Tobias Typho

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Tobias Typho
Tobias Typho.jpg
Species: Human • Career: Sentinel • Specializations: Investigator, Warden
Motivations: Faith (Nothing)

Morality: 50 • Emotional Strength: Caution • Emotional Weaknesses: Arrogance
Duty: Counter-Intelligence (10)

Brawn 2 Agility 2 Intellect 2
Cunning 3 Willpower 3 Presence 2
General Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Astrogation (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Athletics (Brn) -
Charm (Prs) - Spacer2.jpg Coercion (Will) (C) 2
Computers (Int) (C) Spacer2.jpg Cool (Prs) 1
Coordination (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Deception (Cun) (C)
Discipline (Will) (C) Spacer2.jpg Leadership (Prs) -
Mechanics (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Medicine (Int) -
Negotiation (Prs) - Spacer2.jpg Perception (Cun) (C) 2
Pilot:Planetary (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Pilot:Space (Agl) -
Resilience (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Skullduggery (Cun) (C) 1
Stealth (Agl) (C) Spacer2.jpg Streetwise (Cun) (C) 3
Survival (Cun) - Spacer2.jpg Vigilance (Will) -
Combat Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Brawl (Brn) (C) Spacer2.jpg Gunnery (Agl) -
Lightsaber (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Melee (Brn) -
Ranged:Light (Agl) 1 Spacer2.jpg Ranged:Heavy (Agl) -
Knowledge Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Core Worlds (Int) (C) Spacer2.jpg Education (Int) (C)
Lore (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Outer Rim (Int) -
Underworld (Int) (C) 2 Spacer2.jpg Warfare (Int) -
Xenology (Int) - Spacer2.jpg
See below
The Force
Force Rating: 1
Force Powers: See below
Soak: 3 • Armor: 1
Ranged Defense: 1 • Melee Defense: 1
Wound Threshold: 12 • Strain Threshold: 13
Concealed Holdout Blaster
Experience Points
Earned: 170 (Racial 110• PreGame 60 • Current Game 15)
Spent Experience
170 (Unspent: 15)


Tobias Typho is the son of Gregor Typho, former Captain in the Naboo Security Forces and once head of Senator Padme Amidala's protection detail. Born force sensitive, Tobias was taken to train with the Jedi and was a Padawan during the horror of the Clone Wars. The war was not kind to Tobias, and twice during his training his assigned masters were slain in combat against the droid armies. As the war dragged on, Tobias grew increasingly dejected and apathetic, as many of his closet friends were killed - and he, himself, suffered several serious injuries.

When the Clone Troopers turned on the Jedi at the end of the war, Tobias was recovering in a field hospital on Onecron after losing his leg to blaster fire from a super battle droid. Like Tobias, the Troopers carrying out Order 66 were also recovering from injuries and were not able to combat the wounded Jedi. Tobias fled into the ruins of Onecrons capital city and eluded execution.

Unsure what to do, Tobias first attempted to return to the Temple, but received Master Kenobi's warning before walking into the newly formed Empire's trap. With few options, he then attempted to find safety with his former family on Naboo. In short order, he was captured by the Naboo Security Forces under the command of his great uncle, Colonel Panaka. Before he could be handed over to the Imperial forces, he was liberated by a group of resistance fighters under the command of Padme Amidala herself.

Realizing that a former Jedi would potentially bring more potent attention, Padme insisted that Tobias go into hiding in the Outer Rim. Reluctantly, Tobias agreed. In the ensuing years, Tobias used the skills he had learned at the Temple to become a moderately successful Bounty Hunter. When Amidala was confirmed to be missing, Rebel Intelligence contacted Tobias discretely, hoping that his connection to Padme and Hunter Skills may make the difference in locating the lost Rebel leader.


Tobias' experiences during and after the Clone Wars left him disillusioned with the Jedi teachings. He became jaded, believing that the Republic had grown corrupt and self-serving and that the Jedi, despite all their knowledge and power, had been blind and foolish - and that the only one he could truly count on was himself. This belief was reinforced by the harsh life of the Outer Rim, where the weak and defenseless are preyed upon by the strong. As a Bounty Hunter, however, Tobias was careful to choose his marks, always bringing his targets in alive - if somewhat worse for the encounter - and only taking contracts on murderers, rapists and other miscreants. In this way, he still tried to maintain some balance with the Force, though his connection to the Force atrophied considerably.

His relationship with the Rebellion is somewhat strained. He holds no idealism for restoring the Republic - in his mind, the Republic allowed the Clone Wars to ravage countless worlds, and he is quick to point out that Palpatine was democratically elected by the same government the Rebellion hopes to return to power. His service to the Rebellion will last as long as it takes to find and return Lady Padme to safety - to whom he believes he owes his life. He considers most Rebels to either be green, untested soldiers - for whom he has contempt for their cavalier attitudes toward battle - or naive political idealists that do not understand the insurmountable odds they are fighting against.

The many injuries and wanton destruction he saw during the Clone Wars left him cautious by nature - preferring to size up a situation and cover every angle before making a move. He also has no patients for the mistakes of others, and has harsh criticisms when others step out of line. This, and his attitude in general, as won him few friends within the coalescing Alliance - however, Rebel Intelligence has made it clear that his connection to Amidala and man-hunting skills are vital to the Rebellions survival.


  • Keen Eyed (Rank 1): Tobias may remove Setback-die.png Perception and Vigilance Checks. In addition, he reduces the time it takes to search an area by half.
  • Uncanny Senses (Rank 1): Tobias adds a Boost-die.png to all Perception Checks
  • Intimidating (Rank 1): Tobias may spend 1 Strain to reduce the Difficulty of a Coercion Check by 1.
  • Scathing Tirade: Tobias may make an Coercion (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) Check against targets within Short Range. Each Success-result.png causes a Target to suffer 1 Strain. Advantage-result.png may be spent to inflict additional Strain.

Force Powers

  • Seek
    • Basic - May Spend EitherForce-result.pngEitherForce-result.png to gain general sense of location or direction of target Tobias is familiar with regardless of distance. May spend EitherForce-result.png to see through an illusion.
  • Influence
    • Basic - May Spend EitherForce-result.png to inflict 1 Strain on Engaged Target. This may be activated multiple times.


  • Cr: 10
  • Encumbrance: 1 / 12
  • Holdout Blaster - Rng:Lt (Short); Damage: 5; Crit: 4; Stun Setting - Enc 1
    • Special: Adds Setback-die.png to Perception Checks to find Blaster.
    • Concealment Holster - Enc 0 - Special: Adds additional Setback-die.png to Perception Checks to find Blaster.
  • Half-Vest - Armor 1; Soak 1
    • Special: When Tobias suffers a critical injury, his armor suffers a level of damage.
  • Backback: - Enc 0
  • Utility Belt: - Enc 0
    • Commlink: - Enc 0
    • Scanner Goggles: - Enc 0
      • Special: Allows Tobias to see clearly at great distances, and suffers no penalty due to bright or low light conditions.


  • Character Creation
    • Human: +110
    • Morality: +10
    • Cunning 3: -30
    • Willpower 3: -30
    • Seek Basic: -10
    • Talent (Inv 2-1): -5
    • Talent (Inv 3-1): -5
    • Streetwise 2: -10
    • Underworld 2: -10
    • Influence Basic: -10
    • Bonus: +50
    • Spec: Warden -15
    • Talent (War 3-1): -5
    • Coercion 1: -5
    • Coercion 2: -10
    • Talent (War 3-2): -10
    • Streetwise 3: 15
  • Game 1: 10+5 (motivation bonus)
  • Total Remaining: 15


Intelligence Asset
Though you have since been in contact with other Intelligence figures in the rebellion (most notably General Cracken), Shepherd was the one who originally hired you to recover a rogue ISB agent, paying you extra to allow him a day to interrogate the man in secret, before handing him back over to you to turn in for a bounty. It was Shepherd who recruited you into the rebel cause. Though you've never seen his face, he is very persuasive and cunning.
General Airen Cracken
Chief of Alliance Intelligence
You are part of Cracken's Network, a wide net of intelligence and counter-intelligence assets. It has served the General well to keep you outside of the normal intelligence and Alliance circles, allowing you to operate covertly even where other rebels are concerned. He is clearly very tactically oriented, and quite strong-willed.