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Race: Tabaxi, Class: Rogue [Swashbuckler] / Monk [Way of Shadow]
Background: Vagabond Storyteller, Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Tyche
Factions: None
Ability Scores
See character sheet
Bonus: See character sheet
Saving Throws: Dexterity & Intelligence
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics (x2), Deception, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Performance, Stealth (x2)
Tools: Disguise Kit (Proficiency to make a visual disguise), Thieve's Tools (Proficiency to disarm traps or open locks)
Languages: Threxantran, Darshinian, Tengu
Armor: Light armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortswords
See character sheet
See character sheet
Attacks: See character sheet
Armor Class: See character sheet, Initiative: See character sheet, Speed: See character sheet
Hit Points: See character sheet, Hit Dice: See character sheet
Personality Traits:

A tail with a tale: My tail always betrays my inner thoughts -- particularly thoughts of mischief. I am vaguely aware of this trait and occasionally comment wryly upon it, pretending to consult with my tail while weighing the pros and cons of various positions and proposals.
Live for the moment, but honor a crusade: I'm possessed of a mercurial and inconstant attention span, so I seek out adrenaline-infused adventures and tail-twitching curiosities. However, when I commit my heart fully to an important course of action, nothing can divert me.
Savor every word upon your tongue: Language is delicious. I enjoy the play of words and the perfume of flowery speech. Why say something in a short, drab sentence, when you can infuse it with texture, vibrance, and delight by choosing a more poetic phrasing?
Libertion: As a former slave, I abhor bondage of any kind. Every individual has the right to pursue their own fortune and any who would deprive them of that right are not worthy of mercy.
Joie de Vivre: We were made to be happy. So, in all things, I strive always to be so, and to help those around me see the joy in life as well.
Stories Matter: Good stories are the most valuable wealth one may acquire. I am always mindful of this and sometimes take actions simply because they will lead to more interesting outcomes, paying dividends in ale houses later.
Lighten Your Load: I believe that we must always remember that nothing in life is guaranteed and changes could come at any time. The only sensible course of action is to avoid accumulating too many attachments so that you are ready to accept changes when they come. When I see someone weighed down by wealth and clinging too strongly to it, I help them by lightening their wallet. Conversely, when I see someone downtrodden by life or stuck in a bad situation, I do what I can to lighten their heart.
Knai: My savior, teacher, and travelling companion. Knai smuggled me away from the djinn crime lord who held me in thrall, and was then surprised when I refused to stop following him. Over time, he taught me what he could and, ultimately, brought me to train with the kenku of the Black Wood. I owe him everything and always strive to live up to the example he set for me.
Tyche: Knai introduced me to the worship of Tymorah -- whom we of Darshiniath know as Tyche, patron of good fortune, adventure, and the prosperity of cities. Since he introduced me to the Lady of Fortune, I have done all I can to be a mortal instrument for her, spreading fortune, adventure, and cheer wherever I can. In return, I have felt the warmth of her blessings upon me, and seem to have better luck than I used to.
Kadaan and Iisha: I was not the only slave that Knai freed from Gedeshim's thrall. Kadaan, an older Tabaxi who was gifted in the ways of wilderness survival, and Iisha, a <something> <something>. As we traveled with Knai, Kadaan and Iisha became like older siblings to me. Eventually, Kadaan and I became lovers as well. He wasn't pleased when Knai arranged for my training in the Way of Shadow and I was left with the Blackwood Stalkers.
The Blackwood Stalkers: I am eternally grateful to the Stalkers for taking me in and teaching me the Way... even if I'm not sure I ever quite grasped the finer points. I seemed, at turns, to amuse and exasperate these wise and elusive kenku. But for all my strangeness, they never treated me poorly, singled me out, or made me feel unwelcome.
Curiosity hasn't killed me... yet: As with many of my tabaxi kin, my attention often snags upon topics of interest or little mysteries that I must unravel. The timing of these small obsessions is not always opportune, however, and this has occasionally gotten me into trouble.
Never suffer a bully to prosper: Few things raise my ire more than one person's abuse of power over another. When I witness bullying, I am usually compelled to act. I attempt to teach the bully that they are not, in fact, an authority over those around them, but this is often indistinguishable from being vengeful or spiteful to those around who lack the context for my actions.
Gambling is a sacrement: My Lady Tyche is the Goddess of good fortune. How, then, could I ever dishonor her by turning down a bet? I view gambling as a sort of augury, and I read Tyche's intentions in the outcomes.
Why do people want to be sad?: When someone is feeling down, I do my best to lift their spirits, but sometimes that's really not what's needed. I'm poorly equipped to handle these situations and am often at a loss for how to help someone who really just needs to feel sad for a while. When I am feeling sad, myself, I will often attempt to deny this by being even more cheerful to those around me, but it's transparent to all who know me that I am trying too hard.

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else" –Charles Dickens

"...I know kung fu." –Neo

Most up-to-date stats are available on Tsabar's dynamic character sheet.


29 years old

  • <Early life...?>
  • <Enslaved by Gedeshim...?>
  • <Worked as some type of slave...?>
  • <Liberated by Knai>
  • Traveled with Knai, Kadaan, and Iisha. They traveled around Darshiniath, freeing slaves and bringing lightness and good fortune wherever they went.
  • Kadaan and Tsabar became lovers.
  • Eventually, Knai grew nostalgic for home and decided to have Tsabar train with the Blackwood Stalkers. The quartet crossed the ocean to Manix.
  • When they arrived in Neun Katha, Tsabar was left with the Stalkers to train. Kadaan didn't handle this separation well.
  • Eventually, seeming to plateau indefinitely in his learning of the Way of Shadow with the monks, he became restless and, despite not having mastered manipulation of his ki, Tsabar set out again.
  • Tsabar travels a bit, trying to live up to Knai's example, but, by luck, ends up setting his sights on the same artifact as an ISA team. They end up recruiting Tsabar and the rest is history.

Important Individuals


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