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Acquiring Gear

  • Standard Goods: These goods have no Availability Rating. Assume that with some downtime for a shopping trip, characters with a SIN can easily acquire them at the listed price. Those with no SIN have no choice but to get one from the Black Market.
Gear Cost Delivery Time
Up to 100¥ 6 hours
101¥ to 1000¥ 1 day
1001¥ to 10,000¥ 2 days
10,001¥ to 100,000¥ 1 week
100,001¥ or More 1 month
  • Black Market Goods: Goods with an Availability Rating generally have to be acquired from the Black Market. This is an Opposed Test of your Negotiation + Charisma [Social] vs the item's Availability Rating.
    • Spending Extra: For each +25% of the price you are willing to pay, you gain a +1 die to the check.
    • Success: If you win the Opposed Test, you find the item for sale, pay the listed price, and it is delivered in an amount of time equal to that listed on the Delivery Times sidebar divided by your net hits.
    • Tie: If you tie in the Opposed Test, you find the item, but the delivery time is twice that listed on the sidebar.
    • Failure: If you fail the Opposed Test, you cannot find the item, and must wait an amount of time equal to that listed in the sidebar before you can try again.
    • Glitch: If you glitch the Opposed Test, your inquiries have drawn unwanted attention. If the roll is a critical glitch, the shit hits the fan.
  • Contacts Acquiring Gear: If you have a Contact with probable access to the gear you want, you can get it through them. Contacts roll their Negotiation + Charisma to find your item, and add their Connection Rating as a bonus to their Social Limit.
    • A Loyalty 1 Contact may ask for a finder's fee (usually 1% of the item's cost), but those you deal with regularly do not ask for such.

Fencing Gear

  • Standard Goods: By and large, items with no Availability Rating cannot be sold for more than a few nuyen.
  • Black Market Goods: Selling gear with an Availability Rating is a two-step process: finding a buyer and selling the item.
    • Finding a Buyer: Make an Extended Etiquette + Charisma [Social] Test with a threshold of 10 and interval equal to the time listed for the item on the Delivery Times sidebar. You may roll the item's Availability as a Teamwork Test in this effort, however - the rarer the item, the likelier you are to find a buyer.
      • If you glitch during this check, you have attracted unwanted attention in your efforts.
    • Sell the Item: Once you've found a buyer, it is an Opposed Negotiation + Charisma [Social] Test. The base selling price is 25% of base cost, plus 5% for each of your net hits, or minus 5% for each of their net hits. Once you have a price, you can sell, or you can try and find another potential buyer.
      • If you glitch during this check, you piss off the potential buyer.
  • Contacts Fencing Gear: If you have a Contact who deals in the kind of gear you're moving, you can offload the item at a flat rate of (Loyalty Rating +1) x 5% of the item's cost. You might be able to find a better price through finding another buyer, but this ensures you don't have to spend the time to do so.