Star Wars Fate Benefits

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Animal Cohort

Requires Survival 3 (Animal Handling 1B)
You have an animal that is extremely loyal to you. Once per game session you may draw strength from this bond, adding a +1D to any Test. Should your animal die, you lose this Benefit and the Destiny Point invested in it.

Droid Companion

Requires Mechanics 3
You own, built or 'acquired' a Droid that acts as your assistant. Unlike other Droids in the game, this Droids is built as a Primary Character, but it receives no Experience, unless otherwise noted. Your Droid can provide Assistance in addition to other Characters and does not count against the limit (effectively increasing the number of Assisting Characters to 3 in most cases).

Force Sensitive

This Benefit represents the Characters connection to the Force, beyond that of any normal living creature. Investing your Destiny into this Benefit fundamentally changes what your Character's potential is, but also opens them up to the temptations and influence of the Dark Side. This is the first Benefit in the Force Benefit series and is required for all others that follow. When you purchase this Benefit, you gain one (1) rank in the Sense, Control and Alter Specialties. In addition you gain 1 Forec Point.

Jedi Knight

Requires Force Sensitive, Fighting 4 (Lightsaber 1B), Awareness 3 (Sense 2B), Will 3 (Control 2B), Presence 3 (Alter 2B), and Form I: Student of Shii-Cho
You are an fully initiated Knight of the Jedi Order. While Characters may be Jedi, even Knights without this Benefit, your character draws strength from their place in the Order, as well as commanding respect from others. You gain +1B to all Presence Rolls and +2 to your Intrigue Defense when you are identified as a Jedi. Further, you may be granted access to resources that others do not have, but must obey the orders of Jedi Masters and the Jedi Council. Should you be expelled from the Order you lose this Benefit and the Destiny Point you invested in it.

Jedi Master

Requires Jedi Knight, Awareness 4 (Sense 3B), Will 4 (Control 3B), Presence 4 (Alter 3B), and you must possess at least 5 Force Points, any Form Benefit.
Jedi Masters are renown throughout the Galaxy and are viewed with reverence, respect and often fear. You increase the base Influence of any Technique during an Intrigue by 1.