Star Wars Drawbacks

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Cybernetics are common in the Galaxy. Except in very rare – and often highly illegal – circumstances, cybernetics simply duplicate the function of a lost limb or organ. You have had to have replacements made to your body. These components make you susceptible to the effects of the Ion Weapon Quality. It is common for Force Users to take a -1D Flaw to one of the Force Specialties in addition to taking this Flaw... but it is not required.

Fallen to Darkness

Your character has succumbed to the twisted influence of the Dark Side. While it may possess many seductive qualities, the Dark Side demands a heavy toll of its users. Whenever you Test Endurance to recover from injuries or wounds, you increase the difficulty by One Step for each Dark Force Points you possess. You may negate this penalty by increasing your Characters Age by one step and applying the effects as if your character were actually that old.
In addition, the Storyteller may call for you to Test Will (Dedication) against a Difficulty determined by the number of Corruption Points you possess (Difficulty 6 for 1 Point, +3 for each Point there after). If you fail this Test, the Storyteller immediately dictates a temporary Goal for your character, one that acts out your Virtue (which has been replaced with your Vice). Cruel Characters may indulge torture, Wrathful Characters may lash out and kill a subordinate, Licentious Characters may engage in rape, ect... after your Character has indulged the Dark Sides influence the compulsion fades.


While you are a trained Force User, your Tradition practiced their Force Powers through superstition and archaic rites. Anytime you activate your Force Powers you resolve the activation as an Extended Test with a minimum of 15 minutes per roll.


While you are Force Sensitive, you lack the basic training in the mysteries of the Force. Because of this, your character must spend a Force Point to activate the Persistent Effect of a Force Powers.


You hail from a far reaching section of the galaxy and have little knowledge of the Republic and its organizations.
You suffer a -1D to all Knowledge Tests when testing for information regarding the Republic. In addition you lose 1/2 (rounded up) of your Cunning to your Intrigue Defense.

Meditative Mandate

You training with the Force has been more scholarly and academic than other Jedi. While you have extensive knowledge of the Force and it's mysteries, you have long since become reliant on distraction free concentration and extended meditative states to use Force Powers, which makes using your Powers difficult on the fly.
Prior to activating any Force Power, you must spend a Lesser Action to enter the proper mental state. If you fail to do so, you suffer -1D to your Test to activate your power. This Drawback is common among Jedi Healers, Scholars, and Seers.