • Strong heavens/hells themes, often combining the two sensuously
  • Mostly composed of humans and other more common races, but does include a few tieflings and aasimar.

House of Marvandra

  • Oldest of the Saece Houses, modeled on Waterdhavian nobility; the "old guard"
  • Mostly humans, with some elves and half-elves among them
  • High society saece, and an emphasis on subtle over vulgar
  • Aesthetic: High collars, cloaks for days, understated but utterly fierce jewels, high heeled shoes, buckles everywhere

House of Olindar

  • A House that strongly emulates Waterdhavian nobility, made up mostly of humans, elves, and half-elves.
  • Rivals to the House of Marvandra, whom the spun off of fifteen years ago.
  • Aesthetic: Masks, pearls, and miles of bejeweled diaphanous veils

House of Redtress

  • A House with a religious background
  • Originally mostly Sune-focused, but now the house of "ecclesial saece"
  • Aesthetic: Savage vestmenture, unhinged saece-nunnery, monastic realness

House of Whitecloak

  • The "House of High Art", with an arcane/wizardly focus
  • Inspired by the original Archmage of Waterdeep, Aghairon (who was sometimes informally called "the Whitecloak")
  • Has the largest number of actual magicians, but even those without a lick of talent for real magic still learn elaborate stage illusions to mimic it, while those with magic frequently use their spells to their Housemates' benefit
  • Aesthetics: My Staff is Bigger Than Yours, cantrips-for-days, sexy robes, the twirlingest of cloaks.