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Identity: Awakened • Affiliation: xxx • Base of Operations: Sedona, AZ
Ethnicity: Australian / Irish • Nationality: United States
Age: 32 • Gender: Male • Height: 6ft 2 inch • Weight: 200 lb
Eyes: Hazel • Hair: Dark Brown • Other Features: charming warm smile
Origin: x • Power Level: 8 (120 Points: Abilities 36, Defenses 13, Skills 12, Advantages 11, Powers 48)
Strength 1 Stamina 3
Agility 3 Dexterity 3
Fighting 3 Intellect 1
Awareness 2 Presence 2
Points: 36 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 3 3 x 6
Fortitude 3 3 x 6
Parry 3 3 x 6
Toughness - 3 5 10/3
Will 4 2 x 6
Points: 13 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 3 + 0 = +3

• Electro Magnetic Blast: +8 attack roll • Range: 200/400/800 ft • Rock impact Damage 8 DC 23; Limited: needs ground or rock

• Spike Stones: +8 attack roll • Range: 200/400/800 ft • Multiattack Damage 8 DC 23, Penetrating; Limited: needs ground or rock
• Stone Grip: +8 attack roll • Range: 200/400/800 ft • Cumulative Affliction 8 Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage DC 18, Hindered and Vulnerable > Defenseless and Immobilized; Limited: needs ground or rocks
• Shift Earth: DC 18 • Perception Range • Cannot inflict damage directly (use Earth Blast), but you can use it to make disarm, grab, and trip attacks. Limited: earth
• Throw: +3 attack roll • Close Range • +1 Bludgeon Damage DC 16; 25 lbs 120 ft, 100 lbs 30 ft, 400 lbs 6 ft
• Unarmed: +3 attack roll • Close Range • +1 Bludgeon Damage DC 16
• Grab: +3 attack roll • Close Range • +1 Bludgeon Damage DC Spec 11

Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
Acrobatics 1 AGL (3) - +4
Close Combat: Geokinesis 4 FGT (3) - +7
Deception 2 PRE (2) - +4
Insight 3 AWE (2) - +5
Investigation 1 INT (1) - +2
Perception 4 AWE (2) - +6
Persuasion 3 PRE (2) - +5
Ranged Combat: Geokinesis 4 DEX (3) - +7
Stealth 2 AGL (3) - +5
Athletics - STR (1) - +1
Intimidation - PRE (2) - +2
Sleight of Hand - DEX (3) - +3
Vehicles - DEX (3) - +3
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Points: 12 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: All-out Attack, Move-by Action
Fortune: Beginner's Luck, Luck 2
General: Evasion 2, Membership: Dvaravat
Skill: Attractive 2, Jack-of-all-trades

Points: 11 (1pt per rank)
• Asphalt Cyst: Teleport • 2 ranks (3/rank) • Move Action • 120 ft • Instant • Extended: 4 miles in 2 move actions; Reaching: Awakened Cities only, increase time of 0+1 per rank of additional distance needed

• Flying Rock: Flight • 6 ranks (.5/rank) • Move Action • 120 mph, 1800 ft/rd • Instant • Platform, Limited: needs ground or rock
• Tunneling: Burrowing • 8 ranks (3/rank) • Free Action • Ranged: 200/400/800 ft. Speed: 16 mph, 250 ft/rd • Sustained • Affects Others, Increased Range: ranged
• Rock Armor: Protection • 5 ranks (1/rank) • Free Action • Personal • Sustained Duration • +5 Toughness, Impervious • Limited: needs earth or rock
• City Creature: Immunity, Regeneration • Immunity 1, Regeneration 6 ranks (1/rank and .5/rank) • No Action • Personal • Permanent • Immunity: Starvation & Thirst, Regeneration: every 1.66 rounds • Source: urban
• Earth Blast: Damage • 8 ranks (1/rank) • Standard Action • Ranged: 200/400/800 • Instant • rock impact, Increased Range: ranged • Limited: needs ground or rock
• Spike Stones: Damage • 8 ranks (2/rank + 1 flat) • Standard Action • Ranged: 200/400/800 • Instant • Increased Range: ranged, Multiattack • Limited: needs earth or stone
• Stone Grip: Affliction • 8 ranks (1/rank) • Standard • Ranged: 200/400/800 • Instant • 1st degree: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless and Immobilized, Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Damage, DC 18; Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged • Limited Degree, Limited: needs ground or stone
• Earthworks: Create • 8 ranks (2/rank + 2 flat) • Standard Action • Ranged: 200/400/800 • Continuous Duration • Volume:250 cft, Extended Range: ranged, Increased Duration: continuous, Innate • Limited: needs ground or rock
• Shift Earth: Move Object • 8 ranks (2/rank) • Standard Action • Perception Range • Sustained Duration • 6 tons, Increased Range: perception • Limited: earth and roocks
• Tremorsense: Senses • 9 ranks (2/rank) • Free Action • Personal • Sustained Duration • Touch: Acute, Analytical, Extended: x1m, Ranged, Increased Duration: continuous

Points: 48
Other Traits
Equipment: xxx
Complications: Awakened City Dependence


Invested Abilities (10 PP)

  • Each Invested embodies the power of a single modern city, called an "Awakened City." Sedona's powers reflect Sedona, Arizona's earthy spirit and themes.
  • Invested have a variety of small, useful abilities granted to them while they are in any Awakened City. Invested heal faster and never need to eat or drink while within an Awakened City. They can also move rapidly through cities and even retreat within a cyst of asphalt and concrete, which is absorbed by the city only to reappear in another city, transporting them to a new location. All Invested eventually develop all of these abilities, but Sedona currently has the following abilities:
    • Asphalt Cyst: Teleport 2 (6 PP) 120 ft, 4 miles in 2 move actions; Extended, Reaching; Awakened Cities only) • Reaching allows the Invested to spend extra time in transit to places their teleportation can't quite reach; increase the Time of 0 by +1 per rank of additional Distance needed to reach target Awakened City.
    • City Creature (4 PP): Immunity 1 (starvation & thirst), Regeneration 6 (Source: urban)

Flying Rock (3 PP)

You stand atop a chunk or slab of rock you levitate and move with your powers, providing you with a flying platform. If you use your flying rock for a slam attack (Hero’s Handbook, page 198) you lose the use of it and have to reactivate your power.

  • Flight 6: Speed: 120 mph, 1800 ft/round; Platform, Limited: needs ground or rock

Rock Armor (5 PP)

You cover your your body in rocky armor formed by your powers.

  • Protection 5: +5 Toughness, Impervious, Sustained, Limited: needs earth or rock

Geokinesis (Array) (30 PP)

  • Electro Magnetic Blast: Damage 8 (1 PP): You hurl a large rock or mass of earth at your target with considerable force. Rock impact, Range: 200/400/800 ft, DC 23; Increased Range: ranged; Limited: needs ground or rock
  • Earthworks: Create 8 (1 PP): You can form objects molded from earth and rock: walls, arches, bridges, columns, and so forth. Your creations have Toughness equal to your rank and must form out of the ground or some other form of earth (rocky outcropping, etc.). See the Create effect (Hero’s Handbook, page 102) for details of things you can do with your Earthworks. Your creations are semi-permanent earthen structures. Range 400/800/1600 ft, Volume: 250 cft, DC 18; Extended Range, Increased Duration: continuous, Innate; Limeted: needs ground or rock
  • Shift Earth: Move Object 8 (1 PP): One of the most basic earth powers is the ability to move large amounts of earthen material (soil, sand, and stone). You can move up to a mass rank equal to your effect rank. 6 tons; Increased Range: perception; Limited: earth
  • Spike Stones: Multiattack Damage 8 (1 PP): Rather than a mass of rock or soil, you hurl a shower of sharp, pointed stone spikes at your target. Range: 200/400/800 ft,DC 23; Increased Range: ranged, Multiattack, Penetrating; Limited: needs ground or rocks
  • Stone Grip: Affliction 8 (1 PP): Tendrils or giant hands of rock burst from the ground to grab and hold your target. 1st degree: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless and Immobilized, Resisted by: Dodge, Overcome by Damage, Range: 200/400/800 ft, DC 18; Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree
  • Tremorsense: Senses 9 (1 PP): You’re sensitive to vibrations transmitted through earth and stone. So long as you are touching the ground, you can “feel” the locations of moving creatures also touching the ground well enough to sense details. This power applies the Ranged modifier to the normal sense of touch, which is already accurate and radius. Applying Acute and Analytical allow you to sense details, while Extended lets you sense over greater distances. Acute, Analytical, Extended 6: x1m, Ranged; Increased Duration: continuous
  • Tunneling: Burrowing 8 (24 PP): You can rapidly dig through earth and stone, simply pushing it aside with your power. You can choose to create a stable tunnel so others can follow or to allow the material to collapse and fill in behind you. You can create tunnels at a distance, but the ability does not function as an attack. Speed: 16 mph, 250 ft/round; Affects Others, Increased Range: ranged; Range: 200/400/800 ft


  • All-out Attack:When you make an all-out attack you can take a penalty of up to –5 on your active defenses (Dodge and Parry) and add the same number (up to +5) to your attack bonus.
  • Attractive 2:You’re very attractive, giving you a +5 circumstance bonus on Deception and Persuasion checks to deceive, seduce, or change the attitude of anyone who finds your looks appealing. This bonus does not count as part of your regular skill bonus in terms of the series power level, but also does not apply to people or situations which (in the GM’s opinion) would not be influenced by your appearance. While heroes tend to be a fairly good-looking lot, this advantage is generally reserved for characters with particularly impressive looks.
  • Beginner's Luck:By spending a hero point, you gain an effective 5 ranks in one skill of your choice you currently have at 4 or fewer ranks, including skills you have no ranks in, even if they can’t be used untrained. These temporary skill ranks last for the duration of the scene and grant you their normal benefits.
  • Evasion 2: You have a +5 circumstance bonus to Dodge resistance checks to avoid area effects.
  • Jack-of-all-trades:You can use any skill untrained, even skills or aspects of skills that normally cannot be used untrained, although you must still have proper tools if the skill requires them.
  • Luck 2:Once per round, you can choose to reroll a die roll, like spending a hero point, including adding 10 to rerolls of 10 or less. You can do this a number of times per game session equal to your Luck rank, with a maximum rank of half the series power level (rounded down). Your Luck ranks refresh when your hero points “reset” at the start of an adventure.
  • Membership: Dvaravat:You have a membership at the esoteric nightclub and lounge, Dvaravat. You bear on your body a permanently-henna'd Sanskrit sigil that is your passkey into the establishment. By using your finger and a standard action to draw that sigil on any solid door that sits fully in a doorframe, you can turn that door into a portal into one of the many doors in Dvaravat.
  • Move-by action:When taking a standard action and a move action you can move both before and after your standard action, provided the total distance moved isn’t greater than your normal movement speed.


  • Awakened City Dependence: When you are outside of an Awakened City, you lose access to your Invested-specific abilities, gaining a Hero Point if you are in a situation where you need them. This counts as a Power Loss Complication.
  • Previous Life: Before becoming invested I had another life. Whenever a person, place, or situation from my old life comes up and gives me a flashback, gain a Hero Point.


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