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A Claimed object, corpse, creature, or per- son has been permanently possessed and merges with the entity involved. Unlike Possess, living Claimed aren’t put into a fugue state, but remain mentally active while their soul and the Claiming entity merge together over the course of several days. During the period of fusion, the subject is under all the effects of the Urged Condition, described above. Once a day, starting with the moment the Claimed Condition is created, add one dot of the entity’s Attributes to the host’s, permanently raising them. Power may be assigned to Strength, Intelligence, or Presence, Finesse to Wits, Dexterity, or Manipulation, and Resistance to Stamina, Composure, or Resolve. The host’s physical form begins to mutate, taking on an appearance influenced by the original host and the entity.
Claimed corpses add points to Attributes as above, but start with all Mental and Social Attributes at 0. Inanimate objects use the statistics appropriate for their type (Adding Resistance to Structure and Durability, Power to Acceleration, and Finesse to Handling) instead of Physical Attributes, and also start the claiming process with all Mental and Social Attributes at 0. Corpses and inanimate hosts don’t spend the claiming period under the Urged Condition, having no minds of their own to warp.
Claimed may use the entity’s Influences, but not their Numina or Manifestation Effects. They may develop super- natural powers as Merits. From the moment the Claimed Condition is laid, the entity is safe from Essence Bleed. The hybrid being that results has the entity’s Essence trait, Virtue, Vice, Ban, and Bane, but is a material being. Claimed that were once spirits may cross the Gauntlet at a Locus with a successful Intelligence + Presence roll. Claimed that were inanimate objects are fully animate, fusions of spiritual power, metal, and plastic.
Possible Sources: Use of the Claim Manifestation on a target with the Controlled Influence Condition.
Resolution: Claim is permanent in living hosts unless the entity decides to detach itself, rolling its original Power + Finesse penalized by its Rank in dice and contested by the Claimed hybrid’s Resolve + Composure, including any dots gained from being Claimed. If the entity succeeds, the entity and host are separated. Former hosts are physically and mentally scarred — the physical appearance changes back at the same rate it mutated, and the extra Attribute dots fade at a rate of two per day. The Essence trait and any supernatural powers the Claimed developed immediately vanish. Former Claimed, however, retain the Virtue and Vice of the entity that took them over.
In nonliving hosts, Claim is only temporary – once the Claim has fully formed, the host loses one dot of a Physical Attribute (or the equivalent for formerly-inanimate objects) per three days. When any of these Attributes reaches 0, the host disintegrates and the entity is released into Twilight.