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Briars-Lost (Persistent)
Your character is one of the Awakened in the city of the Greenjack, where the power of Arcadia is quite strong. You may use the city itself as a Location Yantra for any Fate or Time magic, worth +2 dice; if you use this yantra and are not an Acanthus, you also may negate the Mana surcharge for using non-Path arcana. Using any magic from the Forces arcanum inflicts a -2 penalty to the dice pool, however, and adds +1 to the Mana cost of the spell. You also gain a second Vice, "Fickle" (regain one Willpower when you follow your random compulsions that utterly derail the main plot or cause your character difficulties in doing so). Finally, all Paradox dice pools are reduced by 2 automatically while in Greenjack London.
Possible Sources: Awakened transported to Greenjack London
Resolution: Depart Greenjack London once more
Beats: Run afoul of the Greenjack or any of the other Huntsmen, or their minions and servants.