Star Wars Heritage Benefits

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Child of the Core Worlds

You grew up in the Core Worlds, the most prestigious, well developed and heavily populated in the Galaxy. This exposed you to hundreds of cultures, modern technology, security and comfort.
You increase your Intrigue Defense by +2. In addition when you Testing Education you reroll a number 1's equal to ½ your Presence.

Child of the Colonies

While the Core Worlds may be the political heart of the Galaxy, the Colonies are the beating heart of trade. While the Corporations still make their work in the Expansion Region, it is the Colonies where many make their home. Here, trade, commerce and industry are held as most important.
You increase the Influence of Bargain and Convince Techniques by 1 against opponents whose Ranks in Will are less than yours.

Child of the Inner Rim

Thousands of years ago, the region that is called the Inner Rim, was expected to be the edge of Known Space. However, through careful political maneuvering, the great Corporations were able to blaze Hyperspace Lanes into the Expansion Region. Still for many the Inner Rim marked the edge of the Republic. Cultures of the Inner Rim have become the “middle children” of the Republic. You are disdainful of those who live closer to the Core, and dismissive of those who live further away.
When you take Influence during an Intrigue, you reduce the influence by ½ of your Presence.

Child of the Expansion Region

When the Corporations gained permission from the Senate to move beyond the edges of the Rim, they found numerous worlds rich in resources. Without the oversight of the Senate, the Corporations were able to strip hundreds of systems of all usable resources. This has left a significant portion of this area barren and hostile.
When Testing Endurance (Resilience) you may add a Modifier equal to ½ your ranks in Will. In addition, you Test Will (Dedication) you may reroll a number of 1's equal to ½ your Endurance.

Child of the Mid Rim

Unlike the Expansion Region, which was intentionally stripped of it's resources, the Mid Rim territories were resource poor to begin with. While not as dangerous and wild as the Outer Rim, the Mid Rim is still a place full of smugglers and pirates, a place where only the quick of body and mind survive.
You increase your Combat Defense by +2. In addition when testing Survival (Forage) you may reroll a number of 1's equal to ½ you Ranks in Cunning.

Child of the Outer Rim

The Outer Rim Territories are the largest and most diverse area of the Known Galaxy. A wild and untamed frontier where few laws hold sway.
When you test Awareness (Notice) you may add a Modifier equal to ½ your Ranks in Thievery. When you test Thievery (Steal) you may reroll a number of 1's equal to ½ your ranks in Awareness.