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Legal Name: probably not Taig
Metatype: Human, Ethnicity: German Irish
Age: 22, Sex: Male, Height: 5' 10", Weight: 163 lbs.
Street Cred: 0, Notoriety: 0, Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 0, Total Karma: 28
Primary Lifestyle:
Nuyen: ¥225
Licenses: None
Other Identities: None
Combat Info
Armor: 12 (Armor Jacket)
Ranged: Ares Predator V
Melee: Knife
Condition Monitors Physical: 10 Stun: 10 Overflow: 3
Body: 3, Agility: 2, Reaction: 2, Strength: 2
Willpower: 4, Logic: 5, Intuition: 2, Charisma: 2
Edge: 3, Essence: 6, Magic: 6, Resonance: 0
Initiative: 4+1d6, Matrix Initiative: -, Astral Initiative: 4+2d6
Composure: 6, Judge Intentions: 4, Memory: 9, Lift/Carry: 5, Movement: Walk 4, Run 8, Sprint +2m/hit
Physical Limit: 3, MentalLimit: 6, SocialLimit: 5
Active Skills:
Agility: Blades 1, Pistols 2 (Semi-Automatics +2)
Charisma: Negotiation 2, Performance 1
Intuition: Assensing 3, Perception 2
Logic: Arcane 3
Willpower: Astral Combat 3
Magic: Spellcasting 6, Counterspelling 4, Ritual Spellcasting 1, Alchemy 3, Artificing 3, Disenchanting 1, Summoning Skill Group 2 (Summoning, Binding, Banishing)
Knowledge Skills:
Logic: Magical Theory 4, Physics 4, Chemistry 4, Engineering 3 (Chemical Engineering +2), Corporate Politics 1 (Saeder-Krupp +2)
Intuition: Drug Dealers 1 (Cram +2)
Languages: English N, German 2
Positive: College Education, Focused Concentration 2
Negative Qualities: Cram Addiction (Moderate), National SIN (UCAS), Records on File (Saeder-Krupp)
Solace (1/1)
Crux (4/3)
Commlink or Cyberdeck
Sony Emperor
Death Touch, Ice Spear, Stunbolt, Ice Storm, Manaball, Ice Wall, Clairvoyance, Mindlink, Heal, Decrease Agility, Increase Reflexes, Armor, Control Thoughts, Magic Fingers


Born: April 3, 2048

Taig was introduced to the other School investors by a mutual contact, who described him as a go-go boy with a known drug habit. He has a reputation for unreliability but also a certain carelessness that makes him willing to do just about anything. Most importantly, he was looking for a new venue and had enough money to secure a spot at School. He doesn't involve himself in deciding how School is run; he's content having shelter and work that allows him to meet his needs. He also doesn't speak about himself or his past much, brushing questions off.

Taig's stage act doesn't incorporate much actual performance or musicality. At best, the costumes he strips off accentuate his assets well. The real show comes after the stage anyway, when Taig works a crowd who knows anyone generous enough--especially with his favorite, cram--can score his personal attention. He sometimes disappears for days at a time with anyone well-supplied enough to lure him away.

The manic energy of a cram session often leads Taig to take on projects around School after most of the customers have left, though these projects often go unfinished once he crashes. Nevertheless, he keeps the place clean and makes halfway decent concoctions--approximations of stir fries and such--with a small SOTA kitchen setup in his room. He's talked about making his own drugs, but Solace discourages him (mainly because she doesn't believe he can), pointing out that he might draw the wrong attention with such talk.

Taig's name is pronounced with a long "i," but most people find that awkward and just call him Tag. He doesn't object as long as they're holding.

Combat Gear


  • Armor Jacket


  • Ares Predator V (Laser Sight, Concealable Holster)
  • Knife

Lifestyle & Identity


  • Comforts & Necessities: 2/2
  • Security: 2
  • Neighborhood: 1
  • Points: 2 (Grid Subscription, Comforts & Necessities +1)
  • Cost: 520¥ (Soy Processing Unit)
  • Entertainment:
    • xxx: x


  • Carried: Regular Ammo (20 shots), Sony Emperor, Standard Credstick
  • Stored: Esmerelda, A Biometric Maglocked (Rating 3) Lockbox for Drugs and Paraphernalia, Cram (12 doses), Psyche (2 doses)


  • 200¥ worth of stage clothing that doubles as daily clothing


  • National: UCAS
    • Licenses: -
    • Credit: 0

Family, Friends, Allies & Contacts

Dealer (1/1)
Solace quickly took Taig under her wing once his cram habit took hold; in fact, her appearance in his life coincides uncomfortably with the start of his downward slide. She seems to have a real affection for him--she's certainly taken her share of his goods--but in the end she's pragmatic enough to recognize a good customer poised to become a liability. She'll stick with the ride as long as it's profitable, though.
Mystery Man (4/3)
Crux is one of the few people who knows that Taig is Awakened, though Taig himself has no idea how he discovered this. Crux simply started showing up infrequently at School, discomfiting Taig by alluding to this knowledge and hinting vaguely that he might be of use. The well-connected know Crux as an elusive street magician whose services are often sought in vain, so his interest in Taig would be puzzling to anyone aware of it. The circumspect mage, however, gives no clue to anyone but Taig.
Sweet Georgia
Touristville Madame (3/-)
The owner of Sweet Georgia's in the Touristville Strip, Sweet Georgia portrays herself as the very height of CAS decadence: a Southern drawl, calling everyone "baby" or "sugar", and a sort of voluptuous sensuality always on display. Taig worked for her in the past - a go-go boy is always welcome in the front of her house, though his tendency to "freelance" on the clock definitely made continued employment with her a no-go. A good friend of Solace, Sweet Georgia does seem to have a distinct sort of affection for Taig nonetheless, and it was she who introduced him to School and the possibilities there.