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Location: Everett, Snohomish, parts of Redmond
Activities: Gambling, smuggling, prostitution
Oyabun: Takeo Shigeda
Wakagashira: Sato Kanaga
Shategashira: Bensaiten (head of Redmond operations)
Saiko-Komon: Katashi Yoneda
Affiliates: x

The Shigeda-gumi is the newest in Seattle, formed from the remains of other clans decimated in the Korean purge. It is led by Oyabun Takeo Shigeda, a progressive and visionary leader well equipped for the challenge of running Seattle’s smallest and least influential yakuza clan. The Shigeda-gumi runs operations in the north of the metroplex, in Everett, Snohomish and parts of Redmond. The gumi competes with the Ciarniello Family in the gambling business and has considerable influence on smuggling in northern Seattle, as well as a large slice of the vice industry.


Takeo Shigeda
Oyabun of the Shigeda-gumi
Shigeda sides with the Shotozumi-rengo in most matters, though he advocates modifying the ancient traditions to allow more magicians and women to operate throughout the yakuza (as they do in his own organization). Shigeda gives his underlings more freedom than most yakuza leaders, encouraging personal initiative and judgment. This has backfired on him a few times when members of his organization took their “personal initiative” too far, but the oyabun has so far been able to rein in any rogues.
Sato Kanaga
Wakagashira of the Shigeda-gumi
One of the original agents sent by the Watada-rengo, Sato is generally seen as bloodthirsty, vindictive, and cold, the hatchetman willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the aims of the Yakuza. He is of a more traditional bent than his oyabun, however, which has proven a point of conflict between them in the past.
Katashi Yoneda
Saiko-Komon of the Shigeda-gumi
Unlike many men in his position, Katashi got his start in the organization as a kumi-in (soldier), working the streets. He never stopped attending school while doing so, however, even if it did earn him the contempt of his fellows. In short time, however, Katashi has risen to an important position after getting his law degree (paid for by the Shigeda-gumi naturally).
Shatagashira of Redmond
The highest ranking woman in the Shigeda-gumi, Bensaiten is a Buddhist nun who occupies a place of authority in a small Buddhist temple in the Woodinville neighborhood. Bensaiten is highly respected by even staunch traditionalists, even if they are somewhat bewildered by her membership in the Yakuza. Possessing neither magic nor cyberware, Bensaiten is a cunning strategist and possesses keen insight into the personalities and motivations of people shortly after she meets them.