Sir Arthur Ward

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Sir Arthur Ward
Undead Ward.jpeg

Living Ward.jpeg
Archetype: Average Human • Career: Knight • Power Level: 4
Motivations: Desire: Vengeance against Evil Fear: Failure Strength: Fearless Flaws: Pride
Brawn 5 Agility 2 Intellect 2
Cunning 2 Willpower 3 Presence 3
General Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2-grey.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Arcana (Int) 1 Spacer2.jpg Athletics (Brn) 2*
Computers (Int) Spacer2-grey.jpg Cool (Prs) 1*
Coordination (Agl) Spacer2.jpg Discipline (Wil) 2*
Driving (Agl) Spacer2-grey.jpg Knowledge (Int)
Mechanics (Int) Spacer2.jpg Medicine (Int)
Operating (Int) Spacer2-grey.jpg Perception (Cun) 1*
Piloting (Agl) Spacer2.jpg Resilience (Brn) 2*
Skulduggery (Cun) Spacer2-grey.jpg Stealth (Agl)
Streetwise (Cun) Spacer2.jpg Survival (Cun) 1*
Vigilance (Wil) 2* Spacer2-grey.jpg
Combat Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2-grey.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Brawl (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Gunnery (Agl)
Melee (Brn) 4* Spacer2-grey.jpg Ranged (Agl) 2*
Social Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2-grey.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Charm (Prs) Spacer2.jpg Coercion (Wil) 3*
Deception (Cun) Spacer2-grey.jpg Leadership (Prs) 3*
Negotiation (Prs) Spacer2.jpg
* Rank 5: Dedication,
  • Rank 4: Combat Veteran (Melee) 2, Last Stand
  • Rank 3: Body Guard, Combat Veteran (Melee) 1, Fearsome 3, Field Commander, Intimidating 1, Seize the Moment
  • Rank 2: Bulwark 1, Fearsome 2, Loom, Parry 2, Robust Skill Training, Threaten
  • Rank 1: Advance, Command 1, Duelist, Durable 1, Fearsome 1, Grit 1, Parry 1, Toughened 1
Power Rating: 4
Might of the Fallen (Enhanced Brawn 4)
Infernal Vitality (Resistance 4)
Spectral Surge (Speed 3)
Onslaught of the Damned (Attack 4)
Special Training
Soak: 16 • Ranged Defense: 3 • Melee Defense: 2(4)
Wound Threshold: 17 • Strain Threshold: 14
Swing of Soul Slayer, Onslaught of the Damned
Experience Points
Earned: 0
Spent Experience

History and Background

To Be Completed by Alex.
Major revision: the Necromancer who created Ward's cursed form was in service to a powerful demonic Hell-Lord named Marduk Kurious. This is a major player in the demonic side of the multiverse and is a rival to dudes like Mephisto. He also has already shown up in the MCU (if you count the non-Disney+ shows) in Helstrom, and is the entity that possessed their father and created the twins.

Talents and Abilities


  • Advance: After defeating an opponent, Sir Arthur can use an immediate Out-of-Turn Incidental Panel to move.
  • Body Guard (Rank 1): Once during his Strip, Sir Arthur can spend Strain up to his Ranks to choose an Engaged ally, until the end of Sir Arthur's next Strip, all attacks made against that ally have their Difficulty by the amount of Strain spent.
  • Bulwark (Rank 1): Sir Arthur may use a weapon with the Defensive Quality to use the Parry talent to reduce the damage of an attack targeting an Engaged ally.
  • Duelist: Sir Arthur adds Boost-die.png to melee combat checks while fighting a single opponent. He instead adds Setback-die.png when making melee combat checks while engaged with multiple opponents.
  • Durable (Rank 1): Sir Arthur reduces the result of any Critical Injury he suffers by 10 per Rank.
  • Fearsome (Rank 3): When an opponent becomes Engaged with Sir Arthur during Physical Conflict, they must make a check to resist Fear with a Difficulty equal Ranks - Hard (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png).
  • Field Commander: Sir Arthur may make an Average (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) Leadership check, and if successful, a number of allies equal to his Presence, may spend 1 Strain to immediately take an Out-of-Turn Incidental Panel.
  • Last Stand When an ally is defeated in close combat within Medium Range of Sir Arthur, he may spend 2 Strain and immediately appear at Engaged Range of that ally and the opponent that caused the defeating blow and make an immediate attack against that opponent.
  • Parry (Rank 2): When Sir Arthur is struck by an close combat attack, he may suffer 3 Strain to reduce the incoming Damage by 2 plus Ranks - 4 Damage.
  • Seize the Moment: Once per Issue, Sir Arthur may use a Panel to make a Hard (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) Athletics check, and if successful, each net Success-result.png allows his to select an ally who may take their Strip immediately after yours.
  • Toughened (Rank 1): Each Rank increases Sir Arthur's Wound Threshold by 2.
  • Threaten (Rank 1): After an opponent within Short Range of Sir Arthur deals damage to an ally using a combat check, he may suffer 3 Strain to inflict Strain on that opponent equal to his Coercion - 3 Strain. Each Rank increases the range of this Talent by one range band.


  • Intimidating (Rank 1): Sir Arthur may suffer Strain up to his Ranks to downgrade the Difficulty of Coercion checks he makes or upgrades Coercion checks made against him an equal number of times.
  • Loom: When an ally Engaged with Sir Arthur succeeds at a Charm, Deception, or Negotiation check may add Advantage-result.png equal to his Coercion to that check.


  • Combat Veteran (Melee) (Rank 2): Sir Arthur add Boost-die.png to Melee and Discipline equal to his Ranks - Boost-die.png Boost-die.png.
  • Command (Rank 1): Sir Arthur added Boost-die.png per Rank to his Leadership checks. Allies affected by his Leadership add Boost-die.png to their Discipline checks.
  • Intuitive Solution: Once per Issue, when Sir Arthur attempts a check for which he has no Ranks, he may spend a Story Point to use a Characteristic in place of the Skills Ranks.
  • Robust Skill Training: Sir Arthur gains Cool, Perception, and Range as Career Skills.


  • Dedication (Brawn): Sir Arthur increases his Brawn by 1.
  • Grit (Rank 1): Sir Arthur increases his Strain Threshold by 1.


Marduk's Chosen Champion

(Necromantic Mystical Experiment)

  • Edge (Forces of Creation): You may use a Heroic Moment to manifest a new Power with a Rank equal to your highest Rank of a Power with this Source.
  • Weakness (Unwanted Attention): Your very existence draws the attention. Some want to study you, others bind you to their cause or will. If you are Incapacitated by an enemy, the Storyteller may spend a Story Point to have your character taken captive.
  • Limits:
    • Monstrous: Any power with this Limit will cause bystanders or weak willed opponents to panic in terror, fleeing or attacking you.
    • Weakness (Holy Ground/Holy Symbols): Any Power with this Limit, fails completely when in Holy or concentrated places or when in the presence of Hoy objects or religious icons wielded by a person with true faith.

Might of the Fallen

  • Enhanced Brawn: Rank 4
    • Base Power: When you roll a Triumph-result.png you may immediately roll an extra [Proficiency Die] and add it your results before resolving your check.
    • Heroic Moment: Concentrated Effort - you may use a Heroic Moment to reduce the Difficulty of any Brawn check to Simple (-). This lasts for a number of Pages equal to your Rank - 4 Pages, so long as you maintain concentration on the effort.
    • Effects: Augmented, Flexible, Effective, Triumphant
      • Augmented: You add your Ranks in this Power to any calculated values based on Brawn.
      • Effective: Before resolving a check using Brawn, you add Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png.
      • Flexible: Before resolving a check using Brawn, you may exchange Success-result.png for Advantage-result.png or Advantage-result.png for Success-result.png a number of times equal to your Ranks - 4 times.
      • Triumphant: When using Brawn, before resolving Success-result.png and Difficulty-die.png, you may convert Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png into a Triumph-result.png. This Triumph-result.png does not count as being "rolled" - and you may do so up to four times per Issue.
    • Limits: Monstrous, Weakness (Holy Ground/Holy Symbols)

Infernal Vitality

  • Resistance Rank 4
    • Base Power: Increase your Soak by the Ranks in this Power.
    • Heroic Moment: Unstoppable - For a single Strip, you double your Ranks in this Power, or you may ignore all Limits applied to this power, but may not ignore the Weakness from the Power's source.
    • Effects: Hardened, Regeneration, Resilient, Immunity (Staggered)
      • Hardened: Your Soak and Defense gained from this power ignore Pierce and Breach Quality.
      • Immunity (Staggered): You are immune to the Staggered Status.
      • Regeneration: You recover from injury extremely quickly.
        • You add your Ranks as Successes to End of Conflict Recovery rolls, all rolls made to recover Wounds, and all check to recover from or have treated Critical Injuries - Success-result.pngSuccess-result.pngSuccess-result.pngSuccess-result.png.
        • You may spend Advantage-result.png when you use a Success-result.png during an End of Conflict Recovery check to regain 1 Wound instead of 1 Strain, a number of times equal to your Ranks - 4 Times.
        • You can use your Action to make an End of Conflict Recovery check a number of times per Issue, equal to your Ranks - 4 Times.
        • At the Start of your Strip, you regain a number of Wounds and/or Strain equal to your Ranks - a total of 4. You get to choose which you recover.
      • Resilient: Reduce any Critical Injury suffered by 10 for each Rank - minus 40.
    • Limits: Monstrous, Weakness (Holy Ground/Holy Symbols), Special Circumstance (Regeneration only applies after Onslaught of the Damned is used.
      • Your Regeneration only activates after you use the Onslaught of the Damned Power, and remains active a number of Pages equal to the net Success-result.png scored on the Onslaught of the Damned attack.

Spectral Surge

  • Speed Rank 4
    • Base Power: You add your Ranks in Success-result.png to any Initiative check you make - Success-result.pngSuccess-result.pngSuccess-result.pngSuccess-result.png.
    • Heroic Moment: You may use a Heroic Moment to increase your Ranks in this Power by 2, selecting two additional Effects, or ignore one or more Limits applied - but may not ignore the Weakness from your Source.
    • Effects: Quick Hands, Quick Hands, Burst, Blur
      • Quick Hands 2: You may spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to use a Panel to take an additional Action. You may not exceed the three Panel limit during your Strip.
      • Blur: You apply Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png to any attack that targets you, so long as you have activated this Power and used at least one Panel to move this Page.
      • Burst: You may use an In-Turn Incidental to move instead of using a Panel. You may do so each time you select this Effect. You may still use Panels to move.
    • Limits: Monstrous, Weakness (Holy Ground/Holy Symbols), Charges
      • Charges: Spectral Surge is a taxing ability and the Storyteller may spend Threat-result.pngThreat-result.png to cause this power to become unusable until you use a Panel to recover ad reactivate it.

Onslaught of the Damned

  • Attack Rank 3
  • Magical Necromantic Spiritual Attack - Base Damage: 9, Range: Short, Qualities: Pierce 4, Sunder, Auto-Fire, Stun 4*
    • Base Power: You may make a Ranged Attack at Short Range with a Base Damage of 4 plus Ranks - 7 Damage.
    • Heroic Moment:
    • Effects: Destructive, Empowered, Range, Terrorizing
      • Destructive: Your attack gains the Pierce Quality equal to your Ranks - Pierce 4. In addition, it gains the Sunder Quality.
        • Sunder can be activated by spending Advantage-result.png to inflict a level of damage to a piece of gear/equipment on your target. This can be activated multiple times in a single attack, but must target the same piece of gear each activation.
      • Empowered: Increase any Effect based on your Ranks by 1. You power also gains the Auto-Fire Quality.
        • Auto-Fire can be used by increasing the Difficulty of the Attack by Difficulty-die.png. You may then use Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to trigger an additional hit. You may trigger this multiple times and may attack additional targets within Range. The Difficulty of the Attack must be against the most Difficult target. However, your attack gains the Charge Limit - or increases the existing Charge Limit but reducing the Threat-result.png needed to cause your power to run out of energy by 1.
      • Terrorizing: Your attack gains the Stun Quality with a Rating equal to your Ranks - Stun 4. If affected by the Stun Quality, you may spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to Stagger your opponent until the end of their next Strip.
        • The Stun Quality can be activated by spending Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png and inflicts its Rating in Strain, ignoring Soak.
        • Staggered opponents cannot take Actions during their Strip.
    • Limits: Monstrous, Single Charge, Object
      • Object: This Attack originates from Sir Arthur's cursed sword - Soul Slayer. Without the sword, he cannot use this attack.
      • Single Charge: This Power runs out of energy after a single use. You must spend a Panel to recharge it before it can be used again. In addition, the Storyteller can spend Threat-result.pngThreat-result.png to cause the power to become unusable for the rest of the conflict.

Unholy Host

  • Utility: Rank 3
    • Base Power: You can perform various, minor, narrative things – up to Short Range, which last for a number of Pages equal to your Ranks in Utility. These can include manipulating objects beyond your reach, summon dim light, creating minor illusions, speaking telepathically, ect. The scope of these minor things is determined by your character concept and power description and can, at most, negate one Setback-die.png or provide one Boost-die.png during a Test.
    • Pandemonium (Heroic Moment): For the rest of the Page, increase the Ranks in this Power by 2 and you may select up to 2 additional effects.
    • Effects: Disruption (Discipline and Cool), Sensory Relocation, Range
      • Disruption: The damned souls scream and howl, chilling everyone to the bone and filling them with terror. All opponents within Range suffer Setback-die.png Setback-die.png Setback-die.png to any Discipline or Cool Checks they make.
      • Sensory Relocation: You can command your unholy servants to venture out to any location on your current planet/dimension, carrying your perceptions with them; allowing you to perceive as if you were there.
      • Range: Your unholy servants can each anywhere on Earth instantly, simply disappearing and reappearing at their new location.
    • Limits: Monstrous, Weakness (Holy Ground/Holy Symbols), Preparation, Charges, Taxing
      • Preparation: You must use a Panel to summon the spirits of the damned.
      • Charges: The Power can be exhausted. When this happens, you must wait until the following Sunset before it can be used again.
      • Taxing: Bringing forth the spirits of your victims requires you to spend 1 Strain for each Page it remains in effect.

Victor of a Thousand Battles

  • Special Training
    • Skills:
      • Cool 1, Coercion 3, Leadership 3, Melee 3-4, Perception 1, Ranged 1-2, Survival 1
    • Talents:
      • Command (Rank 1), Grit (Rank 1), Toughened (Rank 1), Robust Skill Training, Parry (Rank 2), Bulwark (Rank 1), Loom, Intimidating (Rank 1), Fearsome (Rank 3), Body Guard, Seize the Moment, Field Commander, Last Stand

Gear and Equipment

  • Soul Slayer - the Accursed Greatsword. Created by the demonic Hell-Lord Marduk Kurios, Soul Slayer is a massive black steel greatsword, forged from Infernal Promethium, etched with hundreds of runic glyphs. The souls of entities slain by the sword are eternally bound to it, endlessly encircling its location mirrored in the lands of the dead. It has the following characteristics:
    • Damage: Brawn + 6 (15), Critical Rating: 2, Breach 2, Pierce 4, Defensive 2, Unwieldly 4
  • Eternity's End - Armor of Ages. Ward was given a suit of armor that fully encloses him. Forged from the black steel of Infernal Promethium, the armor can withstand any attack and will continue to exist when the youngest stars have burnt themselves out. It has the following characteristics:
    • Melee Defense: 2, Range Defense 3, Soak +3, Reinforced (Immune to Sunder, Pierce and Breach), Intimidating Visage (add Success-result.png to any Coercion checks, but add Failure-result.png to any Charm checks).

Character Development

Character Creation

  • Archtype: Average Human
    • Arcane 1, Warfare 1
  • Career: Knight
    • Athletics, Coercion, Discipline, Leadership, Melee, Resilience, Survival, Vigilance
    • Melee 1-2, Coercion 1-2, Leadership 1-2
  • Total Experience Spent: 275
  • Characteristic Increase (130)
    • Brawn 3-4, Willpower 3, Presence 3
  • Talents (85)
    • Advance, Duelist, Durable, Threaten, Combat Veteran (Rank 1), Combat Veteran (Rank 2), Dedication (Brawn)
  • Skills (60)
    • Athletics 1-2, Discipline 1-2, Vigilance 1-2, Resilience 1-2

Super Hero Enhancement

  • Total Experience Spent: 500
  • Super Powers: 235
    • Enhanced Brawn (85)
    • Resistance (70)
    • Speed (30)
    • Attack (50)
  • Special Training: 265
    • Talents (170)
    • Skills (95)

Experience Awards

  • Mid-Season Finale: 30xp
    • Utility Rank 1, 2 and 3 (30xp)