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The Fairer Sex
Despite being ruled by a Queen, Victorian England was a difficult place to be a woman, betimes. Victorian attitudes toward the capabilities of women often drove interactions between the genders, and it didn't help that women's garments frequently seemed to conspire to support those attitudes! As a woman, take a -2 penalty to Social checks when engaging outside of "a woman's world." Likewise, take a -1 penalty to Physical checks that might in any way be limited or burdened by the sorts of garments women were expected to wear. A woman who chooses to forego such garments instead gains a -2 penalty to all Social checks, as Victorian society, top to bottom, conspires to put her back in "her place."

Note that not all women characters in a Victorian chronicle are required to take this Condition; it is for those who wish to engage with the era's misogyny on-screen. Female characters without it are assumed to deal with these situations behind the scenes, but it need never come up during actual play.
Possible Sources: Being a woman in Victorian England.
Resolution: Successfully living as a man, or moving some place that does not weigh women down with Victorian assumptions (such as many frontier areas)
Beats: Gain a beat anytime someone makes life difficult for you because you are a woman, or anytime you fail a roll that receives one of the penalties above.