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"Honor is a thing for the nobles. Me, I'm a simple man. Defend those you love. Keep your word. And get revenge when you have been wronged." - Ulwyck Mace

{Background Info}

Ulwyck the Mace

Ulwyck is a large and powerfully built man. He is 42 years of age. Born the son of a miner in the Demense of Irongarde Hills, Ulwyck spent a couple of years as an apprentice miner befroe enlisting in the Graben Household guard. During Robert's Rebellion, Ulwyck was present at one of the major battles for Storms end and save the life of Lord Waltyr. As a result of his heroics, Ulwyck was Knighted by Lord Waltyr.

Rumors & Tendencies

Ser Ulwyck is a drunkard, illiterate, lacking in social grace, and has little respect for the nobility as a whole. But, he is also a skilled warrior and one of the best natural tactitians I have known. Given that their can be no question of his loyalty to you and your family, my Lord, I think he is a natural choice to replace <Name>
- Ser Lucias, discussing the Ser Ulwyck Mace's promotion to Master at Arms.

There are a variety of local rumors about Ser Ulwyck:

  • Ulwyck married Beth after getting her pregnant. Lord Waltyr strong armed him telling him that none of his Knights was going to have a bastard if he could help it.
  • Ulwyck is a drunkard. He has been dragged back to his chamber by Ser Lucias more then once after spending an evening drinking with the garrison.
  • Ulwyck killed a man in a drunken bar fight. But the fight was no accident, Ulwyck picked it because he was spreading viscious rumors about Lord Waltyr.
  • The fact that he is illiterate makes Ulwyck uncomfortable, reminding him of it is the best way to get some extra "training".
  • Ulwyck is fiercly loyal to House Graben. The one time a smuggler tried to bribe him, he dragged the man before Lord Waltyr himself.


  • Agility - 3;
  • Animal Handling - 3; Ride 1b
  • Athletics - 4; Strength 2b
  • Awareness - 2;
  • Cunning - 3;
  • Deception - 2;
  • Endurance - 4;
  • Fighting - 5; Bludgeon 3b, Spears 1b
  • Healing - 2;
  • Language - 2;
  • Knowledge - 3; Streetwise 1b
  • Marksmanship - 1;
  • Persuasion - 3; Intimidate 1b
  • Status - 3;
  • Stealth - 2;
  • Survival - 3;
  • Thievery - 2;
  • Warfare - 5; Command 1b
  • Will - 3; Dedication 1b

Intrigue & Combat

  • Intrigue Defense: 8 (Awareness+Cunning+Status)
  • Composure: 9 (Will Ranks x3)
  • Combat Defense: 8 Naked / 5 in Armor / 9 Armored With Shield (Agility+Athletics+Awareness+Defensive Bonus-Armor Penalty)
  • Health: 12 (Endurance Ranks x3)
  • Armor: Splint Mail (Arm: 7, AP: -3, Bulk: 3(2))
  • Armor Rating: 7 (8)
  • Armor Penalty: -3
  • Weapons
    • Warhammer: Test 5b3, Damage Athletics, Keywords: Bulk 1, Powerful(+ Str damage), Shattering 2, Slow(May not make Divided attacks), Two-Handed
    • Ball and Chain: Test 5b2, Damage Athletics, Keywords: Powerful(+ Str damage), Shattering 1, Castle Forged (+1 to results)
    • War Lance: Test 5, Damage 9, Keywords: Bulk 2, Impale, Mounted, Powerfull, Slow, Viscious
    • Large Shield: Test 3, Damage 2, Keywords: Bulk 1, Defensive 4


Destiny: 1 (Starting 3, Qualities: -4, Burned: -1 Drawbacks +2, Awarded +1)

  • Bludgeon Fighter 1: Shattering +1
  • Bludgeon Fighter 2: Sacrifice Bonus dice to knock opponent senseless, if attack hits, Opponent Can only take lesser Actions and has -1 from all test results.
  • Armor Mastery: Increase Armors AR by +1, Reduce Bulk by 1.
  • Connections(Marchwater Veil): +1D to all Knowledge Tests made while in the Marchwater Veil.

Drawbacks & Flaws

  • Old Wounds (Flaw-Agility): -1D to all Agility Tests.
  • Honor Bound: Reroll all 6's on Deception tests and take the second roll.
  • Bound to the Bottle: When Troubled make a Formidable(12) Will test or drink to Drunkeness. WHile Intoxicated, -2 to all tests, If Roaring Drunk (happens while drinking with others) -2D on all tests. See pg. 92 for full details.


Possessions: 7 Gold Dragons, 486 Silver Stags, 5 Copper Stars, 11 Copper pennies, Warhammer, Castle Forged Ball and Chain, War Lance, Large Shield, Splint Mail, Thunder (Horse, Rounsey), Grey(Horse, Destrier), Common Clothing, Travelers Garb, Courtier's Garb (30 SS), Pavillion tent, Flask, Whetstone, Flint & Steel, For his wife(Dress finished with lace, six ladies kerchiefs, Brooch crafted of dusky rose gold and set with a dark carnelian)

Kyras Hope Chest: 10 Gold Dragons. Equipping Marq: 8 Gold Dragons

Ulwyck's Squires

  • Laswell Krademyr: His Squire. (12 years) Deceased. Murdered by his Uncle
  • Ortyn: His Squire. Son of Janie and Duram at the Wayman's Rest.(15 years)
  • Elbys Wachstrom: His Squire. (12 years)

Ulwyck's Family

Ulwyck having been recently made the master of Martmin, the mining estate in the Irongarde Hills, he has recently moved his family to the estate there.

  • Beth: His Wife. They have been married since AL 284. (36 years) Deceased
  • Marq: His Oldest Son. Named after Ulwyck's Father. Ser Lyonel Estermont's squire. (13 years)
  • Waltyr: His Son. Ser Lucius of Helmport's squire. (12 years) Deceased
  • Owen: His Son. Page at Marrowmont. (7 years)
  • Kyra: His Daughter. (5 years)

The Martmin House


The Martmin House is the master of the estate's manor for Martmin, in the Irongarde Hills. It is a somewhat weathered two-story manor house.

  • Hall: The main Hall of Martmin House is a large open area, with a square, stone central hearth. The western end of the hall is elevated by a few steps, and it is upon this area that the master's seat is placed when hallmoots are held, and where his familial table is placed in the evening. When entertaining yeomen or other guests, or should he acquire retainers in the future, a trestle table is set up in the lower part of the Hall. Daeryn makes his bed by the large hearth at night.
  • Kitchen: Large and two-story (to allow the heat to rise rather than accumulate), the kitchen features a massive stone hearth with plenty of space for roasting, as well as a clay oven for baking. Varla sleeps beside the hearth in the kitchen, as part of her duties include making sure it stays lit through the night.
  • Pantry & Servant's Loft: The pantry is where the majority of the household foodstuffs is stored. Above the pantry area is the loft where Varla, Tarina and Panya sleep.
  • Great Chamber: Considered the private domain of the house's master and his family, the Great Chamber is comfortably furnished, and usually fairly warm.
  • Servant Hall: A narrow space at the bottom of the staircase with a cot in it, Panya and Karinn take turns sleeping here, available should their master or mistress need anything in the night.
  • Master's Chamber: A generous chamber with a big, old four-postered, curtained bed.
  • Nursery: A smaller, warm chamber where Kyra sleeps - or at least, where she's supposed to sleep, despite often creeping into her mother and father's bed in the middle of the night.


  • Daeryn (Butler): An older man with a limp, it is Daeryn's job to make sure the manor house runs smoothly. He is in charge of seeing that it is staffed, provisioned and running smoothly. He also helps with the household finances. (52 years)
  • Varla (Cook): Thin and waspish, Varla is quiet and nervous around those of higher station than she. Her food isn't always the highest quality, but she is skilled at making the household resources go far. Her blackberry-and-almond tarts are a favorite. (45 years)
  • Tarina (Cook's Helper): Varla's daughter, Tarina looks very little like her mother. Lushly rounded in figure, with her dark black hair worn in a twist at her neck, Tarina merely smiles and pleasantly tolerates her mother's sharp tongue. Unfortunately, Tarina isn't much of a cook herself, although she is quite capable of keeping a kitchen running. (26 years)
  • Panya (House Maid): The newest of the servants, Panya is a widow who lost her husband to a mine cave-in. She is responsible for keeping the house in top shape and does her job quite well. She is pleasant to be around and scrupulously organized. (36 years)
  • Karinn (Chamber Maid): Responsible for obeying Panya's directives in keeping the house clean, Karinn has been at Martmin House longer than her superior. The fact that Daeryn chose to bring in an outsider rather than elevate her to House Maid is a point of bitterness for the young woman. She and Tarina are the best of friends. (25 years)


  • For each scene that you submit to the Narrator that is brought into play, you gain one Destiny Point. This can go above your normal allotment of Destiny Points, but these can only be spent, not burnt. Submit such scenes to the Narrator by email, please.
  • You may also use Destiny Points to "buy in" a character into a scene, editing the scene so that it includes the character.


Please list three to five goals for your character. These can be goals the character has, or your goals for your character as a player. Please mark them as (Character) or (Player) as appropriate.

  • Keep House Graben Alive. (Ulwyck)
  • Have Ulwyck lead a battle using the Warfare system. (Jeff)
  • See Ortyn made into a Knight and placed with a good lord. Far from Marrowmont if possible. (Ulwyck)


Earned: 42xp+6gl
  • Session 4.23.13: 4XP 2GL
  • Session 4.29.13: 3XP
  • Session 5.20.13: 8XP +1 Gl
  • Session 6.x.13: 3 XP +1 GL
  • Session 6.24.13: 6 XP
  • Session 7.8.13: 8 XP
  • Session 7.15.13: 10 XP + 3 GL

Spent: 10xp+0gl; Unspent: 32xp+6gl

  • Specialty: Spears +1, 10 XP