Star Wars Ability Benefits

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Colony Kid

Requires: Survival 4, Mechanics 3 (Repair 1B)
While Galactic Civilization has existed for thousands of years, there are countless worlds that have yet to be fully settled. You have spent time surviving on the fringes of known space. Living in these harsh conditions has made you more stout and resourceful than your average citizen.
You may add a Modifier equal to 1/2 of your Survival when Testing Mechanics (Repair). In addition you add 1/2 of your Survival to your Stamina.

Knowledge Focus

Requires Knowledge 4
Choose an area of expertise from the following list:

  • Architecture, Astrography, Biology, Chemistry, Droid Engineering, Force Lore, History, Starship Engineering, System Engineering, Underworld

Whenever you test Knowledge in that area, your Education Dice become Test Dice.


Requires Mechanics 4 (Systems 2B and Repair 2B)
You keep a wide assortment of tools, gizmos and tech, useful in various situations. As long as you have your gear with you, you never suffer penalties for lacking proper tools. In addition, once per Scene, you may spend a Destiny Point to substitute your Mechanics Ability for any other Ability you are required to Test. The normal Specialty for the Test still applies.


Requires Mechanics 4 (Any Piloting 3B)
You have a knack for finding new Hyperspace routes through space, an art known as Trailblazing. Whenever you must make a Mechanic ( Any Piloting) Test to Astrogate you may add a Modifier to your Test Result equal to your Ranks in Cunning.


Requires Knowledge 3 (Streetwise 2B)
Throughout the Galaxy there are worlds entirely covered by great cities. On many of these worlds, oceans have long since dried up, and skyscrapers rise hundreds if not thousands of meters into the sky. But underneath the towers of civilization are hundreds of sublevels that are forever shrouded in shadow and darkness. You've spent much of your life in the dark recesses of these great cities.
You may add a Modifier equal to 1/2 of your Cunning whenever you test Knowledge (Streetwise). In addition, you may substitute your Knowledge (Streetwise) for Survival (Orientation) when finding your way through dense urban environments.