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Thyrsus Legacies


  • Orphan of Proteus: (MTA; Life/Mind/Matter)


  • Fallen Pillar: (L:tS; Life/Prime+Mind/-)
  • Imagineer: (FC; Spirit/-/-)
  • Keeper of the Covenant: (SL; Fate/Spirit/-)
  • Lords of the Inanimate: (SL; Matter/Spirit/-)
  • Neocologist: (ToW; Spirit/Life/Matter)
  • Path of the Book: (GoG; Mind/Fate/Time)
  • Sodality of the Tor: (L:tS; Fate/-/LIfe+Time)


  • Crysalides: (SotT; Time/-/Mind)
  • Dreamspaker: (L:tA; Mind/-/Spirit)
  • Gaoler of Ialdabaoth: (GoG; Spirit/-/Death)
  • Illumined Path: (KttST; Forces/Spirit/Life)
  • Katsinam Suukya: (Summ; Spirit/Life/Life)
  • The Quiescent: (MNoir; Time/-/Death)
  • Tamer of Rivers: (L:tA; Matter/Life/-)
  • Nickname: Shaman
  • Path Name: The Path of Ecstasy
  • Heraldic Beast: The Minotaur
  • Tarot Card: The Moon
  • Watchtower: The Watchtower of the Stone Book
  • Supernal Realm: The Primal Wild, Kingdom of Totems and Abode of Beasts
  • Arcana: Life, Spirit (Weak in Mind)
  • Archetypes: First Nations healer, visionary lunatic, berserker, enlightened veterinarian, herbalist, witch, eco-saboteur
  • Awakening: The Thyrsus Awakening is often a bit like going mad, and of losing the things that make one civilized. Themes of these Awakenings include relinquishing fear and letting the primal self go, discovering the ancient legacies of the land and its spirits and the discovery of spiritual ecstasy. These Awakenings usually take place in deeply primordial wild places, and in locales from mythology.
  • Path Tools
    • Wands & Staves: Wood, copper, stone.
    • Weapons: Knife, spear, axe, sling.
    • Cups: Wood, copper, stone.
    • Pentacles & Coins: Wood, copper, stone; must be marked with Atlantean pentagram.
    • Mirrors: Wood, copper, stone.