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The subject of this Condition is within the sphere of influence of a spirit.
Possible Sources: This Condition is common and occurs naturally; if an object, phenomenon, person, or place matches the spirit’s purview in some way, it has this Condition. Anything match- ing the description of one of a spirit’s Influences counts as having this Condition tagged to the spirit. Summoning rituals intended to entice a particular spirit to a location work by instilling the qualities that result in this Condition. Finally, a high-Rank spirit can use a Create Influence to cause the prerequisites for the Condition itself.
Resolution: The Condition ends if the phenomenon creating it ends. A forest stops being Resonant for a tree spirit when all the trees are logged, a grief spirit can’t Influence someone who has healed and let go of his pain, and a fire spirit must move on when the fire is extinguished. Abjuration and exorcism may temporarily suppress the Condition, or be the cause of it “naturally” ending, if the ritualists remove the causal phenomenon as part of the ritual.